Tongue-Tied For You, in which Brendon courts Ryan using traditional Utahn methods.

Dudes, I dunno if she even did this on purpose, but deliberate or not, this is hysterically funny to anybody who grew up in Utah. If Brendon's family moved after one or more of his siblings turned sixteen, or if his parents grew up in Utah, it's actually possible that this is his idea of romance.

Today, I skipped my classes.

And I do not regret it even a little bit.

Because today, you see, I began to read the ARC I got of Sarah Rees Brennan's debut novel, The Demon's Lexicon, and my head is whirling.

This book--this book more than lives up to the promise that Sarah has shown in the past. I had high--and I mean high--expectations of this book, and Sarah cleared the bar and to spare.

The language is beautifully crafted, the characters strong in some ways and cracked in others and interesting, and the plot--my god. The plot.

There are still a few flaws, as anybody might expect in a first book, a few things that I probably would have fought her on if I'd been editing it, but it's still so good. I mostly just want to crawl inside her head and camp out there for a week.

This story held me spellbound, and when it was over I felt like the top of my head had been ripped open.

It isn't on the shelves yet, but when it is--buy it, people.

This is mostly aimed at my MCR-knowledgeable friends, but if you are interested in a) music, b) horror movies, or c) unashamed geekery, you'll probably want to take a look.

[ profile] seanan_mcguire is close to release on her third album, called Red Roses and Dead Things. It's a themed album, and the theme? Is death, destruction, and maaaaadness. Mwahahahaha.

If I were stranded on a desert island, and I had to choose the work of two artists to listen to and love for the rest of my life, I would pick Seanan without a moment's hesitation. (If it came down between Seanan and the Hushies, I'd probably just kill myself then and there.) She's released two albums already, a live recording called Pretty Little Dead Girl and a studio album called Stars Fall Home, and I listen to them all. the. time. I know every word by heart. The individual numbers are hilarious, or haunting, or lovely, or powerful, or just plain kickass. Sometimes they're ALL FIVE.

Red Roses and Dead Things has the song that first made me love Seanan's lyrics on it (Some Girls), as well as fifteen other marvelous songs. Some of them are sad, some of them are HILARIOUSLY FUNNY, some of them are drop-dead creepy.

If I had the chance to give Gerard or any of his fellow geeky bandmates an album, it would be this one, just because Seanan is exactly their kind of geek.

I'm not, really. Horror isn't my thing at all. But unashamed, able-to-laugh-about-it, passionate geekery is, so I know I'm going to adore this album.

And the music is going to be beautiful, that much I can guarantee.

If you'd like to know more, check out her album page, or this review by her sound engineer.

You want to preorder this, I promise you do. I have four copies of the other albums, and I'm still paranoid that they will sell out and I will lose all my backups and have to cry in the street.

[ profile] redorchids has made me absolutely beautiful fanart as an appreciation gift for one of my fics, and it is just about the loveliest thing I've ever seen.

Spencer is Sunshine

"Dude, I don't know why you're choosing not to answer your phone now, but the Forever, Now 'verse has been UPDATED!! NINETY THOUSAND WORDS of pure, unmitigated AWESOME. Go. Read. Squee. CALL ME."

And you know, in case any of you out there didn't see the ten thousand recs already popping up all over my flist (I don't see how, I don't think any of the bandom people on my flist wouldn't have at least ONE of the reccers on theirs), take this from me: IT ROCKS. And you want to go read it RIGHT NOW.
Sweet Charity goes live in a few hours--or has already, possibly--and I was looking over the offerings--I'm always outbid, but it can't hurt to look, right...right?

Anyway, somebody offered up "your bookmarks organized" and I burst out laughing. I'm going to write and ask if she minds if I steal her idea and offer myself up for the same thing next anybody who has ever glanced at my del.icio knows, I can be kind of detail-oriented when it comes to bookmark filing.

You know.

The way Rodney McKay is kind of smart.

I think the gifts I got most excited over were my socks (I love my siblings; they banded together and got me a MILLION funny socks), my Yuletide fic, and a beautiful copper jewelry set (!!) including a necklace with cameo (!!!!) because it proved that yes, my mommy is capable of walking into a store and saying, "That is the Lu-est thing I have ever seen, and she must own it." It makes me happy to know people know me that well. (Also, it is one of the Lu-est things I have ever seen.)

As for my Yuletide fic--you GUYS. It's BEAUTIFUL. It's IC and it expresses the stuff I wanted expressed and it involves Ham Knapp GAYBASHING PEOPLE (and the Souls forming a GSA to protect those people, which was simply the awesomest thing ever) and Julian being WISE AND ALL-KNOWING and MS. O/MR. SINGH and Noah LOOKING at Nadia and realising he has hormones and and and...all sorts of lovely things that mean I ADORE THIS FIC SO MUCH and...yes. This is amazing.

So it was a pretty good Christmas.

Now if only the Boxing Day Fairy would bring the ability to breathe.
I've been going back and tagging old entries lately (I'm finally done, y'all can buy me a drink later), and I realised I am such a ditz that never once did I point out the true fabulinity that [ profile] innie_darling wrote for my birthday, because she loves me more than I deserve. Not only did she write a continuation of a 'verse that is basically an AU of her fic that is my personal canon, and that I love more than ice cream, she wrote an outtake from my favorite OC's PoV, and she let him be married to me.

I realise that to many of you, this fic will not make sense, but my response to this is so go read Sunshine State and its follow-ups!

THEN you can read my birthday fic and understand it and love it a little tiny bit as much as I do. (Don't be offended. I love this fic oceans and even if you love it dearly because it is more of this 'verse which you will have fallen in love with long before you get to it, your love will be merely as a drop in a bucket compared to mine.)

Seriously...I tend to let my Delicio account do my reccing for me, but when (if) I ever get around to posting a serious reccer's list of SPN beginner's fics, Sunshine State will be at the top of this list. It has so many amazing insights into Sam, into college-Sam and pre-college Sam and post-college truly is exactly what I think of when I think of Sam at Stanford. So really [ profile] innie_darling writing highly personal fic for me is just an extra chance for me to say:

If you don't know Sunshine State, go read it. RIGHT NOW.

(And leave her reviews, because she deserves them.)
Oh, Jess doing hers reminded me: I finally got all my SPN and J2 (SPN RPF) recs organised over at Delicio.

They're organised by fandom (well, duh), and then further subcategoried by why I loved them, primarily (if it's marked "sam", it means I thought it was a really good take on Sam, f'r instance) but I also have a few categories for type, like wee!chesters or bodyswap or wing!fic.

Still working on compiling all my other recs (not even THINKING about HP yet, omg) but SPN, J2, House, and Veronica are all up.

WARNING TO KAALEE: Don't click on anything I haven't linked to in your comments till you're caught up, 'cause not everything is sufficiently spoiler-marked.

You guys! I am the luckiest girl in the world! I got TWO Yuletide fics!

God bless uploading glitches. *g*

No Girls is the bestest Calvin and Hobbes fic EVER. It has Susie! And Calvin! And Rosalyn! And noodles!

P.S. This is perfect timing, as I have just emerged from the beautiful, beautiful present my mother bought me for Christmas: namely, a leatherbound complete set of Calvin and Hobbes. Oh, how I love the people in this 'verse! I am so glad there is fic about them!
I was supposed to be writing papers this afternoon.

Instead, I spent, um, four hours flying all over the place for Supernatural fic.

Jess, I know. I know addicting someone to VM is evil. I know I deserved payback.

But man.

But! The first of, I am sure, many rec lists:

Latitude and Longitude--OMG. Best little Winchesters. Because they are not solemn and sweet and wise. No. They are obnoxious, and violent with each other, and ironically foreshadowy. Sheer awesomeness.

And Baby Steps--Baby Sammy learns to walk. Full of self-entitlement and baby-reasoning and those first tiny wedges between him and ten months old! Sheer awesomeness.

(P.S. OMG somebody find me an icon community.)
Go read this. Go read it immediately, and without drinking anything until you are done, because it will turn your screen colors if you do. It is the dearest, darlingest, most delightfully funny thing I've read in ages.

How Severus Snape (Didn't) Kill Nymphadora Tonks
I went to see Mirrormask's showing for one week at the specialty theatre downtown that shows small independent films and things like that. It's in a small and slightly grubby part of downtown, and rents movies out of its lobby (to make most of its profits, I suspect.) I'd tried calling to arrange for a ticket, but their number wasn't working, so I had to go down as soon as I got off work to ensure that I got a ticket.

Across the street was an independent coffee shop, where I went to wait.

This coffee shop was like the coffee shops you see in--well, in small independent intellectual films. It had old men playing chess with young men, and a serious Shakespeare discussion (no, I'm not kidding, I listened in), and when I was walking in I heard, "You wanna come? It's Neil Gaiman--" "Really? Oh, yeah, I'm there." People in slogan t-shirts and with oddly dyed or styled hair, wrapped in long scarves and including one cloak, bought coffee and read the newspaper or talked politics and history.

It was all very intellectual and I felt wierdly at home, curled up on the couch with a book. Until I realised I was reading the latest Ellen Conford, all about how a poor little rich girl gets kissed by the boy of her dreams and learns a valuable lesson about selfishness.

I would have felt so much more fitting-in if I hadn't left the Pratchett in the car.

Review of Mirrormask )



Hem. That is all. ^_~

ETA: OMG! This is IT!!! This is the CHAPTER ABOUT THE SPY!!!! OMG!!!!
The day started with stiff unrestful waking up crankiness. Went on to slightly better things as the web actually connected and I caught up on my flist before I had to get to work, which plunged into angst at a certain someone's news. Had headache and Narsty Womanly Things all day at work, plus Josh-influenced-by-his-mother, plus Obnoxious Assistant Director, plus RAIN EVERYWHERE so all the kids were hyper because they couldn't get out. Came home to slight improvement...Lydia's written us a new RL/SS (here) which is, as is typical of her, multifaceted, completely IC, and wonderful. I am now supposed to be going out with the RL people, but I am exhausted, and thinking of cancelling so I can go to BED. I'm debating in my head which would make me feel best.
Lu loves her flist.

And do you know why Lu loves her flist?

Well, for instance, it just produced an Aziraphale/Lupin crossover.

Sickness update. Boring and probably TMI. )

Pierce's new book is AMAZING!! Also being asked what you are reading and then being smiled at flirtatiously in fast-food restaraunts by good-looking men who have been to France is good for the ego.

Starting the Pratchett next, but only after I have caught up with Lupin's latest karaoke.


Aug. 8th, 2004 09:50 pm
Okay, so TC recced it. And I read it.

*cries with mirth*

--PoA, the Movie, in Fifteen Minutes

On a completely different note, an amazing drabble by the lovely Laura. Very sweet, very IC, very insightful. *snuggles the Drabble*
Whoops! Meant to add, finally caught up with SQ updates and would like to heartily recommend:

Thicker than Blood: The best non-comedy James and Sirius fic I have ever read. Ever. So incredible. Both of them are incredibly in-character. I cried. It's not tragical or anything, it's before the death and doom stuff comes in--it's how Sirius came to live with James after he ran away. But the power and the emotion--WOW.

And Everything Nice: Odd little ficlet. Luna in character, but almost parodically. Ginny rather pre-OotP characterisation--timid etc--but the Luna writing is worth the read.

Say It With Socks: Darling. Shows Ron at his best and most adolescent, and Hermione at her most vulnerable and adolescent. Showcases why they work as a pair, and the role that Ron plays in Hermione's life. Quite cute--a definite must-read for the fluffer, and recommended even to those who usually avoid fluff.

How to Kiss a Girl with Glasses: An excellent Weasley Family Life fic--the boys sit around discussing their love lives and handing down advice. The Stunning Spell metaphor is absolutely adorable! (The prequel is good, too...but doesn't quite reach these heights. ^_^)



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