There is the whole rest of my fabulous trip to report on, including Greta (GRETA!) and arranging to marry [ profile] queenitsy, but I am terribly sick (hey, Rachel, Becky? Apparently IT WAS NOT THE CAT) and want to do nothing but drink codeine and sleep.

I have also my entire life to unpack into my parents' house (bleh) for the summer, but all the big strong men who are supposed to help me haul things are also sick, so right now there is a horse trailer in my driveway and I get to rest and feel better. *sleepy smile*


(P.S. Shane, I love you. Please take pictures of Brendon forever. Yrs, Lu)

(P. P. S. Rachel, CNN was in the background at the doctor's office and I heard "Miss America contest" and immediately thought JOHNNY WEIR. You are evil and I love you.)
Most of the BBB prompts that still need claiming feature things like abuse, death, and noncon. I get those...they appeal to a very, very specific (and small) group of people.


If I was in any way capable of creating a mix (and had signed up when you were supposed to by last week) I would BE ON THAT LIKE WHITE ON RICE.

Are there any virtual gifts I can give you that will persuade you to go see the HUSHIES on Saturday and tell me EVERYTHING ABOUT IT?

(Will all of them be there? Chris or no Chris? Are they happy together? IS BOB'S NEW BAND REALLY CALLED DEBATE TEAM OR HAS HE JOINED ONE?)
My face still hates me--I can't follow a whole train of thought because I get distracted from how my sinuses feel like there is AN INVISIBLE GIANT PUSHING ON MY FACE--and today was very lazy. I frittered away a morning re-reading holiday fics (next up: Star Shaped; I would put Lying Next to Me on my list except that it is mine and I wind up skimming bits of it for typos about once a month and the holiday feeling has worn off; I re-read Thereafter You Have It instead, which is technically a Christmas fic because it covers, like, more than a year and THERE IS TOTALLY CHRISTMAS SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE THERE; and of course I include elf!Brendon) and spent the afternoon shopping with Friendiest for Christmas gifts.

Then I came home and fussed at the jewelry I am making for my mother's gift and watched more of The West Wing, which, y'all, all of you who told me that when Sorkin doesn't lose his mind and start writing pure crap (GIP, in honor of this statement) he is a genius? I believe you all the way now. Can I marry C.J.? Or Abby? Or Josh? I'm sure we can get around the part where they are fictional characters.

And then I took a bath with special clogged-sinuses bath salts and started re-reading Rose in Bloom, because Friendiest and I watched Little Women a couple of nights ago and I'm on an Alcott kick. Subtle-as-a-brick moralizing and all, I really kind of love that she was a feminist in her own way and that she thought marriage should be about equal partners and she was trying to make people take their girls out of corsets and eat porridge.

Rambling because, see above, sick: apparently I ramble when I am upset in my mind or in my body, which is news--the body part, I mean, I've always known I ramble when I am upset in the head. Sorry about that.

I would like to especially mention that I love Spencer and Brendon, and I love the people who spent all yesterday and today e-mailing me about college fic and "we"s. I love that I am in a fandom where we do that.
Thank you, Brian Schecter, for making my night.

I AM SO CHARMED. And he wasn't even being charming in my general direction! [ profile] barmy_bunk is the BEST FRIEND for sharing these things with the world.
If 3rd Rock from the Sun was recast with Panic at the Disco, CLEARLY, Spencer would be Tommy.

Almost as clearly, Ryan would be Dick.

Brendon is Sally.

Jon is Harry.

I think William Beckett is Mary Albright, which frightens me on a number of levels.

ETA: in case you couldn't tell, I am veryveryveryveryvery stressed. And my brain hates me.
Hey, are any of you out there in Chicago?

...and going to see Greta's new band perform?

Actually, even if you aren't going to see Gold Motel, are you in Chicago?
Weight of life trying to crush my skull momentarily lightened by:

1) Last night's Greek. cut for spoilers )

2) Last night's Castle. Cut for spoilers )

3) Twitter spearheading a Hush Sound Revolution.

4) People who use Blue's Clues metaphors on my flist. You know who you are.
ITEM: Ryan is coming around to "so faily I have to love him" again. With his bus. And his car at the airport.

ITEM: Somebody picspammed The Like and between Z's fashion sense (NO WONDER SHE AND RYAN ARE FRIENDS) and their music--not to mention ACTUAL GIRLBAND, PEOPLE, HOW AWESOME IS IT--I have decided to add them to my list of Bands I Like. Although I wish somebody would teach Z to enunciate, because I am 92% a lyrics girl, I am sort of impressed with how far my appreciation has come, because I still enjoy listening to the songs I can't even tell whether she thinks she is humming or singing. I used to immediately say, "If I cannot sing along, I shall not keep it on my iPod!" but bandom=things have changed, etc.

ITEM: Not really a bandom item (cheating! sorry) but now [ profile] shihadchick has sent me to get Cavashawn's free downloadable music and I love ALL. OF. IT. There should be more! They should tour Utah! Something! The problem with getting hooked on unsigned bands is that all I can do is listen to the music. Thank heaven for the Brobecks.

ITEM: Gabe's twitter is making me fall for him. I'm sort of afraid of what might happen if I add Vicky-T.

ITEM: Pete agrees with me about Bronx's looks! This makes me happy.

ITEM: Starting to think I can only really write when I am procrastinating schoolwork. That's bad, because I have too much schoolwork to procrastinate.


Monday Meme:

Ask me a fandom, and I will tell you:

+ Runner-up
+ Honorable mention(s)
+ Crack pairing(s)
+ Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't

(By OTP, I mean favorite, not death-or-doom-by-contradiction)

( can feel free to ask, because I'm sure I've forgotten some, but lessee what options I can offer you off the top of my head: Castle, Big Bang Theory, Leverage, SGA, SPN, HIMYM, Greek, Glee, Melrose Place, Psych, Merlin, bandom, Harry Potter, Korman, Harry Dresden, most Diana Wynne Jones books, Chuck, Eureka, Pushing Daisies, Studio 60, Buffy, House)
I know this is on your flist ten thousand times.

I don't care EVEN A LITTLE BIT.

(Okay...sorry to the people who neither know nor care who those boys are. But everybody else...I am fully aware you are just glad of the chance to squeal for the ten millionth time.)

ETA: Sorry, y'all, I put the wrong location in the first time
Title: Howled Happily Along: A Folktale
Author: [ profile] elucreh
Wordcount: ~1600
Rated: G
Ship: Gen
Summary: The music could never be truly beautiful, he felt, unless there were others there to share it with.
A/N: So my folklore professor asked us to write an original folk tale, and I grabbed a pencil, and the first line I thought of to write was, Once, not long ago, there was a young man, short of stature but kind of heart, who wanted more than anything else in the world to make beautiful music. It's possible I should be under some kind of medical supervision. Please be warned, this is a story written according to very strict rules about "what is a folktale", so it is not at all like most fic.
Further A/N: Obviously written with a pre-split worldview

Howled Happily Along
Things that are sad, in an awesome kind of way:

My folklore professor was all, "Okay, group, write a folktale that fulfills at least ten of Olrik's Epic Laws."

Hooray! I thought, as I took out my pencil and opened a notebook. Writing! A traditional, original tale, I can totally do that.

"Once there was a young man, short of stature but kind of heart, whose dream was to make brilliant music," I wrote.

...I think I'm incapable of writing things that are not about Brendon now, y'all. BE SAD FOR ME.
I would just like to point out that Greta drinks--and I'm quoting, here--"giggle water."

Is it any wonder she's my favorite?
Point: given that I was mainly in NDP for the M&Gs, and now they are going to be CASUAL and INVOLVE ACTUAL CONVERSATION and that sort of intimidates the hell out of me (DUDE. I PREFER THEM ON THE OTHER SIDE OF A TABLE) is it worth renewing my subscription?

I mean, on the one hand: MAGNETS ABOUT ZACK.

On the other: probably I am never going to even TRY to get into a M&G again.


(Yes, my Saturday is all laundry, fic, and thinking thinky thoughts of no great import. How is yours?)

P.S. Has anybody renewed since the split? Do we know whether the package is still Pretty-ish magnets that say "Ryan" and "Jon"?
  • Powwow: Friday was that grand Mormon/Utahn holiday, Pioneer Day. Part of that is an American Indian (or whatever the politically correct term is, CAN ANYONE TELL ME?) Powwow in the city's biggest park. I had to go for my class on that culture.

    • I bought two frogs! They're completely water-dwelling and a little less than the length of my little finger. I will take them to my class of two-year-olds and be hailed as a conquering hero

    • I had a henna design put on my hand and it's SO PRETTY!! I mostly did it because I so badly want my next tattoo and I can't afford it; I was hoping to kill the urge a little. Mostly, however, this has resulted in no less than four remarks on how real tattoos are so tacky/ridiculous/irreligious from various members of my family, which is...not killing my desire for the next one AT ALL. *rebel*

    • I was an idiot about sunscreen and as a result have second-degree burns, complete with blisters and swelling, on my neck and shoulders. So. much. OW.

    • The powwow was really interesting in some ways and really commercialized in others; I think I want to write my reaction paper about the contrast and how it's representative of life for them (as I understand it) now.

  • Family: Friday also was the arrival of my mother's younger brother and sister and their families for a week.

    • This is the side of the family I relate to best, and my favorite aunts to boot. In some ways I'm just really HAPPY to see them and talk to them.

    • In some it's frustrating, though, because dude, I need my weekends. I am not home most of the week! Literally, I work 8-5 and then three nights a week I have class until (or past) my bedtime. I need to bake and do laundry and write and stuff. That's hard to do when you spend all of Saturday driving to family reunions and helping your youngest cousins cheat in hide-n-seek.

    • I keep ficcishing with [ profile] sunsetmog and [ profile] harriet_vane, which is awesome; Niagara Falls elopements and Spencer-the-Mormon-daughter-in-law ftw!

    • I am somehow actually accidentally WRITING and not just ficcishing the desperate!Bden fic which, Idek how that happened

    • I am making major progress on ETW but not posting it in bits anymore because apparently my muse wants to work on the ending and I don't want people to read the ending ending before they read the middle bits, the surprises are important.
Someone videoed/recorded/SOMETHINGED last night's performance, RIGHT? RIGHT?

It is adorable how nervous Brendon was and how he had his surrogate family with him and how he had a dance party with the fans (and possibly asked for a group hug which, wtf, BUrie, are you under the impression that all the crazies were Ryan's?) but none of it seems REAL until I can see/hear for MYSELF that he did perform and did splendidly and all!

I will be watching my flist with vigilance but I am just saying, internet at large, that if you find a link to the evidence PLEASE COMMENT HERE OR E-MAIL ME.
I am so excited to WRITE and I have no time to WRITE and I am bitter, bitter, bitter.

On the other hand: COBRA VIDEO WHICH ROCKS MY WORLD. I have a thing forcut for spoiler )



And SEANAN'S ZOMBIE BOOKS ARE GETTING PUBLISHED. (I am not over that yet. I may not be over that ever. Ten years from now when I run a hand over all three of them on my bookshelf, and stop to re-read that one awesome speech of Georgia's, and look up an hour later to realise I just re-read half the books AGAIN, I will STILL be going OMG THEY ARE PUBLISHED.)



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