Monday Meme:

Ask me a fandom, and I will tell you:

+ Runner-up
+ Honorable mention(s)
+ Crack pairing(s)
+ Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't

(By OTP, I mean favorite, not death-or-doom-by-contradiction)

( can feel free to ask, because I'm sure I've forgotten some, but lessee what options I can offer you off the top of my head: Castle, Big Bang Theory, Leverage, SGA, SPN, HIMYM, Greek, Glee, Melrose Place, Psych, Merlin, bandom, Harry Potter, Korman, Harry Dresden, most Diana Wynne Jones books, Chuck, Eureka, Pushing Daisies, Studio 60, Buffy, House)
Have been rewatching House while I cleancleancleanclean, and hey--I forgot: Cameron used to rock.

This show used to rock.

How long has it been since House saw somebody in the clinic and was awesome? How long since syphilitic grannies and teeny tiny baby coffins? How long since Cameron kicked ass?


I loved the last episode, I did--I've been wishing for somebody to talk about it with, came nowhere near what I've spent this afternoon relistening to.

House--our House, the one we fell in love with and ranted at the TV over and cheered about--it's BACK. OUR SHOW IS BACK.

The writers came back from angsty!bizarre!ville and are themselves again! Our beloved actors, who were doing the best they could, now have something amazing to work with again!!


Which is to say? This week's ep ROCKED.
Oh, Jess doing hers reminded me: I finally got all my SPN and J2 (SPN RPF) recs organised over at Delicio.

They're organised by fandom (well, duh), and then further subcategoried by why I loved them, primarily (if it's marked "sam", it means I thought it was a really good take on Sam, f'r instance) but I also have a few categories for type, like wee!chesters or bodyswap or wing!fic.

Still working on compiling all my other recs (not even THINKING about HP yet, omg) but SPN, J2, House, and Veronica are all up.

WARNING TO KAALEE: Don't click on anything I haven't linked to in your comments till you're caught up, 'cause not everything is sufficiently spoiler-marked.

In retrospect:

This time last year, I didn't watch television.

No, really. I watched movies, and some DVD Season sets of shows, but I wasn't watching any shows regularly.

Now there are FOUR.

I find this sad.

And disturbing.

But not enough to keep from watching them greedily.

Between the House opening sequence and the abuse horror stories I heard in class tonight...I think I want to NEVER EVER GO NEAR A CHILD AGAIN for fear of physically and mentally scarring him/her.
I want to cry.

The TiVo didn't record House because it was in the guide as "To Be Announced". And I caught the very tail end, and now I know I really wanted to see it.


Will not be flisting until after have downloaded. Can't bear to skip the spoilers.
Cut for spoilers )

DAMN! We ti-voed it and I'm being forbidden to watch. I SHALL HAVE MY REVENGE. *considers downloading the torrent*
My V-day?


I spent the afternoon HATING it...the SS can't have outside food cause of allergies and stuff, so I had to chase around after them pulling lollipops out of their mouths...

Then I went to the parents' to watch House. To find it empty, except for my 18-yo brother and a table set for a double date. Whoops. We had a few minutes before he had to go pick her up, and he tried to tease me about not having a date.

BRO: Just couldn't get somebody handsome enough, or are they all scared of your brilliance and beauty?
LU: Hey, you may have a date, but today I was asked to be the valentine of eight people, was told "I love you" six times, got twelve hugs and three kisses, and a marriage proposal.
BRO: *gives a Look*
LU: Admittedly they were all under twelve, but STILL...

I was telling the truth, btw. *loves her kids*

I escaped upstairs to watch House. (And I liked this one, yesyes indeedy. But not as much as some others.) Then I came home to chat with Flatmate and make her watch The First Wives' Club, which is my personal "everyone else has a date and f-them" movie, and which she had not seen (travesty!)
Why is it that whenever I want to call Ady and squee it is, like, eleven-thirty over there?


SQUEEEness )
Happy yesterday was House day!

I got to watch it with Soulmate, who is the RL person who is to blame for my addiction. ([ profile] violet_quill is the online person, obviously.)

Cut for spoilers )
Cut for self-analysis Yes, related to each other. )
ETA: LOL, thanks you guys...I am aware this is normal, it is not worrying me or anything, it just struck me as funny and interesting, that's all. I'm trying to get more of the self-analysis into the record for when, y'know, I'm thirty-five and want to know how I screwed up my life so badly. *g*
Happy birthday to Tiff!
Happy birthday to Tiff!
Happy birthday dear [ profile] bluedaisy62-oo!
Happy birthday to Tiff!

And also a very happy birthday to [ profile] gryfindormia, to whom I gave a House addiction as a birthday present.

*does most ecstatic dance EVER*, I have not got Severus Snape on my floor, and I am not debating whether I should take him for myself or perform a spell to reveal his true feelings and send him back to Remus, where they will both be happiest. (I might prefer to do that and then magic Remus here, but that seems to be pushing even my fantasy luck a wee bit too far...)

No, I'm simply wondering whether I really want to screw my sleeping patterns enough to have a serious problem on Tuesday. Won't really matter till then, no school, work late, etc....but I did promise to hit my parents' early enough to make them feel that I still love them, and I will be woken fairly early by licking, possibly on the ear.

No, still not Severus, curse my luck.

The dog is sleeping in my bed, as Flatmate is out of town. *g* It is so much fun to watch him turn into a cinnamon bun with ears! *cough*

On the other hand, my writing is flowing well and I have a new House ep on the download. And I think this is one of the ones that made Vi squee, so it is likely one of the ones where I also will squee. (They are so married. I love them so much.)

Hey, you lot? Give me more excuses to stay up late this weekend...rec me House/Wilson. Lots and lots and LOTS of House/Wilson. Except...not Vi's, but only because I ran and read every word she'd written as soon as I'd finished the first season. If you haven't read all of [ profile] violet_quill's House fic...what are you doing reading my middle of the night maunderings?

ETA: OMG THEY ARE SO MARRIED AND THAT SCENE IS IMPRINTED ON MY HEART FOREVER AND EVER AMEN. *thanks the writers of "Daddy's Boy" and offers them her life's possessions to go on winning battles so we get more scenes like that*
So everybody kept reccing me House, so I've finally been watching it. I'm a little over halfway through season one at this point. YES, I love it, as you all told me I would. SO MUCH SNARK.

And House and Wilson? It's been said before, I'll say it again: THEY ARE SO VERY MARRIED I KEEP EXPECTING RICE TO FALL OUT OF THEIR POCKETS.

I need a House/Wilson icon. Any reccers?

So, for the premiere, I will be wearing my Kaalee-shirt and my favorite jeans, for the most part, and then I will change into my formal robes for the later part of the day. We scored six and half hour early tickets (SQUEE!)

I will have to be a Founder all by my little lonesome, which is sad. Ady, I will be calling you.

I must Nano tomorrow. Lots. And Lots. AND LOTS.

Also, we are harness-training Keatsy tomorrow, by putting him in it and taking him to wait in line. FUN!! He will hate our guts out, the precious boy.



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