Today let us celebrate the anniversary of the birth of [ profile] flamingsword! A more caring or inspirational woman has never graced the earth.

I'm so glad you're alive, my darling.
Everybody has a few friends who are signs the universe is a benevolent force.

I'm especially lucky, because one of mine is [ profile] thalialunacy.

A very happy birthday to [ profile] marksykins, whose ability to look tolerant and not mock me when I get starstruck is positively superhuman.

Her writing and her friendship are things that should always exist in the world, and I am grateful to the universe for giving her to us.
HAPPIEST of birthdays to [ profile] maple_mahogany and [ profile] tanisafan, who are gorgeous, wonderful people. You two make the whole world a better place, and if all of bandom was just we three it would still be the best place to love ridiculous boys EVER.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to darling [ profile] mrsquizzical!!!

A more loyal, caring, or wonderful person does not exist on this earth; let the earth celebrate its gain.
Everything fails, especially LJ's birthday notification system, but:

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] foxxcub and [ profile] halflinen, because you are awesome, and the world should celebrate your existence.
Happy happy birthday to my belovedest of [ profile] liketheroads!!!!

I was going to have fic for you, my darling, but your evil friend [ profile] arsenicjade posted fic and I was like a lamb to the slaughter. Or, idk, like a Ryan Ross faced with a really unique hat. But this week, I think, if you can bring yourself to read a little Ryan/Spencer fluff for old times' sake. *G*

In the meantime, I hope the JoBro's faces were everything you hoped for, and that every day of this coming year you realise just how much I love you.
Happy belated to [ profile] maple_mahogany--I'm sorry, luv, my roommate cancelled the internets preparatory for moving, so I've had no access. But I hope you have a truly amazing year, and many more to come.
And hah, emerging from my BBB fog, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved [ profile] tannisafan, for being wonderful.
Happy, happy, HAPPY birthday to our [ profile] wordsalone, who never fails to be awesome.
I tried to call her and sing her a silly song, but I couldn't reach her, so I'll say it here as well as on voicemail:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] shibbyskids!!!

I know none of you know Skids. Because she is a shameful lurker made of lurking and shame. But she is AWESOME.

She has been one of my best friends since I was sixteen years old. We met when we were both on the staff of our high school lit magazine. (This is the general center of The Gang, in case you were curious.) And she has the AWESOMEST TASTE IN FANDOMS. My presence in both Supernatural and bandom is all her doing.

She's funny, and sweet, and pretty. She listens to my ranting so very patiently, and lets me bounce story ideas off her. She is a fabulous childrens' librarian.

She doesn't live near me anymore, but I see her every couple of months and we talk on the phone every few weeks. And when she isn't here, I miss her. I only wish I could persuade her to be a participating member of fandom, because I know you'd all love her.

So happy, happy birthday to the Padfoot of our five Marauders; may your year be full and wonderful.

ETA: Um. Cough. Apparently I should have posted this on Friday. PRETEND IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY NOW, OKAY, SKIDS?
To my fellow Kormangirl, bandslasher, and all-around awesome person, [ profile] ignipes. Your stories bring me joy, and you friendship makes me smile. May your year be filled with stories and friends who do the same for you. ^_^
Okay, Australian vs. My time zones confuses me, but apparently it may be [ profile] shihadchick's birthday, so:


I wish you joy and band boys and awesome SGA episodes and lots and lots of ZACK in the coming year. You make my life ten times more full of sunshine just by existing.
To my surprise soulmate, [ profile] trinity_clare: may your year be filled with ridiculous boys, fangirl hugs, and loads of squee; your existence brings me joy.
Happiest of birthdays to the loveliest of women, [ profile] ms_katonic. May your life only improve from here on out.
Also? I suck as a human being, and also at getting LJ alerts about birthdays. I don't know why.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] harriet_vane!! I have a present for you, but it is as yet unfinished, so you will have to wait a bit. In the meantime, I hope your day was fabulous and that your year will be even better.
I want to wish the very HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO [ profile] kiwi_cow and [ profile] adalanne.

Both of you have brought something to my life that I never want to lose. I love you dearly and hope that whatever happens to you in your twenty-third years, it is for the best.

*sends ponies, love, chocolate, and self-maintaining harem to your address*
Happiest of happy days to [ profile] splashpink and [ profile] wolfscythe, both of whom brighten my life and deserve wonderful joys.



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