Booked a flight for New York City! I will be there May 5th through the morning of the tenth.

Who wants to come hang out with me? I am planning on Gold Motel at LEAST the 6th, to hang out with [ profile] marksykins (who said she would try to keep me from making a fool of myself) and hopefully the 5th, if there is anyone I can talk into going with me?

Anyone? Bueller? You don't have to promise to stop me from acting like an idiot if you don't want to. I mean, I don't think I will do anything TOO huge to embarrass you, and you are welcome to act like you have never seen me before in your life if I do. I won't mind.

Friday through Sunday I am currently free as a bird, there anyone who wants to book my time? I am trying to work out when I can tell RL bestie she can have me...although she is a lovely person and you will all like her, I want to give her a space in which she can plan for things we will do together. ^_^ Especially since it will be HER BIRTHDAY, omg when did we get so old?

(Ex?) bandom people like Rachel and co., I hope to see you all! Maybe even A&K for old times'/tourist sake, if you don't mind? If you would rather not, camping out on someone's couch and converting me to Johnny Weir is MORE than okay, too. (Look, Rachel is writing in it. Rachel could make me want to convert to something with tons of death and drugdealing if she wanted to, because she would make me see the woobie side of the characters.)

I really am never sure who else is IN New York, so sing out! Are you there? Would you like to meet me? I promise I am just as weird in person. Coffee as a low-key, you're-really-only-committing-to-ten-minutes-and-can-then-run-away scenario is perfectly acceptable. ^_^
Anybody who can spare a good wish or thought or prayer, could you please, please, please send them toward my godson and his mama, because he is trying to come way, way, waaaaayyy too early. Like, his lungs will not support him if he comes right this minute, and I know I said I could hardly wait and all, BUT I CAN WAIT UNTIL HE CAN BREATHE, I PROMISE, OKAY.

The hospital did some tests wrong and so they won't know what, exactly, is wrong, or whether it is scaryscaryscary dangerous until tomorrow when they redo the tests, so...I know it doesn't really work like this, but until we know it's bad it feels like we can still fix it.

And you, know, it could be nothing, just a slight slipup that won't mess with the health of either of them. It could, and I'm believing my hardest that it is.

But just in case it's not: please, please: good wishes for them? For BabyBoy, Beloved By Lu, and his mother, MusicalGal, Also Beloved By Lu?

ETA: As a sign of good faith, I'm naming him. He gets his journal nickname right now. Send good thoughts to Chord, who is the result of MusicalGal and Mr. MusicalGal making something beautiful together.
Okay, so my teacher (I love my teacher) was all, "You clearly love transformative works. How about doing your final project on them, instead of picking drama/poetry/nonfiction like everyone else has to?"

And I was all, "!!!!!!!"

She had some restrictions, but I so don't even care, so what I want to ask is: can you think of any stories that have been told and re-told over a considerable period of time? I am somehow stuck on Romeo and Juliet, which A) was actually based on something that already existed and B) obvs. has many, many modern versions, West Side Story etc., but idk, I kind of am not all that gungho on it? And there is Cinderella, which could lead to some awesome feminism stuff, but there is no true "original" because hi, folklore. (I love folklore, but I want an actual text.)

Arthurian legends, maybe? Except those are a really BROAD topic.

Idk, this is me, asking for brainstorming. Can you think of any (nonfolklore based) stories that started a long time ago and have been told and retold in a lot of different versions?
So today in class we were discussing copyright and permissions and fair use and stuff, and somehow I wound up being the Internet's spokesperson on Transformative Works.

...I am somewhat inadequate to the task, especially without any prep time. I wound up sending her like, five links after we had moved on. That Fair Use youtube video with the Disney clips, the OTW website, an article or two on fanfiction...does anybody have any favorite links re: transformative works/copyright?
Okay, so, some of you, like, actually know about eating and being a foodie and stuff: what is the most ostentatiously expensive thing you could order in a quality Italian restaurant?

(Er, ETA: not for my own consumption. Character thing.)
Hey, can anybody recommend a free anti-virus/anti-spyware program?
Hey, are any of you out there in Chicago?

...and going to see Greta's new band perform?

Actually, even if you aren't going to see Gold Motel, are you in Chicago?
How do all the models and Navy wives and people get illegal prescription drugs on shows like Castle and NCIS?

Do you think you need contacts?

Do you think I could find contacts?

How does one make contacts?

Is shooting your contact when s/he tries to blackmail you a requirement?

I would kill for a muscle relaxant right now, is what I'm trying to tell you.

My froggies are doing awesome water ballet, and it is distracting me from my writing.

SPEAKING OF WHICH: I need a beta for my [ profile] bandom_hc challenge fic! It isn't quite done, but it will be by morning or I will die trying.

It won't be terribly, terribly long; Panic GSF, Brendon the daredevil, unicycles may be involved.

I'm hoping for a quick, say, by Saturday night or Sunday morning?...because [ profile] teaforbryony is being gracious enough to let me stay in the challenge even though I am skidding in not quite under the wire. Anyone out there likely to have time/inclination?
Okay, does ANYONE have any suggestions for pulled muscles besides heat and Tylenol? Normally when this happens I have my mother's stash of muscle relaxants to fall back on, but I am at school and also about to cry. Can't sit up, can't stand, can't walk, can't lie down, can't think and I have papers to write!

Is there an over-the-counter remedy any of you would recommend? I've tried rubbing it with massage oil as well as I can--it's kind of an awkward spot--my damn bathtub won't stay full enough to soak and I have no access to an actual hot tub. Are there better or more muscle-specific painkillers? Something not prescription-grade I can take to relax the muscles? A magical fairy I can conjure with a spell?

Help, plz?

Did you hear that Rep. Nadler just introduced the Respect Marriage Act to repeal DOMA?

The Defense of Marriage Act unfairly singles out legally married same-sex couples for inequitable treatment, denying those couples more than 1,100 federal protections and responsibilities that otherwise apply to married couples. Repealing it would be a big step toward winning full federal equality for LGBT people.

I just sent a message to my Congressmember urging them to co-sponsor the Respect Marriage Act. Can you join me and send one to your representative?

Just click here:

Repealing DOMA is just one step towards full equality for all Americans. We can't stop until everyone is treated the same under the law.

Thanks for helping out!
Item: I love my massage therapist--I truly do--he takes me seriously when I say "I have hideous back issues, please fix them." On the other hand, fixing them involves ENORMOUS AMOUNTS OF PAIN. I always want to write S/M fic after a deep-tissue, because it would reassure me that sometimes people hurt you for good reasons.

Item: I always plan to write and do homework when I come down to my parents', and I have no idea why, because CLEARLY, it never happens. Karla is going to get birthday fic in November.

Item: On the other hand, I just mailed somebody's 2008 Chrismakkuh gift. Perhaps Karla will understand that I am a spazz.

Item: Does anybody have any handy-dandy tips for getting red dye out of cloth? There was an unfortunate incident with Crystal Lite and a carpet. Boiling water has done a lot of good but does not appear likely to do any further good. Suggestions? If I add a teaspoon of vinegar to hot cocoa and shake vigorously, will this help?

Item: LEVERAGE. OT33333333333333333333333333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Although wtf, iTunes, why it took you three days to give me my show, I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THAT.)

Item: The lady who waxed me today was brand-new and apologised after every rip. I kind of wanted to pat her on the head. I've been doing this since I was ten, I promise if the wax was too hot I would say so and that I am prepared for reddened skin.
Point: given that I was mainly in NDP for the M&Gs, and now they are going to be CASUAL and INVOLVE ACTUAL CONVERSATION and that sort of intimidates the hell out of me (DUDE. I PREFER THEM ON THE OTHER SIDE OF A TABLE) is it worth renewing my subscription?

I mean, on the one hand: MAGNETS ABOUT ZACK.

On the other: probably I am never going to even TRY to get into a M&G again.


(Yes, my Saturday is all laundry, fic, and thinking thinky thoughts of no great import. How is yours?)

P.S. Has anybody renewed since the split? Do we know whether the package is still Pretty-ish magnets that say "Ryan" and "Jon"?
Someone videoed/recorded/SOMETHINGED last night's performance, RIGHT? RIGHT?

It is adorable how nervous Brendon was and how he had his surrogate family with him and how he had a dance party with the fans (and possibly asked for a group hug which, wtf, BUrie, are you under the impression that all the crazies were Ryan's?) but none of it seems REAL until I can see/hear for MYSELF that he did perform and did splendidly and all!

I will be watching my flist with vigilance but I am just saying, internet at large, that if you find a link to the evidence PLEASE COMMENT HERE OR E-MAIL ME.
Okay, so I've just--rather abruptly--been informed that my parents are in dire financial straits--like, a zillion times worse than the impression I had been under--but in the next two weeks there is a chance that a grant the company has applied for will go through and everything will be all right.

We will have three kids in college next year; we have a weird insurance setup and a lot of people with expensive medical problems; we are a family of seven semi-dependents, which is a lot to feed and clothe. I try not ask often, but, for the next couple of weeks:

If you believe in prayer, please pray for us.

If you believe in the power of good thoughts, please think some for us.

If you believe in fairy godmothers, loan yours.

If you believe in luck, send some our way.

Please, y'all. I never feel more loved than when in contact with you, and I am asking as somebody you love: use all your influence with the universe. Please.
Does anybody know...anything about [ profile] flyingtapes?

I wanted to re-read her bit of the Not a Pretty Girl 'verse--girl!Bob goes on a date with Mike Walker, you know--but she seems to have gone friends-only. (For that matter--she wrote surfer!Jon too. THIS IS A CALAMITY.) Is her fic anywhere else? Should I message her and request access? Has she actually disappeared from the internet taking her fabulous fic with her?

Wait, hang on--has the second season of Merlin started?

...what is going on with Torchwood, for that matter?

Hey, what's another word for "built-in" when you want to talk about bookshelves that are attached to the walls?
Getting sunburned in two-inch strips in weird places on my back where I can't reach the sunscreen myself. Barring sudden miraculous arrival of someone pretty to do it for me, any suggestions?

For example, any spray-on stuff that ACTUALLY SPRAYS? (She says, looking at two different brands with disgust.)
Fooling around with Dreamwidth today since I am supposed to be cleaning and paper-ing.(Shut up. IT WILL GET DONE, I SWEAR TO YOU.)

Anyway, I've done my best by ctrl-F-ing my flist for "DW" and "Dreamwidth" as far back as I could go, but if you have one, drop a line here?

I'm still only OpenIDing my way around there, but I'm excited for the whole idea, and I wanted to join in.



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