I know this is on your flist ten thousand times.

I don't care EVEN A LITTLE BIT.

(Okay...sorry to the people who neither know nor care who those boys are. But everybody else...I am fully aware you are just glad of the chance to squeal for the ten millionth time.)

ETA: Sorry, y'all, I put the wrong location in the first time
Things that are sad, in an awesome kind of way:

My folklore professor was all, "Okay, group, write a folktale that fulfills at least ten of Olrik's Epic Laws."

Hooray! I thought, as I took out my pencil and opened a notebook. Writing! A traditional, original tale, I can totally do that.

"Once there was a young man, short of stature but kind of heart, whose dream was to make brilliant music," I wrote.

...I think I'm incapable of writing things that are not about Brendon now, y'all. BE SAD FOR ME.
Someone videoed/recorded/SOMETHINGED last night's performance, RIGHT? RIGHT?

It is adorable how nervous Brendon was and how he had his surrogate family with him and how he had a dance party with the fans (and possibly asked for a group hug which, wtf, BUrie, are you under the impression that all the crazies were Ryan's?) but none of it seems REAL until I can see/hear for MYSELF that he did perform and did splendidly and all!

I will be watching my flist with vigilance but I am just saying, internet at large, that if you find a link to the evidence PLEASE COMMENT HERE OR E-MAIL ME.
I am so excited to WRITE and I have no time to WRITE and I am bitter, bitter, bitter.

On the other hand: COBRA VIDEO WHICH ROCKS MY WORLD. I have a thing forcut for spoiler )



And SEANAN'S ZOMBIE BOOKS ARE GETTING PUBLISHED. (I am not over that yet. I may not be over that ever. Ten years from now when I run a hand over all three of them on my bookshelf, and stop to re-read that one awesome speech of Georgia's, and look up an hour later to realise I just re-read half the books AGAIN, I will STILL be going OMG THEY ARE PUBLISHED.)
The little *facts* about bandom that can make me smile whenever they pop into my head. Some personal moments, some bits of canon.

--Gerard and Lindsay. Getting married. IN MATCHING UNICORN T-SHIRTS.

--Bronx's lullaby. Duh.

--The look on Zack's face when I explained that you could tell Jon and Spencer apart on my shirt because Spencer has real shoes and Jon has flipflops.

--Jon Walker smells like Christmas, and Spencer Smith enjoys it when he does.

--Bob finding baby!Ray on YouTube

--Greta's story about the violin

--Spencer (and his band) think Prop 8 is total bullshit.

--Shane at Disneyland with Brendon's family for Christmas

--Bestfriend puppy. Just.

--Pete thinks Jennifer Aniston movies are something he needs to apologise for.


--Jon knows Ryan is a vampire.

--Zack's body type is "more to love"

--Brendon should have been in his cage hours ago.

--Zack tells the fangirls that Brendon's hips don't lie

--Spencer's smile

--Bandit Lee. Oh, Ballato-Ways.

--Ryan and Spencer still have mutual birthday parties. With musical cakes.

--Partying with the Cobras means light beer and plastic guitars.

--Pete's unique interpretation of a swearing jar


--Zack plays hockey, and Ryan used to. The mental images!

--Brendon's church-singing pose

--Zack carrying Brendon offstage like a damsel

--Ryan keeps all the teddy bears.

--Jon didn't pack any shoes for like, three tours straight.

--Pear Liberal Studies, bless her. I miss your darling imaginary face, Pear.

--Brendon flipping a sharpie into the air and catching it over and over.

--The fact that Ryan thinks he can fool us into thinking he went to see the Backstreet Boys for Jackie and Crystal. Who were, like, seven at the time.

--Spencer hitting himself in the face and Ryan laughing so hard he lost track of the song

--Brendon's child-of-the-eighties vocabulary. Rad, fr srs.

I know I'm missing some, y'all. C'mon. Get on the internet and tell us all about the awesomest parts of our canon.

ETA: I know it isn't fair, and I'll try not to add any more. But Maple reminded me about that interview where BRENDON'S MOM STILL LOVES HIM. Which is my favorite thing in the world.
Is writhing in ecstasy an appropriate response to a lullaby?




Ilu, Pete Wentz, for fulfilling my fondest desires, and I LOVE YOU, Brendon Urie, more than starry nights and caramel ice cream.

*sigh of utter, utter happiness*

ETA: Whoever stole Ryan's phone is clearly trying to kill me, wtf.
Today I am overflowing with love.

I started out the day babysitting two insanely adorable children--they aren't always, but they were today--and then came home. I have just read an insanely awesome fic that makes me want to curl up in it and giggle and feel safe and sweet forever. Brendon just called Ernest a cat, specifically because he loves me. And [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane and [livejournal.com profile] sunsetmog EXIST IN THE WORLD.

I am just happy.
I would like to state for the record that today was not a good day for Brendon to try to kill me.

I was in enough physical and academic distress, I DID NOT NEED THAT SHOCK.

I have to admit it's gorgeous camera work, though. Shane, you had BETTER be putting safety measures in place for your bestfriend puppy as well as taking awesome pictures of him.

ETA: Apparently it isn't a Shane picture, according to the expert in my comments. But if that means it is more likely Zack was present, I feel slightly better about the whole thing.
My headache is sort of blinding and my everywhere-ache is throbbing but I MUST CARRY ON, so: plans for today are 1) PIZZA, since yesterday the restaurants were closed, 2) a picnic blanket in the field of johnny-jump-ups behind my wee house with 3) notes, assignments, and lecture-recorder (which mostly contains one interview and me babbling to myself about ETW while driving, but whatever) and 4) the books I have to read and write reflective papers on. They also include 5) massive amounts of Advil Sinus and Excedrin, but I am hoping that lots of water and sun will reduce the need for that.

I am going to put on the least possible amount of clothes and soak up the sunshine; if I get all my papers in by Friday AND I WILL, then I will have three days to write my Big Bang in WHICH IS TOTALLY DOABLE, OKAY. (No, actually, it is. I completely wrote two-thirds of Lying Next to Me (~12,000 words) in two days. And I only need ~13,000 on ETW. I don't know whether to be proud or appalled that if I make myself focus, I can totally write that much that fast.)

There is totally a plan. I have lots of time. Everything is coming together. All is well.

...if I repeat it enough it will become true, right?

(Thank heaven for Zack and Spencer being sports-geeky and Brendon singing cereal jingles, that's all I have to say. I swear they got Twitters just to keep me from offing myself in times of stress.)
At my parents' house for Easter/various extended-fam birthdays, and they STILL. HAVE NOT FIXED. THE FUCKING INTERNET.

I am very, very cranky about it, in case you missed that. This was supposed to be my weekend to relax and reward myself for finishing the Paper of Dooooooom, and work on ETW--which is stored almost entirely on LJ or in GoogleDocs. And I mean, just, in general, flisting, surfing for decent fic, etc. IS MY IDEA OF RELAXING. So, yes. Cranky now.

Also, all of my time was somehow claimed by various members of my family without my input or permission...it's nothing I could really say no to, it's just annoying that I can't.

At the library atm collecting my damn fic material and flisting, though I think I may have missed quite a bit due to skimming. However, whoever posted that pic of Jon and Brendon "on safari" end quote? THANK YOU FOR THAT. I feel sufficiently restored to go on finishing all my mother's heinous errands.

Jon and Brendon, thank you SO MUCH. Just for existing prettily and letting people photograph you at peace. It makes me happy.
Tongue-Tied For You, in which Brendon courts Ryan using traditional Utahn methods.

Dudes, I dunno if she even did this on purpose, but deliberate or not, this is hysterically funny to anybody who grew up in Utah. If Brendon's family moved after one or more of his siblings turned sixteen, or if his parents grew up in Utah, it's actually possible that this is his idea of romance.

[livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane is my favourite fellow Brendon-fan in the WORLD right now.

I just thought the world should know that.
I completely revamped my LJ layout and now I keep getting confused when I'm reading my flist and wondering where the comment boxes are.

ION, Brendon, I realise that the only way to know if you can pull off a buzzcut is to get one and see what happens? So I forgive you. This time. It's kind of like the pornostache--it's doing it again that makes me facepalm. In case you were wondering, you do not have the hairline to pull this off.

Idk, guys, those of you who really hate it--be grateful. I had a friend in high school who deliberately shaved his head in male pattern baldness. IT COULD BE WORSE.

I was meant to finish ripping audiobooks this morning so that I could take them back to the library (they have to go back today), but I got distracted by [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane informing me that Brendon is the youngest of nine and also that Panic performed for Brendon's church when they were still the Summer League. (WHAT?? SERIOUSLY. WHAT COULD THEY POSSIBLY HAVE PLAYED? DID HE TEACH THEM THE BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC FOR ELECTRIC GUITAR???...okay, fine, realistically it was probably, like, a talent show where they just had to find a church-appropriate cover they could do. But still. The mind boggles) and [livejournal.com profile] sunset_mog informing me that the disturbingly Haley-like woman who accompanied Ryan to the VMAs years ago was not Ginger, but in fact a publicist or something like that.

In between this we discussed things like what Brendon's ward must have thought of Ryan and his weird ear-plug thing, baby!fic, and what music Zack is likely to be disgusted by. It was all very, very fun, but I should have been ripping while I e-mailed because now I have nothing to do while I wait for the stupid CDs to finish. I even finished my last Heyer, dammitall, and have nothing to read.



I don't even care that it is completely destroying my Big Bang fic...although, crap, it is totally destroying my Big Bang fic, did Shane and Brendon live together in Vegas? Or did we just assume that was where they were living, when actually they were in LA the whole time? IS SHANE THERE NOW?

IDK, y'all, this story is sort of springing from my head fully formed.

Brendon/Shane! Epic misunderstandings! (And I mean really, really epic.) Fake boyfriends who don't know they are fake! Real boyfriends who don't know they are real! Snarky band members! Scene queens!

This morning, I was greeted by two messages.

One was a hastily tapped out e-mail, just letting me know that [livejournal.com profile] shihadchick had just remembered that Zack once told her that "Brendon's hips don't lie."

The other was a comment to a sad post from yesterday, in which [livejournal.com profile] tanisafan sent me thoughts of Brendon tacklehugging people.

Things that are bad:

--I have now consulted with two fellow sufferers, a friend of mine who's a doctor, and my mother, and we're pretty sure my hand-aches are arthritis. Which in some ways, yay, because at least the typing isn't doing much to make it worse and I can stop worrying about that, but in other ways, crap, because, hey, taking breaks? Doesn't help much. I'm going to wind up with an ulcer, even with alternating taking Tylenol and Advil. Anything else I can do for it requires at least a month of regularly taking vitamins/herbs/weird pseudo-juices, and starting now absolutely does not help me get my papers written now

--OMG SO MANY PAPERS; dude, I don't have a metaphor for running the perfect family, okay? I JUST DON'T.

--My sleeping patterns are falling apart

--Gmail is being obnoxious and I don't know why

Things that are good:

--fic has been my procrastination tool of choice the past couple of weeks, and I have so many that are close to done. Yay! (Also kind of boo, because, you know, papers, but things are often this bad and usually I have nothing to show for it. I'M COUNTING IT AS A WIN.)

--bandom is running around being awesome at me, what with Brendon taking his Shane to New York and MCR being their dorky selves (I wish that I actually knew Gerard just so I could introduce him to a friend of mine, because with their mutual love of horror movies and zombies they would be happy talking to each other for hours; some of the lines from their blogs are STARTLINGLY similar; and while Gerard was distracted I could make a play for Bob, who is taking pictures of dogs and thinking about giving them good homes) and Pete--well, I was going to say "taking mildly disturbing photos involving stuffed animals," but really, that can just be summed up as "being Pete."

--when I finish these papers, and get my horrendous interview over with, I am DONE for the semester. \o/ Well, except for two exams, but frankly? I wish my whole school career was exams. I can HANDLE exams. Exams don't require any self-discipline on my part. I just have to go to class, and pay attention, and then show up for the test.

--my Christmas cards are as awesome as I remember

--I had a brainwave for what to ask my parents for Christmas. This is often difficult, because they always want to get me a) one big item, b) smack on price range, and c) not likely to add bulk to my possessions, because I move at least twice a year and the less I have to pack, the better. If the business were doing better, I would ask them to send me to Muskrat Jamboree or Duckon or just Out To New York To Play With My Friends, but the budget's a little too small, so I've been worrying about this for the last six weeks. The things my mother finds to guilt me about are sometimes beyond my comprehension. So YAY for the car stereo idea! And it will save me spending the next two years of driving up and down a mountain swearing at the iPod radio broadcaster.

--I have a seekrit project that fills me with glee

--the Geek Squad up here actually is awesome. Or, at least, the Ron Weasley look-alike who is part of it is awesome. He is as knowledgeable and friendly as Chuck Bartowski, he honestly is. He has my baby and she should be fixed by tomorrow, and I can go back to having an H and a Z on my keyboard. And having all my Panic photos within easy reaching distance. And being able to import CDs. I AM SO HAPPY I'VE MISSED MY BABY SOOOO MUCH.



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