So I am in New York!

And [ profile] harriet_vane and [ profile] queenitsy are somehow infinitely more wonderful than expected and yet exactly the people I already knew, which is wonderfully comforting. It's always a little weird to meet people with whom you have discussed corsetry and swan costumes and be all, "Hi, let me sleep on your couch and leave me alone in your house with your innocent cat", but basically last night was just like Gchatting with Rachel while watching BGJW, only now she knows what my CAPSLOCK sounds like. *G* And I did not know [ profile] queenitsy as well before now, but she showed me Big Time Rush and then we sat around for two hours exchanging Fandom Horror Stories, and it is just possible I am in love and wish to never go home again. (BIG TIME RUSH, y'all! The little sister is my favorite little sister EVER! Also it is a live-action cartoon!) I also met [ profile] danacias who is charming, charming, charming.

The Lilycat seems to have accepted me and has claimed my suitcase as her sleeping nest, so that is good, too.

And I got to talk to [ profile] adalanne! And we made plans for her to meet my friends on Friday and then me to meet her friends on Saturday. It is almost like we are grownups who still love our high school friends, or something.

Tonight: GRETA!!! And ADVENTURES WITH PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION THAT RUNS 24 HOURS A DAY! And [ profile] marksykins! I want to live in this city.
Happy happy birthday to my belovedest of [ profile] liketheroads!!!!

I was going to have fic for you, my darling, but your evil friend [ profile] arsenicjade posted fic and I was like a lamb to the slaughter. Or, idk, like a Ryan Ross faced with a really unique hat. But this week, I think, if you can bring yourself to read a little Ryan/Spencer fluff for old times' sake. *G*

In the meantime, I hope the JoBro's faces were everything you hoped for, and that every day of this coming year you realise just how much I love you.
Today I am overflowing with love.

I started out the day babysitting two insanely adorable children--they aren't always, but they were today--and then came home. I have just read an insanely awesome fic that makes me want to curl up in it and giggle and feel safe and sweet forever. Brendon just called Ernest a cat, specifically because he loves me. And [ profile] harriet_vane and [ profile] sunsetmog EXIST IN THE WORLD.

I am just happy.
I realise it is selfish of me, but I'm afraid that I can never permit [ profile] harriet_vane to go away again. She is no longer permitted vacations, illness, work busy-ness, or death. I realise she is person-colored and relaxed now, but she will just have to give that up so I have someone to plot in-Hawaii!Brendon/Spencer and cursedbyagypsytobeadog!Jon.

And see? Now that you have heard what we are writing, YOU AGREE WITH ME, DON'T YOU?

Don't be afraid to admit it!

(But frsrs, y'all--I love my [ profile] harriet_vane. I love her loads and missed her lots and I am happy that she had fun and all but...I am SO GLAD she is BACK.)
Random things:

  • You know, Panic has spoiled me for interaction with the WHOLE BAND. I forget that it isn't usual for the guitarist and the bassist to flirt with occasional commentary from the vocalist.

  • [ profile] emilyray has made me crave Singin in the Rain, drat her, and I don't have a copy

  • Castle is AWESOME

  • I got the most fabulous Greta dress--a white eyelet sundress--but...I think I need long hair to pull it off.

  • Nostalgia! I made Chex Muddy Buddies while laundrying and felt nine years old again tossing the bag of powdered sugar

  • I always forget vanilla can go bad and buy too big a bottle *sigh*

  • I want Soccer Roommate to go home for the weekend like Churchy Roommate; I want the house to myself this weekend so I can finish cleaning and do all my papers (OMG ONE WEEK THEN FINALS THEN DONE) with the music up loud and the windows letting in the spring.

  • Tired, but the good tired that means I earned it; I got a lot done today. Tomorrow I'm going to finish my room and at least two papers. The bargain is if I do that I get to order real pizza. I always feel stupid bribing myself, but it seems to work...and if I get all my papers done this weekend then I have TWO WHOLE WEEKS to write the...thirteen thousand words I have left on ETW. *facepalm* I have some really clear ideas, so I still think it's possible, but I don't write them because I HAVE TO GET GOOD GRADES.

  • I love my flist, I don't think I've said that lately.

  • Furthur nostalgia: I have been hunting down the music of my childhood on iTunes, and it suddenly strikes me in a way it never has before that my mother had really eclectic taste. Looking up the songs and "tapes" I remember, they come listed under Folk, Jazz, Musicals, Metal, Religious, Country, and Punk.
[ profile] harriet_vane is my favourite fellow Brendon-fan in the WORLD right now.

I just thought the world should know that.
So exactly one year ago today, I announced to the world that I knew which one wore flipflops, and therefore I possibly needed to be smacked with a ruler.

As I told [ profile] liketheroad when she did an end-of-the-year meme, every time I did one, all my answers ended up being, "bandom bandom bandom boys bandom friends bandom stories bandom bandom bandom." So I decided to do an end of the year review on my bandomversary instead.

This has been the most...incredible year. I have learned that Zack is my favorite, that Spencer in a beard is the prettiest thing on the earth, that all of My Chem are enormous dorks, that Brendon and cuddles are the surest way to touch my heart. I have learned that I am head-over-heels for Greta Salpeter, and that I love her band's sound.

I have found a muse that makes me want to write and write and writewritewrite--do you know I have posted NINE fics this year, and have fourteen in progress? The year before I posted two.

More--MOST OF ALL--I have found the most incredible friends. I have people whose days I can make brighter with a single LJ comment, and who return the favour. I have people who listen to me cry. I have discovered that one of my favorite people in the whole damn world lives in New Zealand--how would I ever have discovered that if we weren't both fathoms-deep in love with Panic at the Disco? How would I ever have written anything without [ profile] harriet_vane filling my head with bunnies and [ profile] liketheroad squeeing at me until they were all written? All of you have listened to me and laughed with me and squealed with me, and I'm so incredibly touched and honoured and lucky to have you in my life.

So I want to say thanks:

Thanks to Skids, who made me read it.

Thanks to [ profile] emilyray, [ profile] sociofemme, and [ profile] calathea, for loving bandom in public so that I let her make me read it, since I knew they had good taste.

Thanks to all my pre-bandom friends, who didn't hit me with rulers, and who have stuck by me despite my tendency to flail over tiny ridiculous boys.

Thanks to Panic, the Hushies, MCR, FOB, and all the others for existing, for being themselves, for their music and their lives and their ridiculousness.

But most especially, thanks to all of YOU, whom I've met through our mutual insane love of these people, for being awesome friends, and for being yourselves--the girls I've come to love, adore, and positively cherish in this past year.

It's been an incredible trip for that girl a year back eying Ryan's makeup with faint alarm and telling her friend that she was sure these boys were very nice, they just weren't her type. I know she mocked and rolled her eyes and turned up her nose. I'm absolutely positive she never dreamed she'd arrive in a place where she adored this band so much she saw them perform three times in four months.

Thank god for awesome fic, that made her change her mind. Thank god for ridiculous boys, who made her fall for them. Thank god for the world's most amazing friends, who welcomed her right on in.

Thank god for bandom. It's been an awesome year.
This morning, I was greeted by two messages.

One was a hastily tapped out e-mail, just letting me know that [ profile] shihadchick had just remembered that Zack once told her that "Brendon's hips don't lie."

The other was a comment to a sad post from yesterday, in which [ profile] tanisafan sent me thoughts of Brendon tacklehugging people.

TWO WITH ONE STONE. My fic was totally their first! Go back through her entries, watch her descent into the madness.

*resumes diabolical laughter*

I haven't read my flist in three days.

When I tried to catch up?

I started at skip=400

I filtered down to my "quick" list: no communities, basically.


Filtered down to "emergency" list: only people I really have to read everything they write, because it will be/might be VERY IMPORTANT for one reason or another



This is why I check my flist at least twice a day. *smacks self in the head*

ETA: In case you couldn't tell? I SKIMMED. Sorry. :-(
Pay It Forward: I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment here on my blog. I don’t yet know what that gift will be, but you will receive it within 365 days. The only thing you have to do in return is "pay it forward" by making a similar agreement on your blog.
Okay: you people talk a lot, and if the web isn't back up when I get home I will LITERALLY. CRY.

*clings frantically to flist*
Everybody should totally go and have fun at [ profile] lyra_wing's Fictional Love Meme, wherein you put in the name of a character, and everybody shares why they love them.

Open to any fandom, and already including House M.D., Dr. Who, Supernatural, Stargate: Atlantis, Harry Potter, Dresden Files, and Heroes, as well as some fandoms I don't recognise. SO MUCH FUN!

*will haunt until full*

I am actually caught up with my flist. You may now all die of shock.

Our web was down for four days, and my laptop battery suddenly decided that it didn't like being used a power source and would rather do a rather impressive method acting study of stonehood.

I was at skip=150 when I started catching up last night, and got up to fifty before I had to sleep. I then was back to skip=100.

It's the first week of the semester, and it has sucked. I think I've fixed that by diddling with my schedule, though. Am very, very busy, nonetheless.

Will do reveals of my holiday some point. *sigh*

Really need to finish my stupid anonython fic. It is fighting me EVERY STEP. Stupid muse.

Send doughnuts. Love to all.
So the thing of it is YOU PEOPLE TALK TOO MUCH.

Reunion was wonderful. I love my mother's side of the family. We honestly listen to and connect with one another.

Long meta-me filtered post later.

But OMG...I never realised that having stripped my emergency filter to the essentials, I would need to comment on almost every entry. You will probably be getting comments from days-old posts, everybody...sorry about that!



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