Yesterday's Thing That Made Me Happy:

I have a fabulous friend. Her name is MusicalGal, and she is married to Mr. MusicalGal, who is equally awesome, and yesterday the MusicalGals and I put up their Christmas tree.

I don't get to see the MusicalGals nearly as often as I'd like, and so every time I do I am surprised and delighted at how easily we fall into rhythm with each other, how we have things to say to each other and can follow the wanderings of our minds, how we've reached the stage where we can stop explaining ourselves and just be ourselves instead.

They've just moved to live near my parents' house, and I am so ridiculously happy about it I can hardly stand it.
I tried to call her and sing her a silly song, but I couldn't reach her, so I'll say it here as well as on voicemail:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] shibbyskids!!!

I know none of you know Skids. Because she is a shameful lurker made of lurking and shame. But she is AWESOME.

She has been one of my best friends since I was sixteen years old. We met when we were both on the staff of our high school lit magazine. (This is the general center of The Gang, in case you were curious.) And she has the AWESOMEST TASTE IN FANDOMS. My presence in both Supernatural and bandom is all her doing.

She's funny, and sweet, and pretty. She listens to my ranting so very patiently, and lets me bounce story ideas off her. She is a fabulous childrens' librarian.

She doesn't live near me anymore, but I see her every couple of months and we talk on the phone every few weeks. And when she isn't here, I miss her. I only wish I could persuade her to be a participating member of fandom, because I know you'd all love her.

So happy, happy birthday to the Padfoot of our five Marauders; may your year be full and wonderful.

ETA: Um. Cough. Apparently I should have posted this on Friday. PRETEND IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY NOW, OKAY, SKIDS?
"Dude, I don't know why you're choosing not to answer your phone now, but the Forever, Now 'verse has been UPDATED!! NINETY THOUSAND WORDS of pure, unmitigated AWESOME. Go. Read. Squee. CALL ME."

And you know, in case any of you out there didn't see the ten thousand recs already popping up all over my flist (I don't see how, I don't think any of the bandom people on my flist wouldn't have at least ONE of the reccers on theirs), take this from me: IT ROCKS. And you want to go read it RIGHT NOW.
All right, I have the tickets for OotP. They're not reserved seating, and they're twelve-fifteen, but we are set.

This was my list; if anyone needs me to take them off it or add anybody to it, now is the time to tell me. By which I mean, speak by Monday midnight, or forever hold your peace. I can probably give the tickets we don't need to someone else, and there were still several seats available two days ago, but if I'm going above and beyond I need to know so I can fix it.

Mr. Friendiest
Mr. MusicalGirl

ESPECIALLY: MoodyGirl, are you bringing your Boy? And does anyone know whether Chase (who, um, needs a nickname) is interested? And are Pillow and MartialArtist coming? Pillow had e-mailed me saying they weren't, but now I find that MartialArtist is in town, so am very confused.

Tickets were 8.00; PLEASE pay me back as soon as you can, as I used my parents' credit card.
Hey, y'all, we need to start working out movie night stuff for OotP. Like, actually we should have about two weeks ago. Do we want me to get the tickets? Who's coming? Jordan Commons okay? Etc.

Please respond!
Was going through high school creative writing assignments today, and discovered--hey, I wasn't as bad as I thought I was! (Still pretty bad, but not as bad as I thought I was.)

On a related note: did any of the Euphony crowd keep a record of who we were imitating during those "research a writer" assignments? I wrote something pretty decent in imitation of whoever Jared researched, but I haven't the faintest idea who it was.
Apology to my flist at large...we've had web trouble the past few days, which--combined with RL people being home and sociable and Changing Their Lives--means I've been very, very behind. You are probably getting comments from three days ago...and if you're not, I apologise...I skimmed.

My Christmas was pretty good, my week of working More was fun, I am incredibly glad to have friends home. My Friendiest is engaged, which I am being supportive of while refusing to lie, and she is accepting this compromise.

I am throwing two parties and attending a third this week, as well as various other social engagements...this is my most social week of the year! I suppose it's good to get off on the right foot.

In the meantime...I'm alive. I'm fairly happy and healthy. I wish all of you a Happy, Happy New Year.

I was supposed to be writing papers this afternoon.

Instead, I spent, um, four hours flying all over the place for Supernatural fic.

Jess, I know. I know addicting someone to VM is evil. I know I deserved payback.

But man.

But! The first of, I am sure, many rec lists:

Latitude and Longitude--OMG. Best little Winchesters. Because they are not solemn and sweet and wise. No. They are obnoxious, and violent with each other, and ironically foreshadowy. Sheer awesomeness.

And Baby Steps--Baby Sammy learns to walk. Full of self-entitlement and baby-reasoning and those first tiny wedges between him and ten months old! Sheer awesomeness.

(P.S. OMG somebody find me an icon community.)

[ profile] ny_for_life suggested that I post all the details for the party here, so I'd know we were all on the same page.

The party is SATURDAY, starting at seven. (I think. I've got to check, but I'm 80% sure it's seven.) It's a Disney theme. If y'all will meet me at my place at seven, I think that's the best plan...I may ask those of you not coming a long way to come help me decorate earlier than that, but again, I have to meet with the commitee chair and check with her before I know exactly what's going on, so for now...just plan on meeting at my parents' house at seven o'clock.
And so, I am returned.

It was no more and no less f*****-up than any other family vacation, so par for the course, I suppose.

Interestingly, beginning Saturday night, I have had the sensation that the world is though I am rocking on a boat. I keep having to stop walking and grab onto the nearest wall. No clue where it came from, but I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow for something else, anyway, so I shall ask him. In the meantime, not sure what to do about work.

Realised tonight that I hadn't read the missionaries' e-mails for the past two weeks, so I did. It hit me--sudden and strong--how much I miss them. Horribly. Their presence in my life. The people they are.
*wins at life*


I made a vid! About all of us! And I post it now as a welcome-home gift for you. Even if, you know, you are still far away from us, so you cannot be truly home. *hugs*

This is me with the actually using transitions thing, and I figured it out all by my little lonesome, so forgive my pride.
Random things about my life:

I bought play-do yesterday.

And got to leave work for five hours, instead indulging my incredibly anal desire to have my memories categorised so that I can find things when I need them. Thankfully, only about fifty entries to re-label and I am done. When I am done, I'm going to make all of you look at the prettiness of my categorised fic memories.

I am educating Flatmate with further Firefly. Ooo, we loveses it.

Slept at my parents' last night. Man, that mattress sucks.

Did a beta job for the first time, ever. I miss it!

Reading Peter Whimsey. If ANY of the other books have all the dialogues spelt out like the one I just finished, I'm hucking them into a bonfire. My head hurts. And I so totally called the murderer in that one, but it was cool to see how complex it was. Not enough Bunter!
My V-day?


I spent the afternoon HATING it...the SS can't have outside food cause of allergies and stuff, so I had to chase around after them pulling lollipops out of their mouths...

Then I went to the parents' to watch House. To find it empty, except for my 18-yo brother and a table set for a double date. Whoops. We had a few minutes before he had to go pick her up, and he tried to tease me about not having a date.

BRO: Just couldn't get somebody handsome enough, or are they all scared of your brilliance and beauty?
LU: Hey, you may have a date, but today I was asked to be the valentine of eight people, was told "I love you" six times, got twelve hugs and three kisses, and a marriage proposal.
BRO: *gives a Look*
LU: Admittedly they were all under twelve, but STILL...

I was telling the truth, btw. *loves her kids*

I escaped upstairs to watch House. (And I liked this one, yesyes indeedy. But not as much as some others.) Then I came home to chat with Flatmate and make her watch The First Wives' Club, which is my personal "everyone else has a date and f-them" movie, and which she had not seen (travesty!)
Happy Singles Awareness Day, all!

Flatmate is all depressed because her between-boy-and-Boy thingummy is complex, and she is sad and feeling lonely.

Currently I am not depressed, but that may change after a day of handling the Super Stars post-school-V-day-party.

I'd rather have my kind of depression.

*enormous yawns*

I've already had the best present of all...a new Maya chapter. *is blissful, passes out*
My sister just recieved something in the mail.

A money order.


From someone she's never heard of.



In other humdrum updates, including Christmas )
Can I just mention...


Tonight we chased each other around and round the house, taking off clothes and shouting the Potter Puppet Pals "Naked Time" in a three-part round.

Talkative and I did an extremely clumsy bump and grind.

Flatmate and I had extremely similar simultaneous lusty thoughts about a werewolf.

Our feet took steam baths.

We did wild, crazy dances to old favorites like "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." Really, it was in no way orgiastic.

And my Soulmate gets home tomorrow, at which point I may possibly explode with glee. Because I have missed her so extremely terribly much. Ads, what time do you get in?
I've got the croup, and I'm on heavy cough syrup of the puts-you-to=sleep kind, as well as steroids for the inflammation. Either the cough syrup is raising my temp or it's going up on its own...I seem to be sweating out the sickness, which is good, but I'm also fairly delirious. Just as it starts to wear off and I leave my coma-like state for somewhat wakefulness--means it's time for another dose--I have wierd dreams.

Flatmate asks me to take care of the cat. "What cat?" I ask. "This one," she says, looking puzzled and dumping a black and white monstrosity with bits missing out of its ear into my arms, where it purrs and cuddles. "The one that ate Keats, of course."

Soulmate gets home, she's mad at me because some wierd blonde girl in a green cloak keeps sending a hlogram of herself to the back door and it keeps trying to talk to her when she comes in.

Soulmate walks in through the front door, squees with flatmate, then turns to me, gently kisses me on the cheek and says, "I'm pregnant."

Friendiest waves over her shoulder without loooking back while I call to her, trying to pull my foot out of cement.

Talkative, a large purple dragon, sits with her hands folded over her belly and dispenses sage advice.

Redheaded Kid (currently South American country, the name of which escapes me but it starts with P) is floating in the air, lounging and tossing popcorn into the air to catch in his mouth.

...and more. *sways drunkenly for next dose*
Now, see, the thing not many people know is that my handle is the name for a character that I once played in a kindasorta RPG thing. A computer program, to be precise. (I mean, Elucreh, played by me, was a computer program. She ran the ship and made snarky remarks, mostly.)

Funny thing?

Funny thing )
Hours of sleep, one discussion, and a good look at the flist later, I become slightly more rational.

Spoilers )

Seriously? Whitney called me when she finished the book. Well, she called Jen, Mia, and Amy (none of whom had finished it), finally got my number, then called me. My dad comes into the room, saying, "It's six o'clock, you know."

ME: "Hah, hah, very funny. It's only, like, eleven."

ME? WRONG. He was right. Man, I musta been tired.

We had a nice talk, though I was still just-wakened and just-reacting, considering how soon I went to bed. Having seen the flist, though, many things make much more sense.
The whole sticking-to-canon bit? HARDEST THING EVER. Especially since I can't seem to get in a canon mood, or find the time for it. (Drat being short-handed, my morning reading time is gone.)

Today was the Mondayest Monday that work has turned out in a long time. But after work--oh, after work:

--Jen was Lily, then she was Arabella, then she was Sibyll, then she was Winky, then she was Dobby. Dobby stuck.

--We created life in a glass bowl. Amelia got primordial goo all over her hands. Then she ate it. (We found out later that she had prematurely removed the goo from the kangaroo, depriving it in her impatient greed of its ability to hop forward. Bad goddess of creation, bad!) Then I tucked the kangaroo over my ear, Amy pressed the starfish to her nose, and we got back to work.

--We made a machine to answer profound questions, powered by an ant walking a treadmill. One question we asked was, "Are you dead?"

--Cheap divine rats were devoured while Alastor's identical twin owl was born.

--Many hysterical phone calls were made, involving squeeing, sex scenes, and Amy getting permission to be Shelley for about fifteen hours.

Also hair dye, cheap Evian, and dowel rods.

Do I have great friends or what?



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