I feel like crap.

I'm stiff from head to toe.

I have the worst headache I've had since the migraine that made me stay home from church in January. It's been building gradually all day and hit a peak at work during the last ten minutes. I had spent the last hour begging the kids to talk softly, as really it felt horrible, horrible. And one child saw his mom and shrieked MOMMY! at the top of his lungs. Three inches from my ear.

I cried. It was one of those white-hot spears of pain thrusting and throbbing through my head. By the time it died down, I was white and everyone was looking at me funny and telling me I shouldn't drive home. (Couldn't anyway. The parents have entrusted my car to my little brother. Who has already wrecked three cars. Am I happy about this? Guess.)

I took a hot bath and some painkillers when I got home, so I feel a bit better--but the funny thing? I couldn't hold my head up before--the back of my neck was so cramped that I was walking a little hunched all day. Now I've soaked that out, I can't seem to keep it from lolling backwards.

I wanted to spend tonight RPing--oh, you guys, I haven't even told you, I'm in a new RPG and it is awesome, the people are so wonderful, it makes me want to cry with happiness--and finishing the Fic My Muse Likes. But between the not-being-able-to-control-my-neck thing and the pain thing I am kind of thinking I will take a muscle relaxant (half a muscle relaxant--my sensitivity to the things isn't to be believed) and go to Bed.

Oh, Lord. I promised to go on a date tomorrow. I really hope I feel better by then. *collapses*
OMG. I just sent in my application. I'm nervous. I would really, really like to do this...really, really, really.

*bats eyes at flist*

Will you lightning bolt your fingers for me?
Um, hello out there?

I need you?

I'm applying to play in a new RPG--I feel ready, willing, and eager. But this one has asked for references from my flist.

So...anyone out there willing to vouch for the fact that I'm not a backbiter and can write plain English? Anything further than that, of course, you are not bound to say, but it would be appreciated. If you're up for it, I'll be sending your LJ handle to the mods and you may be contacted.
So...I've applied to another RPG. I've been missing it terribly, and dying to get into a fleshy canon character's head, and considering the fact that I've seen this game pimped on my flist by at least four different people, I'm pretty sure I'll know some of the players. I have high hopes this time that I can sink into it...really sink into it, the way I haven't since [livejournal.com profile] the_leaky.

Also, note: have been re-reading HBP, in an effort to build up a character in my head, and--why haven't we seen any Argus Filch/Irma Pince yet? No, seriously--this is a cracktastic pairing in a cracktastic fandom, with three canonic bases, and yet it isn't out there. I might even try my own hand at it.
...I think I just advised my mother to become a Gothic!Chick.

In other news, I have my app for DM and the last bit will be betaed tomorrow and then I will send it in and with any luck I will be accepted and have a fun interest in life. Scoping out this character has been a blast already. *g*
I'M GOING TO BE EMMY!!! *glees all over*

ETA: Erm. A bit premature, I have not been accepted yet. But I've made a definite decision, and I'm very, very excited.
Um, I am crazy?

Cause, see, the thing is:

I just started a new semester of school

I just started a relationship (*smiles at [livejournal.com profile] ny_for_life*)

I have a roundtable to put together in the course of the next three weeks (THREE WEEKS OMG!)

I have to learn an entirely new preschool curriculuum because they bumped me up a year (I'm teaching the same kids, they're just older and being taught new things)

Want the crazy part? I'm really, really thinking I'm going to join a new RPG.

This is the time of year I was supposed to be going back to the Leaky, and to Afterglow. But I've missed too much. I can't jump back in...the plots have advanced too far, in directions I didn't know they were going to. I'll miss the friends I've made--but, in fact, my most regular partners aren't there anymore anyway. *sigh*

And Soulmate, and Moody Girl, and possibly Talkative are all going to be playing in this one. And are saying all these lovely tempting things about it. And I have a chance to flirt a lot and know things about martinis, and who doesn't want a chance like that? I think I could do fun things with this character, and I want to get back into RPing, into having an escape into a different world, into molding and shaping a person and her role.

So this is just me rambling, because I have a computer (class got out a little early) and I don't want to go and drive to work yet.

I am so nuts. But I really think I'm going to do it anyway. ^_~



Also, [livejournal.com profile] ellensmithee and [livejournal.com profile] devsgma are EVIL SEDUCTIVE TEMPTRESSES.

Um...I think I'm going to apply to play in another RPG.

SOMEBODY tell me I've gone mad, will you?

ETA: Pssst, I'm sorry, this meme is too much fun:

If you were to wake up in bed with me, what would be your first thought?

Respond honestly now, and post in your own journal.
I am ILL. And I can't afford to be ill. I hate that.

I had an enormous inspiration for Parvati last night--I'm basing her off a Soap character--and Sarah may really like it, but she may kill me. I hope for the former.

Amy, I completely and totally agree, except that in my case it's all the characters I've seen slashed and suffering for it.

Late for work. Bye!


Yes, I'm ridiculously behind. Sorry. I snagged about ten minutes during the two-thirty bit of the party to post a Leaky RP, but other than that...

Party was SO MUCH FUN. So much silliness, so much Martinelli's. And TC called me! I squealed excessively and threatened to thwap her and probably in general lived up to her expectations. *g*

Allow me my small private moment while I squee that I actually got a little bit mention in the Drips. I try not to mind--I'm having ginormous fun even without it--but it's nice to be recognised because this is work, too, and my art, and I'm proud of it.
Going mad.

Work too early, too much, and yet also I love having them all day and being able to know exactly what they've covered and plan my own lessons. So good things and bad things about it.

Josh spilled an enormous bottle of glue AND half a gallon of paint yesterday. On separate occasions. *h2k*

New little boy who is very very sweet and very intelligent, too.

Missing my time with the tods, but it's fun to wander in for a few minutes and be greeted with cheers.

LOTS of Padma to do this week, which is lots o' fun.

Must go.

Luv, Lu
FINALLY moved in, pictures on the walls and everything. Been spending most of my online time plotting for Padma, though, so: HI EVERYBODY!!

I feel easy and at home already, which I'm grateful for.

I'm about to throw Padma into a snakes' nest, which I'm giggly and excited about.

Love you all!

*is cryptic*: black rose, twinleaf, and bloodroot.

ETA: This website says that the symptoms of Sudden Infant Death Syndrom are that the infant suddenly dies. Whaddaya know?
Go here. And let me say, thank you, God. Amen.

MY WEB ACCESS IS CUT. Now the computer has been dismantled and taken to the new house, but not set up because the desk is not there yet.

Leaky people, [livejournal.com profile] ellensmithee especially, PLEASE E-MAIL ME. I don't know how long it'll take me to get proper web access with Y!M. We may have to write it turn about and then post it in one big post, but I WILL reply and participate.

Job good, moving chaotic, Lu tired.
Okay, so the good news: Yesterday my little Chinese-speaker (who is now also an English-speaker, in what? two months? I'm so proud!) who according to her mother used to hate me, said that she'd missed me over the weekend. And Josh (my little boy who I'm SO worried about because, among other things, his mother is (accprding to my director) on drugs and I think she was on them while he was in the womb) told me that he loved me. So I am happy.

...Do you see why I love this job? The chance to work with such precious children? Even when they're being obnoxious, they're precious.

Birthday coming up, and my kids are already excited for it. Sillies. *squidges them*

Finally starting some Padma rolling, which is good.

Making another key attempt tonight.

Election: Yes, I voted. FIRMLY AGAINST Amendment 3, if for no other reason. I wrote in Jen's Civ professor for president. (Yes, Jen, I actually did it. *g*) If this were a swing state I'd have voted for Kerry, but as there is no chance in hell of it making a difference HERE, I wrote in someone else.

*wanders off to finish reading Remus interviews*
Have done my stint as Padma, and I'm really, really, really enjoying it. *g*

I was kind of shocked when I went back and read my first interaction (with Hermione) and it came off sounding like other players' entries in this thing. Like, whoa, I can do this. But I was grateful for it. *g*

Last night accidentally stepped on a few toes, but everyone is being extremely nice about it. All these people I fangirl and they all patiently let me undo my mistakes and explain what it is I've done wrong this time. They are all just the best possible people to play with in your first RPG. Thank goodness.
Okay, I now have a request. For all my friends who do occasionally go out drinking, and are not afraid of new cocktails (or whatever you call them now), will you experiment for me? I'll give you the name/recipe, and you review. Amount of buzz, taste, etc. And how pretty it looks in a glass. ^_^

This one especially:


2 oz Citrus vodka (Smirnoff Citrus Twist)
1/2 oz Triple sec
1 oz Rose's sweetened lime juice
2 oz Grapefruit juice (pink or red)
Mixing instructions:
Fill collins glass with ice and add grapefruit juice Shake vodka, lime juice, and triple sec in shaker 1/2-full of ice. Strain on top of grapefruit juice

The List...pick one! )

Think of it as an adventure! Besides, I'll send you something spe-shull!
Okay, so here they are. Even if you pick just one or two to answer, they'll be finished pretty quick!

Can you taste:

Southern Comfort

How strong is:

Southern Comfort
Fruit Liqueurs

What is:

Blue Curacao
Triple Sec

Thanks to anybody who can help!
They definitely want me as Padma, since Arthur will be joining us. This is okay, as A) I'm bouncing at the idea of getting Arthur into that pub and it probably wasn't the best place for Molly to be IC anyway and B) it'll stretch my horizons a bit. And Padma's taking a definite shape in my mind, so she will be much fun. I love the ideas I'm getting, giving her form and goals and emotions...

Wasn't it Crystal who warned that once you start on RPGs you'll be sucked in forevermore?

P. S. Does anybody out there know enough about mixed drinks to help me pick out a signature drink based on the personality I'm forming? I don't know a thing about them.

Mostly I need to ask questions like "Can you taste vodka?" and "What exactly is Grenadine?"
Sickness. Sucks.

If I told you how exactly, you would immediately defriend me. Just trust me. I am ill, and I have to go to work anyway because I've been working there a month and having two sick days in that time doesn't look so good.

In MUCH better news:

I have been offered a position with the Leaky! I applied for Hermione, mostly on the "yeah, right, but it's one of those things you gotta do, like you have to buy a lottery ticket once, just for the offchance and the dream" kinda basis. And of course I didn't get it (C'mon, Hermione? Me? Playing one of the Trio in an RPG that includes McKay playing Snape??), BUT I'm completely shocked and totally honored to have been offered the spot of Padma. I also wrote back and asked if I could play Molly---I love playing Molly, I practically am Molly, and I'm dying to react to Bill's owl. But if Molly is a no-go, then I am COMPLETELY going to play Padma, so I will spend naptime today thinking out characterization for her (she hasn't appeared yet.)




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