I am tired and cranky because I went to the bead fair with my mother today, and in some ways it was AWESOME and I found SO MUCH COOL STUFF that I am going to MAKE, some for me and some for other people and some JUST BECAUSE IT IS PRETTY, but in other ways it was bad. Because it meant I spent four hours in the car, and the three in between standing up or fighting my way through crowds. And the crowds were echoey in the room, and the room was big and filled with aisles, and all of those things make the agoraphobia come. No dizziness, but my shoulders tried to climb up my spine again and my whole back/neck/head combo hurt now.

Also, I desperately want to make my hand into a Ryan Ross puppet for [livejournal.com profile] t_usual_suspect's bandom anthem project, but I have no functioning way to record it.

But I mean, think of it! My hand, painted with eyes framed in blue eyeshadow and a scarf and a newsboy cap and all, singing, "I LOVE THE DRUMMERS" because we all know he does! It would be awesome.

So all of you have to go do things for her video since I can't. Go on!
I really am going to have to sit down and watch SGA to the end; the fics popping up on my Delicio network are too confusing. I don't even know how it ended! I'm not really sure I want to know, as I prefer the versions where John led a coup and refused to let anybody go back to Earth, or where the Daedalus found them ten years after they first got there and they formed an independent colony. I even like the version where Rodney asked Atlantis not to work any more, to save her soul, and went back to Earth. Surely their versions can't be as good. But I'm going to make the effort!

It will be difficult! I dropped out somewhere halfway through S4, and when I go back Sam Carter will still be there.
Dude, I hate starting a new fandom that's big enough to have a lot of crappy fic but too small to have reliably good authors and/or decent rec lists.

Also, I need icons. And I've always sucked at finding those.
Okay, so starting, uh, now: I am banned from reading fic for at least a week.

I will still be flisting--I am someone whose "emergency MUST SEE EVERYTHING POSTED" flist has to be checked every two days or else I drown--but I will be e-mailing myself all the fic posted to be read later.

I only have so many spoons. Normally, actually, fandom and fic are something that restore my spoons, but the Idiot Teenagers of last week have made fandom something to be squicked rather than squeed about for a little while, and overcoming that will take either time or effort, and I can't spare the effort, so it will have to be time.

Anyway, I have to pack. I have to see doctors and hairdressers and other people I don't want to replace two hours away from home. I have to drive up and down a mountain seventeen jillion times, and convince myself that giving or packing away more than half my books is only a little the same thing as killing babies.

So, if you post fic this week? Apologies in advance, and I promise I'll leave an extra thoughtful review when I can.
Oh, you know what, I forgot to mention:

my Diversity in American Lit professor mentioned fanfiction the other day.

It was in the context of movie adaptation, and I really desperately wanted to sit there and discuss fanfiction online vs published fanfiction vs novelisations of blockbusters.

I didn't, because it really, you know, had nothing to do with what we were supposed to be learnig, but, really?

People who know what fanfiction is either are hardcore nerds themselves or at least are really good friends with really hardcore nerds.

So hearing him say that made me beam at him in inappropriate ways. He's really awesome in many ways, despite his weird selection of books and his terrible students I want to stab.
Okay, with GG it was hard. But at least I liked one of the protagonists. Out of the two.

Now I have three protagonists, and I don't like any of them.

I may not be able to stick this one out, no matter how pretty the character I'm waiting to have show up is...
Sweet Charity goes live in a few hours--or has already, possibly--and I was looking over the offerings--I'm always outbid, but it can't hurt to look, right...right?

Anyway, somebody offered up "your del.icio.us bookmarks organized" and I burst out laughing. I'm going to write and ask if she minds if I steal her idea and offer myself up for the same thing next round...as anybody who has ever glanced at my del.icio knows, I can be kind of detail-oriented when it comes to bookmark filing.

You know.

The way Rodney McKay is kind of smart.
There are new people about, from the friending meme--*waves*--and besides, I promised TC, so:

Report on the state of the Lu. )
And sometimes you just have to sit back and think,

Lord (and Pillow)--thank you for leading me to the best fandom EVER.

*uses spankin-new icon for the occasion of our fandom rocking*

ETA: Sorry, wrong link posted earlier. You have to vote in the poll to see the results I'm talking about, apparently. Thanks to Greekboy for the head's-up! *g*

ETA 2: Also, we have the best source material ever. NOBODY else pays this much attention to their fans, to know the biggest projects and then officially interview them. I love our show.

I've discovered the SGA version of ffn. Followed an awards list link there, read a very good fic. Started searching.

GOOD LORD. I think I nearly cried when John and Rodney broke into whimpering tears over Rodney's stuffed cat from when he was two. People write this stuff? And dare to release it into the wild where people with taste and the ability to watch the show can read it?
Was thinking about [livejournal.com profile] kaalee tonight and realised...she has never seen the shirt that I designed to make her laugh! I wore it at TWH, but I forgot to have a picture taken in it...however, I wore it to see Brokeback Mountain and, by a grand coincidence, that day my darlingest Soulmate also wore her "Hufflepuffs" shirt. We had Talkative take a picture of the two of us, geek shirts in proud array; it's a horrible picture of both of us, so here it is, cropped so you can just see the shirts.
(My Kaalee-joke shirt and Ady's Hufflepuffs)
Well, my first home in the fandom has apparently gone up in flames.

I wasn't a part of the fire...I don't even know what it's all about, and frankly I don't want to know because I don't want to have to choose sides...because I haven't visited the forums there in ages. My fandom home is now this LJ and my flist, and has been for years...as I lost time to spend in the fandom, I stopped visitng anything but my flist, which had everybody I wanted to keep in touch with crammed into it...the people I loved from all sorts of places could be kept track of here, when I only had time for the people and not the things about fandom that I enjoy.

That site isn't my home anymore, but it was once, and I still feel a nostalgic twinge of sadness for the destruction of the place where I found a happy, easy, warm welcome when I was still a newbie making dumb mistakes. I came in just before the site became so big that it was more of a public domain than a small group's haven, and I was easily and very nicely accepted into the tiny clique of original mods and betas. We used to spend hours chatting in Y!M, giving each other advice and making jokes, and I still count some of my very best friends from among their ranks.

I repeat: I don't know what caused it and I don't want to know. I am just going to sit over here with my fingers in my ears administering impartial, uninformed hugs to those caught in the crossfire as the foundation of a place that I love crumbles and cracks.
Apparently Harry is going to dance with Hermione.

Am I the only one highly amused by this? And/or suspecting that she grabbed his hand and dragged him onto the dance floor, in a remarkably similar situation to the times that I've tried to make Tyler dance?
Apologies for spamming, but...

Can anybody tell me if Snape ever rolls his eyes in canon or whether the frequency of his doing this is pure slashy fanon goodness?
Nearly all of you know this, but I can't find [livejournal.com profile] shibbyskids and [livejournal.com profile] wolfscythe's phone number anywhere, so let me direct a brief prayer that Jess will actually CHECK her flist for once:

New canon.

JULY 16, 2005.

To follow [livejournal.com profile] thetreacletart's lead: let the predictions roll.

Which of our good guys is going to go next?

Read more... )
Let that teach me to post in [livejournal.com profile] metaquotes...I'd forgotten how much wank can get involved in that place.

And, apparently, I am too stubborn to let the arrogance of unknown profane people slide.
*is still supremely amused by all the wankiness that is fandom*

However, am feeling unexpected twinges of guilt about the old OIA. And unexpected twinges of sympathy for these people who started their ridiculous community. Although honestly they don't seem to have been joking, so that is a small salve to my conscience--nonetheless, until it was my beloved person/char/whathaveyou under attack, I don't think I fully understood how it felt. *hugs Claire for forgiving her*

The supreme amusement is mostly what is running my consciousness, though. Have joined Die_dierondie because these people don't take themselves seriously at all and are so very amusing. I may have to friend those who are not already on my flist.



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