I completely revamped my LJ layout and now I keep getting confused when I'm reading my flist and wondering where the comment boxes are.

ION, Brendon, I realise that the only way to know if you can pull off a buzzcut is to get one and see what happens? So I forgive you. This time. It's kind of like the pornostache--it's doing it again that makes me facepalm. In case you were wondering, you do not have the hairline to pull this off.

Idk, guys, those of you who really hate it--be grateful. I had a friend in high school who deliberately shaved his head in male pattern baldness. IT COULD BE WORSE.
Is anybody else getting comments sent to their e-mail twice? Like, it arrives when the comment is posted, and then about twelve hours later you get it again?

Because I'm getting annoyed.
NOTE: I would rather have a permanent LJ account than the car stereo

NOTE: My parents are worried enough about my mental health already

NOTE: *sigh*
WHY IS IT that every time I edit a filtered entry it changes to PUBLIC VIEWING, despite the fact that the little boxes are still checked? WHY, OH GODS OF LJ, WHY???
This weekend I was a good big sister and watched a movie with my eleven-yo baby sister; she got to pick.

She chose that Perfect Man movie--with Hilary Duff? (She's eleven. Try not to judge too harshly.)

It's actually not a terrible movie. Cheesy? Yes. Condescending? Yes. But not terrible.


The narration from Duff's character is presented as though she's blogging about it. And apparently the scriptwriters have never actually read a blog, particularly one written by a teenage girl.

I was a teenage girl with a blog. I have teenagers on my flist. They don't write like that. Nobody I know, including the off-LJ blogs I get linked to that are professional or otherwise more-public-than-personal, reads like that. In style it's probably closest to Samantha Ferris's blog, but it's kind of like mayonnaise being closer to ketchup than peanut butter, and seriously...the public broadcasting blog of a thirty-something actress. C'mon, y'all. I do better research than that for fic. Let alone a movie millions of dollars are being spent on. They could have afforded to pay the writers to surf MySpace for a couple of days.

There are other little things...does anybody actually address people by their screennames in e-mail when you know the names they go by? Would you call me "BrooklynBoy" if you knew I was Ben, really? "Dear Brooklyn Boy, today blahblahblah..."?

I didn't think so. (ETA: To clarify: they met in real life, and were referring to each other by their actual names; then changed to calling each other by screenname when they were separated and only communicating online. Moreover, these were the adults, not people growing up in online culture.)

And what gets me most is the fact that they keep presenting the character as isolated, lonely, by the way her family keeps moving around. Here's a hint, movie writers? If she's got a personal blog? She's part of a community. She moved to New York...I guarantee at least one person she knows online lives within a four-hour ride. I guarantee if she feels safe blogging about her intimate personal issues, she has people she considers friends reading this thing...people she doesn't lose when she moves, people she counts on and communicates with, people who keep her from feeling as though she's all alone in a cold, cruel world. The point of the internet, particularly of blogging, particularly of blogging about the very very personal details of your life, particularly when you're just another of a thousand other ordinary citizens? Connecting to people.

So next time? Find a different narration device. Or do some goddamn research.
I haven't read my flist in three days.

When I tried to catch up?

I started at skip=400

I filtered down to my "quick" list: no communities, basically.


Filtered down to "emergency" list: only people I really have to read everything they write, because it will be/might be VERY IMPORTANT for one reason or another



This is why I check my flist at least twice a day. *smacks self in the head*

ETA: In case you couldn't tell? I SKIMMED. Sorry. :-(
You know, I wish I could search my flist. Going back a few months.

I am thinking of a conversation I had with one of four SGA authors I love, some time in the past couple of months. I can't remember which of them. I know roughly what the entry said, but I can't remember whether it was behind a cut or not. And seriously, between September and now isn't a great range to be searching in.

I'm a dope sometimes. I should just stop deleting any and all LJ conversations that don't strike me as hugely important from my GMail. *sigh* It annoys me to think of a lot of stuff I'll never look at ever again lying there, but it's not like I'm using my storage and I want to look at a lot more stuff than I think I will.
I had a dream.

In which LJ changed the profile page layouts. It was ugly, ugly, ugly--worse than the "my LJ" page--and in order to change it you had to buy some new software and learn how to use it, which was a hugely complicated process.

I groaned and whined and paid for the software and then the phone started ringing. It was a representative of SixApart, who wanted to know what I thought was wrong. But I knew--from my flist, I think?--that what they really wanted was to hunt me down and kill me for disagreeing with their new aesthetic choices. I was terrified. I didn't pick up. But the phone beeped and was one of those old-fashioned message machines where you can hear the people leaving a message? And the voice said, "I know you're there. I know you're unhappy. Pick up." Long silence. "All right. If you won't pick up, we know your e-mail, too. We will get to you."

...thank you, subconscious.
The thing about me and Heroes is, we're like roommates who can watch movies at the same time but never have personal conversations.

I began watching it in the first place because Sam was writing fic for it. (See: House, Ouran, Studio 60, Wimsey, Lovejoy, etc.etc.and-so-on). And I find that is has about six lines I adore per episode, and it has the largest number of w00bies in the core cast that I have ever encountered, which means that I love a lot of the characters--and even some of the ones who aren't w00bies, I love. But the plots almost always fail to capture my attention, and there are also two or three characters I intensely dislike. (Jessica/Nikki FTL.)

So I watched the premiere last night, yes, and I enjoyed it (because the kind of shows that I can talk to the screen about a lot are usually enjoyable) but all in all--I still say it was much better when Sam was writing it.

I miss Jack.


This is the SECOND time Starbucks has ignored my instructions about pumpkin spice syrup. The pumpkin spice syrup is the point. I do not often indulge myself as regards money and sweet rich fattening things, and when I do, I expect them to be worth it. This is your last warning, Starbucks: next time I will go back and make you do it over. This is ridiculous.

WHY cannot one search other people's journals for comments containing thus-and-such? I spent forever last night looking for a conversation I had with somebody in Sam's journal, and still haven't found it.

Okay, I still think we should leave eventually, to our own, non-profit organisation, but at least now I don't feel like we need to immediately tie the refrigerator to the top of the car and vamoose.

I will, for future reference, be backing up to JF (and possibly GJ, I haven't made up my mind whether it's worth it since I heard the deletion rumours). I'm elucreh in both places. I'm too lazy to do it now but I'll provide you with links later.
Okay, y'all--

I'm scared.

Everybody will go different places and I'll have to check four flists (which I will never, ever remember to do) and I'll lose people. And communities. And--holy hannah, have you any idea how anally my memories are organised, and all that fic and beautiful, beautiful commentary will just disappear.

*sends hate, hate, hate, hate, hate in the direction of the senders of the apocalypse*


Tell us, specifically, what you have a problem with, and ask us to take it down. We will. We're eager to comply, LJ. This is our home. This place contains our family. We are trying so, so, so hard not to leave our home and scatter to the four winds and forget to keep in touch like my Aunt Nancy who moved to California and never got her invitation to the grandparents' golden wedding anniversary. I grew up here. I like it here. I love the people here. The only site I am reliably on, every single day, is LJ. And I am very, very far from the only one. But if your home is having its foundation washed out from under you, and you aren't allowed to try to fix it, you gotta move. Into a cruddy apartment when two-thirds of your family are going to Asia without you.

Let us fix it. We want to stay where we are.

I'll go back and re-check the flist for who I need to add, y'all. Fortunately, everybody I've seen point has referenced GJ, where I already have an account.

You can find me there under elucreh. Damn it all.

*clings frantically to flist*
Dear Spn/J2 fandom,

I know in the past few days I saw a reference to a community celebrating Jared's birthday. I am sitting outside B&N and really in the mood to love Jared a lot. Can somebody link me to it? I can't recall the handle of the comm for the life of me.

Yours in Jared-solidarity,


Dear RL People,

I know that you either a) think the rest of us are crazy, b) don't get in until like one in the morning on the red-eye from New York, or c) are being forced to sell people cosmetics two hours away before you can get down here. However, um...I love you a lot? I forgot to go buy myself dinner and water before setting up, and am now hugely paranoid that the second I leave someone else will show up and claim my place, and I want the "number one spot" wristband to frame and hang next to my Nicolson's napkin almost as much as I want Ginny to NOT BE INVOLVED IN THE FINAL BATTLE IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER. (Please, dear JK.) So if any of you could be moved to pity me enough to either come hold my place or come take my credit card away from me and purchase my dinner for me, I will totally buy you dinner too.

Yours in hunger,


Dear LJ/SixApart/THEMAN,

When I asked my flist not to be asshats, I was talking to you, too. I realise you don't have me friended back, and that I was actually talking about spoilers, but still? Request stands.

Also, picking this weekend? Incredibly low blow.

Yours in disgust,


P.S. Have you NOTICED YET that every time you do this people stop purchasing things from you? Has that GIVEN YOU A CLUE yet? I was considering a permanent account--me! the extremely broke!--right up until Strikethrough. STOP PUSHING YOUR LIMITS, will you please, if we have to relocate we'll lose people and communities again.
Changed my layout again...and I think I'll be keeping this one for awhile. YAY for finally finishing it!
I've spent two days perfecting the size and graphic for my new layout and now I'm pretty sure I don't like it. *sigh*

Back to the drawing board...
Hey, I changed my layout!

And get used to this icon, y'all, 'cause I finally took the plunge and changed my default. (I hope people still recognise me...)

Also, ten zillion thankyous to [livejournal.com profile] lina_granger, who solved my problems.

My layout--despite being a labor of sweat and blood and bloody sweat--ROCKS.
Okay, why is it that the instructions to change my LJ layout tell me nothing whatever?

Why is there no useful information??

ETA: It is SIX IN THE MORNING. I GIVE UP. I apologise to all visitors to my journal.
I haven't YET posted about this, and I'm feeling the urge to do so--

YES, the LJ comment-notification being missing is indeed PISSING ME OFF. Because I'm not sure who is getting what I'm telling them, or what they're saying back. Bah. Humbug.

All the same, I'm doing my best not to blame the support crew. *sigh*



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