Booked a flight for New York City! I will be there May 5th through the morning of the tenth.

Who wants to come hang out with me? I am planning on Gold Motel at LEAST the 6th, to hang out with [ profile] marksykins (who said she would try to keep me from making a fool of myself) and hopefully the 5th, if there is anyone I can talk into going with me?

Anyone? Bueller? You don't have to promise to stop me from acting like an idiot if you don't want to. I mean, I don't think I will do anything TOO huge to embarrass you, and you are welcome to act like you have never seen me before in your life if I do. I won't mind.

Friday through Sunday I am currently free as a bird, there anyone who wants to book my time? I am trying to work out when I can tell RL bestie she can have me...although she is a lovely person and you will all like her, I want to give her a space in which she can plan for things we will do together. ^_^ Especially since it will be HER BIRTHDAY, omg when did we get so old?

(Ex?) bandom people like Rachel and co., I hope to see you all! Maybe even A&K for old times'/tourist sake, if you don't mind? If you would rather not, camping out on someone's couch and converting me to Johnny Weir is MORE than okay, too. (Look, Rachel is writing in it. Rachel could make me want to convert to something with tons of death and drugdealing if she wanted to, because she would make me see the woobie side of the characters.)

I really am never sure who else is IN New York, so sing out! Are you there? Would you like to meet me? I promise I am just as weird in person. Coffee as a low-key, you're-really-only-committing-to-ten-minutes-and-can-then-run-away scenario is perfectly acceptable. ^_^
Item: I love my massage therapist--I truly do--he takes me seriously when I say "I have hideous back issues, please fix them." On the other hand, fixing them involves ENORMOUS AMOUNTS OF PAIN. I always want to write S/M fic after a deep-tissue, because it would reassure me that sometimes people hurt you for good reasons.

Item: I always plan to write and do homework when I come down to my parents', and I have no idea why, because CLEARLY, it never happens. Karla is going to get birthday fic in November.

Item: On the other hand, I just mailed somebody's 2008 Chrismakkuh gift. Perhaps Karla will understand that I am a spazz.

Item: Does anybody have any handy-dandy tips for getting red dye out of cloth? There was an unfortunate incident with Crystal Lite and a carpet. Boiling water has done a lot of good but does not appear likely to do any further good. Suggestions? If I add a teaspoon of vinegar to hot cocoa and shake vigorously, will this help?

Item: LEVERAGE. OT33333333333333333333333333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Although wtf, iTunes, why it took you three days to give me my show, I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THAT.)

Item: The lady who waxed me today was brand-new and apologised after every rip. I kind of wanted to pat her on the head. I've been doing this since I was ten, I promise if the wax was too hot I would say so and that I am prepared for reddened skin.
  • Powwow: Friday was that grand Mormon/Utahn holiday, Pioneer Day. Part of that is an American Indian (or whatever the politically correct term is, CAN ANYONE TELL ME?) Powwow in the city's biggest park. I had to go for my class on that culture.

    • I bought two frogs! They're completely water-dwelling and a little less than the length of my little finger. I will take them to my class of two-year-olds and be hailed as a conquering hero

    • I had a henna design put on my hand and it's SO PRETTY!! I mostly did it because I so badly want my next tattoo and I can't afford it; I was hoping to kill the urge a little. Mostly, however, this has resulted in no less than four remarks on how real tattoos are so tacky/ridiculous/irreligious from various members of my family, which is...not killing my desire for the next one AT ALL. *rebel*

    • I was an idiot about sunscreen and as a result have second-degree burns, complete with blisters and swelling, on my neck and shoulders. So. much. OW.

    • The powwow was really interesting in some ways and really commercialized in others; I think I want to write my reaction paper about the contrast and how it's representative of life for them (as I understand it) now.

  • Family: Friday also was the arrival of my mother's younger brother and sister and their families for a week.

    • This is the side of the family I relate to best, and my favorite aunts to boot. In some ways I'm just really HAPPY to see them and talk to them.

    • In some it's frustrating, though, because dude, I need my weekends. I am not home most of the week! Literally, I work 8-5 and then three nights a week I have class until (or past) my bedtime. I need to bake and do laundry and write and stuff. That's hard to do when you spend all of Saturday driving to family reunions and helping your youngest cousins cheat in hide-n-seek.

    • I keep ficcishing with [ profile] sunsetmog and [ profile] harriet_vane, which is awesome; Niagara Falls elopements and Spencer-the-Mormon-daughter-in-law ftw!

    • I am somehow actually accidentally WRITING and not just ficcishing the desperate!Bden fic which, Idek how that happened

    • I am making major progress on ETW but not posting it in bits anymore because apparently my muse wants to work on the ending and I don't want people to read the ending ending before they read the middle bits, the surprises are important.
My headache is sort of blinding and my everywhere-ache is throbbing but I MUST CARRY ON, so: plans for today are 1) PIZZA, since yesterday the restaurants were closed, 2) a picnic blanket in the field of johnny-jump-ups behind my wee house with 3) notes, assignments, and lecture-recorder (which mostly contains one interview and me babbling to myself about ETW while driving, but whatever) and 4) the books I have to read and write reflective papers on. They also include 5) massive amounts of Advil Sinus and Excedrin, but I am hoping that lots of water and sun will reduce the need for that.

I am going to put on the least possible amount of clothes and soak up the sunshine; if I get all my papers in by Friday AND I WILL, then I will have three days to write my Big Bang in WHICH IS TOTALLY DOABLE, OKAY. (No, actually, it is. I completely wrote two-thirds of Lying Next to Me (~12,000 words) in two days. And I only need ~13,000 on ETW. I don't know whether to be proud or appalled that if I make myself focus, I can totally write that much that fast.)

There is totally a plan. I have lots of time. Everything is coming together. All is well.

...if I repeat it enough it will become true, right?

(Thank heaven for Zack and Spencer being sports-geeky and Brendon singing cereal jingles, that's all I have to say. I swear they got Twitters just to keep me from offing myself in times of stress.)
Random things:

  • You know, Panic has spoiled me for interaction with the WHOLE BAND. I forget that it isn't usual for the guitarist and the bassist to flirt with occasional commentary from the vocalist.

  • [ profile] emilyray has made me crave Singin in the Rain, drat her, and I don't have a copy

  • Castle is AWESOME

  • I got the most fabulous Greta dress--a white eyelet sundress--but...I think I need long hair to pull it off.

  • Nostalgia! I made Chex Muddy Buddies while laundrying and felt nine years old again tossing the bag of powdered sugar

  • I always forget vanilla can go bad and buy too big a bottle *sigh*

  • I want Soccer Roommate to go home for the weekend like Churchy Roommate; I want the house to myself this weekend so I can finish cleaning and do all my papers (OMG ONE WEEK THEN FINALS THEN DONE) with the music up loud and the windows letting in the spring.

  • Tired, but the good tired that means I earned it; I got a lot done today. Tomorrow I'm going to finish my room and at least two papers. The bargain is if I do that I get to order real pizza. I always feel stupid bribing myself, but it seems to work...and if I get all my papers done this weekend then I have TWO WHOLE WEEKS to write the...thirteen thousand words I have left on ETW. *facepalm* I have some really clear ideas, so I still think it's possible, but I don't write them because I HAVE TO GET GOOD GRADES.

  • I love my flist, I don't think I've said that lately.

  • Furthur nostalgia: I have been hunting down the music of my childhood on iTunes, and it suddenly strikes me in a way it never has before that my mother had really eclectic taste. Looking up the songs and "tapes" I remember, they come listed under Folk, Jazz, Musicals, Metal, Religious, Country, and Punk.
Notes from under the pile of academia that is currently my life:

  • Useful skill I can never put on a resume: being able to tell from the water pressure in the locker room showers when someone has flushed the toilet and is about to scald me
  • We have now arrived at the "social competence" sections of two of my classes about child development, and I hate this part, mostly because it makes me sit around thinking about all the things I/myparents/theworld got wrong when I was very young. I am the damn far-reaching consequences my professors are warning about. *pbbbt*
  • People, not capitalising your fics does not make you mysterious or especially literary or whatever it is you are trying to achieve. It merely means that it would take four strong recommendations from people I trust to stop me immediately back-buttoning. The capital letters help me keep track of where on the screen I belong, for one thing.
  • Remind me again why my doctor won't let me have a hysterectomy?
  • I hate how I make myself stress. I am very dumb that way.
  • Mmmm turkey sandwich
  • Jon Walker is getting his hair cut and I am sad because I wanted video from Jo'burg of him playing with the hilarious hair. But happy because I didn't really want him to keep it forever.
I kind of want to sit around and play CSM for all the fandoms I know with all my friends.

Then I remember how I have a ten-page and a three-page paper due tomorrow, and remember how procrastination is a bad thing.


Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to back y'all into a corner, though, if I'm not ded from exhaustion. Just a warning.
  • Item: Friendiest is student-teaching sixth and seventh grade home ec; they are doing a unit on childcare and she asked me to be a guest lecturer. I did one this morning and am going back for the afternoon. I do not know how she does it. It's creepy the way they all, like, actually listen to you! And raise their hands politely and stuff! Most disconcerting thing EVER!!

    They really liked the fingerpainting, though; and I adore how much fun it was to get them to admit they were into "The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything."

    This afternoon, I will do better! I will not ramble so much and also, I will remember to tell them the number one thing I want them to know. *facepalm*

  • Item: Somebody ran over a squirrel in the middle of my street. Its body is squashed flat but its tail is still standing straight up like a little pine tree. It is the saddest thing ever.

  • Item: I think Starbucks is cheating me out of my flavoring. Aside from that, though, I love how competent the baristas here are; they listen to me! And know what they are doing! It's AWESOME!!!

  • Item: I hate the HOME inventory. That is all.

  • Item: all you out there complaining that your stories are too long, I have a big old raspberry for you. But it's an affectionate one! I'm excited for your stories, it's just that my stories have size envy.
So I am back! Computered and happy!

Things that are going on with me:

--LAST SEMESTER OF COMMUNITY COLLEGE FTEFW! I am taking two English classes (bah)-- Business Writing for Dummies (required: write a memo NO I'M NOT KIDDING) and Diverse American Literature--and bowling. The English classes do not start until June. The bowling class is being taught by a very funny old man who has an awesome and very personal and kind teaching method which I thoroughly approve of as a student of "how to teach well" and find extremely stressful on a personal level because...well, largely because I am a freak. All the people in the class smile and make me welcome and I try to pull my shell over my head (literally, we're back to the tension cramps.)

--When elementary school ends, they are sending me to teach in the baby room for my last two months at the preschool where I work. Guys. There are PRACTICAL NEWBORNS in there. I get to watch them grow!

--The first week in June I am attending a Panic concert, going up to my new college to see an advisor, going to Kentucky for the wedding of one of the dearest people in the world, and getting some medical testing done. I am looking forward to all of it but the last, but on the other hand it means that while having fun I can eat whatever the hell I want, because I have to be off my gluten-free diet for the tests to work.

--July is still LONDON BABY, although my teachers are being annoying about letting me know the summer schedule. I can't quite make up my mind whether I want to go back to my work after London or just quit and go and have a month to myself.

--Things in the mail that are awesome: DVDs of my favorite comfort TV show, the T-shirt I designed with Panic stick figures on it, restoration CDs so that I have my laptop back (baby I missed you)

--Things I am writing: the J2 Big Bang that never got very far because of RL swamping me, two Panic stories (one GSF, one Brendon/Ryan that will probably become GSF in the sequel), the John/Bobby

--Things I am editing for friends: one HSM fic that I am thrilled about, one novel that I FOUND OUT YESTERDAY IS GOING TO BE PUBLISHED \o/ because my friends rock

--I got my grades back, and I made an A minus in BOTH classes

Guys, life can be awesome when I put my mind to it.
So my big to-do list last night...completely fails to win in any way, as when I got home my mother was in some kind of huge panic, because she needed me--tonight, omg, can't wait--to scan in and photoshop the pictures going on the invites to my grandparents' golden wedding anniversary.

My computer is in the shop.

I don't have Photoshop.

Fortunately, I have an awesome friend, who is willing to lend his computer to the cause, and is so getting brownies later.

Unfortunately, this took up the two hours I was counting on to finish my editing.

Also, in order to get access to the scanner, I had to promise to let my little brother have the computer I'm sharing until I get mine back until eleven. Which means I completely failed at both my paper and my editing, as I need sleep to not kill small children.

Fortunately, I woke up at a quarter to seven, naturally enough that I think I can avoid grogginess.

Unfortunately, I think I slept with a dead, bleeding skunk in my mouth. *gargles*

...I won't so much be around for today, you guys. I have so much to catch up on that I think my head is going to explode.
My room and I are engaged in an epic battle.

Third Rock from the Sun is in the laptop for thought-engaging purposes, and I am going through drawers, shelves, closets, and more. It's really astounding how much crap I always accumulate in the six months between these insane bouts of the urge for complete organization.

Among other things, I have found: the key to my brothers' car I've been looking for over the past two months; a dragon finger-puppet from an art festival; three really tacky cards (which I will send to my brother-on-a-mission) that I must have bought at least six years ago; pictures of me ages five to nine, in my ballet costumes (Pocahontas and Belle most prominent); the address of the pawnshop preferred by the woman who broke into my car last year; and seven hairbrushes.
Today sucked. I have a long, hard day ahead of me tomorrow, lasting at least eleven hours. Probably without a lunch break.

Is it too much to ask that I not have freaking insomnia??


(ETA: And the most likely cure is a shower and the shower? Is still broken, because the plumber is a twit and fixed it wrong. GAH. I'm too stiff for something constructive and active; too brain-dead to write or read or revise (not that it needs it, I never knew I was so freaking neurotic), nothing I have on my hard drives or on DVD sounds appealing...kill. me. now. WHY ISN'T THE SWIMMING POOL OPEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT??)

(ETA2: I have too much hair. I am going to cut it off. Yes, all of it, dammit, I'm sure I have an attractive skull.)
So: Around four this morning I took two migraine pills that are basically extra-strength Tylenol plus caffeine. Which means that when I arrived at work at six-thirty I was high as a kite--it felt like my arms and legs were floating, not attached to my body, and I was singing "It's a Beautiful Day in the Neightborhood" and stumbling a lot. Luckily, it wore off to just making me feel like I was supposed to be awake just in time for the influx of many thousands of children.

I will mostly be living off these pills until I finish everything I need to...until tomorrow night, probably, which is when my deadline is for catch-up work. I'm hoping I'll build up a bit of an immunity...I need to feel like I'm supposed to be awake, not like I'm not actually connected to the ground.
Really must sleep more. Can't get back into college time-management habits. Brain not functioning well enough to produce paper on responsibilities of media in bringing up children. (That media does this: sad but true.) Should be completing two papers in next half-hour. Instead wistfully contemplating a) sleep b)caffeine c)self-asphyxiation d)dropping out of college to become hermit. Price of real estate terrifically high these days, however...doubt could afford cave in mountains without college education. (Find self in sympathy with Tim in Soap, except have not fathered possessed baby or hiding from Devil Himself in cave previously occupied by bears.)

Cn i hv sm rtln plz? 'll b gd & ly dwn ftr cls. Mk?
So the thing of it is YOU PEOPLE TALK TOO MUCH.

Reunion was wonderful. I love my mother's side of the family. We honestly listen to and connect with one another.

Long meta-me filtered post later.

But OMG...I never realised that having stripped my emergency filter to the essentials, I would need to comment on almost every entry. You will probably be getting comments from days-old posts, everybody...sorry about that!
OMG I cannot check my flist without the ability to open things in tabs. I give up. I'm sorry. I'll try again when I'm home.

I am two days behind. On my EMERGENCY FLIST.

And, tragically? There is no time to catch up. I need to reorganise this filter, and I will do that before I catch up. I should also trim my flist at large, and I will do that, with appropriate apologies, when I have time.

But I won't have time for ages, because, um, hi?

Tonight--TO-NI-YUT--I have to complete my lesson plan in a new curriculuum, because it has to be done before I leave work tomorrow. BECAUSE starting Thursday I am headed to a family reunion up in the mountains. If I try to do anything internety there, I will probably pay for it by having my eyeballs hung from the ceilings on my intestines by my mother. (To be fair, I probably will not want to. This is the side of the family I enjoy spending time with.)

By the time I get back, I will be a week behind.

OMG. I'm so sorry, y'all, please e-mail or text me with anything major.

ETA: Ow. I've got to start swimming laps again, before my back is gone forever.

Also ETA: I knew I shouldn't have let myself do that. But I feel so much better without my flist hanging over my head. And I'm too annoyed with all this job kerfuffle to pay proper attention.
Spending this weekend babysitting, so fly-by-night update before I have to go back:

LUMOS all over my flist! Oh, how I wish I was not broke and could be there! Everybody, call me, send me a postcard, toast me in your alcoholic hazes, and have a fabulous time.

Beth...oh, Beth, my angel, life sucks for you right now. I'm so sorry. You're in my thoughts.

Comments to individual posts later.

Note to self: This family is friendly drunks.
I want to sign up for [ profile] rec50

I can't.

I know I can't.

I'm in the middle of three originals and I'm signed up for a thon and I'm moving in two weeks (OMG TWO WEEKS WHITNEY OMG) and I'm RPing and there's those pesky work and school things...and one of those originals I'm going to Nano with...

I can't.

But I want to.

The Witching Hour is EATING MY BRAIN

I will not be around until I get back

If you need me, I'll be checking my e-mail, but no flisties or chatties for Lu. LU IS GOING TO DIE.



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