So I am in New York!

And [ profile] harriet_vane and [ profile] queenitsy are somehow infinitely more wonderful than expected and yet exactly the people I already knew, which is wonderfully comforting. It's always a little weird to meet people with whom you have discussed corsetry and swan costumes and be all, "Hi, let me sleep on your couch and leave me alone in your house with your innocent cat", but basically last night was just like Gchatting with Rachel while watching BGJW, only now she knows what my CAPSLOCK sounds like. *G* And I did not know [ profile] queenitsy as well before now, but she showed me Big Time Rush and then we sat around for two hours exchanging Fandom Horror Stories, and it is just possible I am in love and wish to never go home again. (BIG TIME RUSH, y'all! The little sister is my favorite little sister EVER! Also it is a live-action cartoon!) I also met [ profile] danacias who is charming, charming, charming.

The Lilycat seems to have accepted me and has claimed my suitcase as her sleeping nest, so that is good, too.

And I got to talk to [ profile] adalanne! And we made plans for her to meet my friends on Friday and then me to meet her friends on Saturday. It is almost like we are grownups who still love our high school friends, or something.

Tonight: GRETA!!! And ADVENTURES WITH PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION THAT RUNS 24 HOURS A DAY! And [ profile] marksykins! I want to live in this city.
Okay, so sometimes a poem can change your whole life.
Booked a flight for New York City! I will be there May 5th through the morning of the tenth.

Who wants to come hang out with me? I am planning on Gold Motel at LEAST the 6th, to hang out with [ profile] marksykins (who said she would try to keep me from making a fool of myself) and hopefully the 5th, if there is anyone I can talk into going with me?

Anyone? Bueller? You don't have to promise to stop me from acting like an idiot if you don't want to. I mean, I don't think I will do anything TOO huge to embarrass you, and you are welcome to act like you have never seen me before in your life if I do. I won't mind.

Friday through Sunday I am currently free as a bird, there anyone who wants to book my time? I am trying to work out when I can tell RL bestie she can have me...although she is a lovely person and you will all like her, I want to give her a space in which she can plan for things we will do together. ^_^ Especially since it will be HER BIRTHDAY, omg when did we get so old?

(Ex?) bandom people like Rachel and co., I hope to see you all! Maybe even A&K for old times'/tourist sake, if you don't mind? If you would rather not, camping out on someone's couch and converting me to Johnny Weir is MORE than okay, too. (Look, Rachel is writing in it. Rachel could make me want to convert to something with tons of death and drugdealing if she wanted to, because she would make me see the woobie side of the characters.)

I really am never sure who else is IN New York, so sing out! Are you there? Would you like to meet me? I promise I am just as weird in person. Coffee as a low-key, you're-really-only-committing-to-ten-minutes-and-can-then-run-away scenario is perfectly acceptable. ^_^
~ Spent most of the day at MusicalGal's, chatting with her, playing with her puppy/dog, and cooking eggs

~While there, asked her to talk me through setting up a Facebook account. I am tired of hearing about people's engagements/babies/lifechanging career moments thirdhand, four weeks later. Heaven only knows how likely I am to check it, but there. Facebook. I has it. *pokes it suspiciously*

~Also while there, FELT THE BABY KICK ME HELLO. Hi, Chord! You exist!

~Took MiddleBro out for dinner/movie, as arranged (I am bribing him to come help me move Talkative tomorrow because we have only one person with actual muscle tone.)

~In a fenderbender. Completely not my fault--the guy slammed his breaks, it was slick. However, A) I got ticketed, which will hurt my insurance rates and seriously damage my prospects of getting a good nanny job (damndamndamndamndamndamnDAMN) and B) I think I bruised a kidney. Seriously.

~Chile's has severely downsized their glutenfree menu, including removing my comfort soup. Grrr.

~Saw Percy Jackson. I've never read the books, but I WILL NOW. That was much, MUCH more awesome than it had any right to be. The satyr made the whole film.
So one of the nanny agencies I am signed with? They came up with a family almost perfect for me. They live HERE. Which means that I could maybe stick around the summer for my godson to be born and get SPOILED ROTTEN by me. (I am so TORN, y'all. I so badly need money, and would like to try living somewhere that is NOT HERE, especially if it is near people I am dying to meet, but...the BABY. He is coming in July and how can I not be here for that? Of course, this is probably largely moot anyway because nobody has offered me a job.)

So naturally I was very excited and flailed a lot and sent them a very proper and enthusiastic and professional cover letter, targeting the concerns they had named in their listing, etc. etc.

And then I realised my internet had been lying to me about not connecting, so I had in fact sent them my very professional message, uh. Six times. *FACEPALM*


~Intelligent, good-looking boys who compliment me on my alliteration (literally, how cute is that?)

~Jeeves and I have achieved naptime detente! Also his mum and I have discussed expanding our possibilities for morning activities which is nice.

~Wooster is totally blissed out by his swing.

~I am writing about Shane and Brendon going to Disneyland with the Uries

~Maybe the nice family will forgive me? The nice thing about working for people privately is they are more likely to be forgiving of unprofessionalism like...well, like mine
I am remarkably happy, for a day so filled with disasters. Mostly I feel this says deep and probably unflattering things about how sunk I am in Hermione syndrome.

Item: left for work late, as roommate had parked behind my car again and had to be wakened and made to move her car.

Item: then, LOST ON THE WAY to work, actually arrived twenty-five minutes late, and had forgotten phone so could not tell employer that I was coming

Item: both boys sick (one, nasty cold; one, ear infection; I am thinking they need journal nicks) and therefore cranky, petulant, and unhappy, which last is worst. I hate it when there's nothing I can do to help. Also, this coincided with the two-week "where are the boundaries" period, which is ALWAYS FUN. Not.

Item: in moment of COMPLETE IDIOCY, I was making mac 'n' cheese for their lunch and tested it for tenderness by EATING TWO NOODLES. *facepalm* I have had trace amount encounters--which were bad enough, leaving me tired and achy for a week or two--but haven't actually deliberately eaten gluten in a year and a half; you would not BELIEVE the heartburn, I can't swallow water without wanting to die. I am not looking forward to the next two or three weeks.

Item: today was my Basic English class, which annoys me because, hi, I know what metaphors are and why they are important. (It's req'd, that's why I'm in it.) Also, teacher, you don't start by asking for general impressions; start with the questions you can reasonably expect answers to, and then ask if anybody noticed anything we haven't covered. They are nervous and unsure of themselves! Give them questions they are sure they know how to answer before trying to get them to explore! DUH. Scaffolding, dude. It works with preschoolers; it works with sort-of grownups.

On the other hand, being in a basics course means lots of opportunity to raise my hand and offer an opinion that knocks all but three people out of the water. This is what I mean by Hermione syndrome. I like it even BETTER when there are people of my caliber there to bounce off of--one girl shows promise--but the opportunity to SHARE IDEAS and TALK ABOUT WORDS is always pretty much the best time ever. I like my teacher, actually--he is very amusingly earnest, but he is pulling hard to believe that everybody in our class is intelligent and enthusiastic, and to teach things that interesting, so that's something, at least.

Also, my brilliant-beyond-brilliant baking powder theory has been proven in the case of gluten-free semi-dinner-rolls, so I am smug. And dripping with pomegranate honey.
Lo, I have a laptop again, and it is good!

Disconcerting, though. For one thing, it feels very large and stiff (*cough*) compared to my weebaby netbook, and for another, it restored my last Firefox tabs and I found myself wondering why [ profile] foxxcub was discovering the story about the pelvis nerve again.

But now I can type the way my fingers were meant to type, and watch DVDs without connecting the drive to my tiiiiiny computer by a ten-inch cord, and SYNC MY IPOD WITH GRETA'S NEW MUSIC, AND AND AND.

I miiiiissssssed you, laptop!
My face still hates me--I can't follow a whole train of thought because I get distracted from how my sinuses feel like there is AN INVISIBLE GIANT PUSHING ON MY FACE--and today was very lazy. I frittered away a morning re-reading holiday fics (next up: Star Shaped; I would put Lying Next to Me on my list except that it is mine and I wind up skimming bits of it for typos about once a month and the holiday feeling has worn off; I re-read Thereafter You Have It instead, which is technically a Christmas fic because it covers, like, more than a year and THERE IS TOTALLY CHRISTMAS SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE THERE; and of course I include elf!Brendon) and spent the afternoon shopping with Friendiest for Christmas gifts.

Then I came home and fussed at the jewelry I am making for my mother's gift and watched more of The West Wing, which, y'all, all of you who told me that when Sorkin doesn't lose his mind and start writing pure crap (GIP, in honor of this statement) he is a genius? I believe you all the way now. Can I marry C.J.? Or Abby? Or Josh? I'm sure we can get around the part where they are fictional characters.

And then I took a bath with special clogged-sinuses bath salts and started re-reading Rose in Bloom, because Friendiest and I watched Little Women a couple of nights ago and I'm on an Alcott kick. Subtle-as-a-brick moralizing and all, I really kind of love that she was a feminist in her own way and that she thought marriage should be about equal partners and she was trying to make people take their girls out of corsets and eat porridge.

Rambling because, see above, sick: apparently I ramble when I am upset in my mind or in my body, which is news--the body part, I mean, I've always known I ramble when I am upset in the head. Sorry about that.

I would like to especially mention that I love Spencer and Brendon, and I love the people who spent all yesterday and today e-mailing me about college fic and "we"s. I love that I am in a fandom where we do that.
Bad things about today:

- Woke up feeling like crap. Coughing, brow- and cheekbones solid block of pain, throat sore, aching aaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllll over.

- Suddenly realised I mixed up my drawn_to deadline with a different Important Date; have four days less to finish than I thought I did. Heh.

- My stereo has died

- My computer's disc drive is now refusing to work

- The job I thought I did so INCREDIBLY WELL in the interview for? Were supposed to call me yesterday. Did not call me yesterday. Which means A) I have to call them on Monday and B) I probably did not get the job. (I should stop tempting fate.)

- Weather prevented Talkative and Greekboy from coming up to play this weekend

Good things about today:

+ Saw a young!Patrick twin--including belly and a hat!--at the store while purchasing enough decongestant and Vaporub to choke a beluga

+ Appointment to play with Friendiest later today (even though probably I will wuss out and say, "Come drink hot chocolate and watch chick flicks, I have no energy", still, FRIENDIEST!!! I miss her)

+ ...that's it, actually. *sigh*

Bring on the medication and WriteorDie! I can power through this!
Yesterday there was a snow FLURRY around here, so thanks to each and every one of you; it was a fabulous start to my finals week. ^_^
Gifts between me and my parents are fraught for many reasons; complicated and emotional and probably very boring to all of you out there.

However, I do get one gift a year that is just me: pure self-indulgence. My grandparents write me a check for my birthday, and I give myself permission to buy whatever I want to buy. This has, in the past, included books, fanart, jewelry, and DVD sets, but they were all things that I just wanted, and which were for pure pleasure.

This year, I built a bear.

I still think the franchise idea is cool, if way overpriced, even though it is totally a cliche thing to do now. And I've wanted to make a character bear ever since one of my friends built a Dr. House, but I couldn't think of someone I was interested in investing the money in who would be easily created with their ready-made stuff (after all, it's not like they have SGA uniforms.)

But just recently, I started watching NCIS, and I fell head over tumultuous heels for darling, darling, awesome ABBY, and now I have an Abby of my VERY OWN. She has long dark ears with ponytail holders, and a black shirt with a glittery red design, and a red skirt. My only regret is that she's impossible to tattoo.

She's the perfect size for snuggling, and she's an amazing comfort in this time of stress.

Y'all: it's stupidly incredible how happy I am about this bear.

And then I came home, and in a Pride picspam, I saw this bit of awesomeness:

cut for image )

So today there was a storytelling festival in my Tiny College Town, and I went for class, but also because I love storytelling.

It's TINY, but they got someone deservedly famous to come and lead a workshop/perform, and also I won second place in a Liar's Contest with a story about a space alien.

...I don't know whether winning at being a liar is more disturbing than winning with a story about an alien, but I'm okay with second place considering you were supposed to sign up two days in advance and I only decided to do it five minutes into the second performance. :-P

I kind of needed today, it's been a baaaaaaaaaaaaaad week.
I have done amazing things to two old pieces of clothing I never wear to create a fabulous costume. I'm going to add some beads and sparkly things, and maybe pin some leaves to it, plus make a crown of autumn leaves and wear lots of bright makeup and I will be the loveliest autumn dryad EVER.

I'm happy with my life. I'm excited about my classes and maybe-flirting with a cute boy and in a fandom I love and actually getting along okay with my family. My second family of old friends are actually more available than usual, and I feel like I can ask to play with them. My roommates are cooperative and adorable in a baby-kittens way. I'm eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly.

...why, exactly, I'm still having trouble getting out of bed and tired all the time and all the rest of it, I don't know and would like to find out. Presumably it means I need different meds, because this is depression even though there is no cause for depression. Or it might be the fibromyalgia really getting a grip; I have a lot more aches and pains than I used to. But I would like it to stop, whatever it is.

IN OTHER NEWS: I was trying to downsize my mother's applesauce recipe to be A) makeable in individual portions B) within a half-hour space C) by small children with supervision, for my Preschool Methods class. Originally, I bought six apples for experimenting. This morning, in the depths of despair, I returned to the grocery store and bought two dozen. I promptly discovered what I had been doing wrong and now have twenty-two apples.

...There will be a lot of apple-eating in my future. I'm also considering giving apples to my teachers and hoping they're amused, or something, because LOTS OF APPLES. ^_^
--I chiropracted myself, which sometimes happens accidentally, and I'm sad that by morning I'll be out of alignment again

--I notice that if I go between four and seven, there are a lot more maintaining-their-fantastic-shapes girls in matching jogging outfits who have guys in tight muscle shirts leaning up on their equipment saying things like, "So who are you?" and "Looks like you're doing good" in that way I sort of thought only happened when sitcom characters were trying to be suave. Early in the morning or late at night there are more people who look like they exercise for their health and wear old t-shirts. I don't really mind either way, because fitting in is nice but watching people flirt is highly amusing

--I want to perfect my playlist, but there are actually a lot of awesome songs with the right beat and that makes picking difficult; however, it would end in "We Believe in Barack Obama" and Panic's cover of "Shout." It would probably start with "Follow Me Down", because that song is better than coffee for jumpstarting.

--I remembered socks! This is notable because it has been like, a week since I remembered to take socks.
Things that are nice, but weird: having a conversation with someone outside fandom, but not having to explain what fandom is. I don't mean, like, people who are cousins to fandomers--geeks, nerds, gamers, etc.--but somebody genuinely unconnected with it.

I started to explain the topic I want to do for my final project in my folklore class, and I started out with, "I'm a member of this, sort of, subculture? On the internet. That's based around being a fan of something--"

And she said, "Oh, fandom?"

And I was like, *blinkblinkblink*, "Uh, yeah. Sorry, you just cut about five minutes out of my explanation of the project."

(Speaking of the project, in a couple of weeks, I may abuse all of my friendships with you and ask you to pimp a post for me. But I need a little more info on how to structure it first.)
I know this is on your flist ten thousand times.

I don't care EVEN A LITTLE BIT.

(Okay...sorry to the people who neither know nor care who those boys are. But everybody else...I am fully aware you are just glad of the chance to squeal for the ten millionth time.)

ETA: Sorry, y'all, I put the wrong location in the first time

*collapses on collective bosom of flist, crying tears of joy*

I missed youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

I have to go bask in having my umbilical cord again, excuse me.

ETA: Well, technically I am actually going to sleep, because my eyes do not want to be open. But tomorrow I will bask.
I would just like to point out that Greta drinks--and I'm quoting, here--"giggle water."

Is it any wonder she's my favorite?

No news of a book coming out has EVER made me more excited. Even the news of ORDER OF THE PHEONIX only made me just AS excited. And I hate zombies. But THESE BOOKS ROCK SO MANY SOCKS, O. M. G. I am so, so, so, so, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bouncy and gleeful right now I can hardly sit still!



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