Lo, I have a laptop again, and it is good!

Disconcerting, though. For one thing, it feels very large and stiff (*cough*) compared to my weebaby netbook, and for another, it restored my last Firefox tabs and I found myself wondering why [livejournal.com profile] foxxcub was discovering the story about the pelvis nerve again.

But now I can type the way my fingers were meant to type, and watch DVDs without connecting the drive to my tiiiiiny computer by a ten-inch cord, and SYNC MY IPOD WITH GRETA'S NEW MUSIC, AND AND AND.

I miiiiissssssed you, laptop!
I hate how adapting my resume to appeal to offices and retail places means CUTTING MORE THAN HALF OF IT OUT.

I have a very specialized skill set. It's not that part of that skill set isn't transferable--multitasking, organization, communication, etc.--it's just that I have so much MORE to offer a childcare position. There's no point in telling somebody who wants a secretary that I aced my Teaching Art and Music class, for example.

Item: I love my massage therapist--I truly do--he takes me seriously when I say "I have hideous back issues, please fix them." On the other hand, fixing them involves ENORMOUS AMOUNTS OF PAIN. I always want to write S/M fic after a deep-tissue, because it would reassure me that sometimes people hurt you for good reasons.

Item: I always plan to write and do homework when I come down to my parents', and I have no idea why, because CLEARLY, it never happens. Karla is going to get birthday fic in November.

Item: On the other hand, I just mailed somebody's 2008 Chrismakkuh gift. Perhaps Karla will understand that I am a spazz.

Item: Does anybody have any handy-dandy tips for getting red dye out of cloth? There was an unfortunate incident with Crystal Lite and a carpet. Boiling water has done a lot of good but does not appear likely to do any further good. Suggestions? If I add a teaspoon of vinegar to hot cocoa and shake vigorously, will this help?

Item: LEVERAGE. OT33333333333333333333333333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Although wtf, iTunes, why it took you three days to give me my show, I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THAT.)

Item: The lady who waxed me today was brand-new and apologised after every rip. I kind of wanted to pat her on the head. I've been doing this since I was ten, I promise if the wax was too hot I would say so and that I am prepared for reddened skin.

*collapses on collective bosom of flist, crying tears of joy*

I missed youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

I have to go bask in having my umbilical cord again, excuse me.

ETA: Well, technically I am actually going to sleep, because my eyes do not want to be open. But tomorrow I will bask.
So apparently it isn't Twitter's fault I'm only getting half the updates sent to my phone...it's my phone's fault. How do I know this? My sister just called to yell at me because I hadn't answered like, four texts.

So, hi, especially RL people? I may have missed some stuff.
Ded of packing. Tomorrow will catch up on flist, but haven't in two days so SEVERE skimmage, fair warning. Let's not talk about realising halfway down the mountain that I hadn't cleared out the freezer. *facepalm*

Can anyone tell me why the first time I clicked the "post entry" link it took me to a page that was blank except for a pink icon about blowjobs?
See, the plan was: almost-finish packing on Friday, drive down with a carload to babysit younger sibs while parents/oldest younger sib are out of town for a wedding, then come back down and finish packing today. Tonight, my dad was supposed to come up with a borrowed trailer and haul all my crap down the mountain. (Doing this twice a year is, unbelievably, cheaper and less hassle than renting a storage unit, because I live in a tiny college town that knows their principles of supply and demand.)

BUT my dad called on Saturday and was all, "So, business trip. Can't be there till Thursday."

  • The things I took down on my own were clothes, because I could lift them on my own; I still had about half the dresser left to pack. Which means that I currently have available to me: four pairs of pants, six bras, all of my pajamas, and the silk Brazilian things I don't dare wear in public without a) being covered in plastic wrap to protect them and b) the strapless bra that is not among the bras I still have here. And the one shirt I drove back in last night. I'M NOT SMART, OKAY, I FORGOT I WOULD NEED TO WEAR THINGS.

  • OMG. All the classes I want to take are taught in alternate years, and ALL OF THEM are not being taught until the year AFTER next. I ran to my advisor in a panic and I THINK I am going to be okay, but O.M.G. fr srs, IS COLLEGE NEVER GOING TO END???? I was hoping to GRADUATE next spring!!! (That hope is now dead, FYI.)

  • I have no web at home and no real desire to sit here pretending that I am not talking about how adorable Brendon Urie is in the school computer labs, so I will be checking in once a day and probably only commenting v.v.v. occasionally. Most posts that I would jump in and say something encouraging or ask a silly question or whatever I am skipping over--and I'm kind of skimming anyway, may miss something important, so PLEASE e-mail me if you seriously need my attention. I do get e-mail on my phone, so it will be more immediate.

  • I ate all my groceries on purpose, and am now trying to figure out whether I can live on the dry goods I intended to take down and maybe half a gallon of milk. WITHOUT cooking anything, because it was the roommate-who-already-left's job to do the kitchen, and I do not want to have to redo the sparkling job she did.

  • Greta is hanging out w/ Panic in L.A. and I am going to die of joy. HI PRETTY GIRL, I SEE YOU THERE.
The Apple support forums consider the abbreviation WTF to be obscene enough to be replaced with asterisks.

It's almost amusing enough to save me from being murderously irritated by iTunes.

Not quite, but almost.
I am trying to merge several MP3s into one long file because my iPod has issues with multi-chaptered podfics.

Can anyone recommend a program? I'm willing to pay. I tried a free program recommended by an advice site, and discovered that it was four copies of each file into the long one without sorting them: Part1Part1Part1Part1Part2Part2Part2Part2 etc.

I missed posting birthday wishes yesterday due to be kidnapped by my sister and then the web being out last night, but I want to say to my [livejournal.com profile] wildebeth:

I hope your day rocked, and your life only gets better from here on out. I love you, love you, love you.
Okay: you people talk a lot, and if the web isn't back up when I get home I will LITERALLY. CRY.
Greetings from Perdita! Who is definitely without a lot of chocolate.

She's light! She's pretty! AND...

she's already having software problems. CURSE YOU, VISTA!! Magrat couldn't have failed BEFORE this stupid operating system came into effect? *grumblegrumble*
So physically? Still having trouble with dizziness, insomnia's been back for nearly three weeks, and I have a frog the size of Nantucket in my throat.

You know what?


Know why? My laptop failed for the very. last. time.

YES!!! They finally had to admit it was a lemon! Tomorrow I am going to go and find a beautiful shiny REPLACEMENT laptop! I am SO EXCITED!

We finally moved onto software I don't know in my Digital Media.

I am already in love. I think I'm going to be starving for a little while...it's so pretty and so versatile and HOW have I been surviving in Windows Movie Maker? *gives shudder of distaste* It's like asking me to go back to living on Hershey's kisses when I've been given a taste of Swiss chocolates.

I am actually caught up with my flist. You may now all die of shock.

Our web was down for four days, and my laptop battery suddenly decided that it didn't like being used a power source and would rather do a rather impressive method acting study of stonehood.

I was at skip=150 when I started catching up last night, and got up to fifty before I had to sleep. I then was back to skip=100.

It's the first week of the semester, and it has sucked. I think I've fixed that by diddling with my schedule, though. Am very, very busy, nonetheless.

Will do reveals of my holiday fic...at some point. *sigh*

Really need to finish my stupid anonython fic. It is fighting me EVERY STEP. Stupid muse.

Send doughnuts. Love to all.
Currently in Utah's excuse for a "web cafe"--three computers at a counter you have to stand up to, which cannot access Yahoo!Mail.


Why can't I live in a sufficiently advanced technological society to drink hot chocolate and Y!M while seated?

Waiting to go see Hitchhiker's again...this time with the other part of the gang, so it should be a blast and a half. Seeing this with Amy (who'll be seeing this for the first time) will be a treasure. I love watching movies...especially movies like this...with my friends.

Power to the inside jokers and the laugh-alouders. May we always be able to afford tickets, and may they always be in the same theatre.

*vigorous kicking of the computer*

I can't get it to connect to the web! At all! I was supposed to be caught up on the Leaky and AG and sending Padma salsa dancing and writing Molly/Arthur with Rilla and I CAN'T GET THE STUPID COMPUTER TO CONNECT TO THE WEB.

At the library now...have caught up on flist, but on nothing else, so I send grovelings to everybody that I'm missing.

Pray for the computer! It needs prayers!
Dangit! I thought I knew how to make screencaps, but it's doing something danged funny instead....


Am techno-fool. Give me precise, step-by-step instructions for getting screencaps out of Windows Media Player, or alternatively for making Windows Video Clips play in PowerDVD and then getting screencaps out of PowerDVD, or alternatively recommend me a good program that will play Windows Video Clips, make screencaps, and download for free?

I have no clue what I am doing! And I desperately want to make a Black Books moodtheme! HELP!!!!!!

Tried to settle in and plot last night and the computer went down. When I got it back up, it refused to connect. *glares darkly*

RL stuff )

I can now LJ code my entries without even thinking about it, which is a moment of quiet pride for me, as it took me forever to learn.
Go here. And let me say, thank you, God. Amen.

MY WEB ACCESS IS CUT. Now the computer has been dismantled and taken to the new house, but not set up because the desk is not there yet.

Leaky people, [livejournal.com profile] ellensmithee especially, PLEASE E-MAIL ME. I don't know how long it'll take me to get proper web access with Y!M. We may have to write it turn about and then post it in one big post, but I WILL reply and participate.

Job good, moving chaotic, Lu tired.



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