If 3rd Rock from the Sun was recast with Panic at the Disco, CLEARLY, Spencer would be Tommy.

Almost as clearly, Ryan would be Dick.

Brendon is Sally.

Jon is Harry.

I think William Beckett is Mary Albright, which frightens me on a number of levels.

ETA: in case you couldn't tell, I am veryveryveryveryvery stressed. And my brain hates me.
ITEM: Interesting (just to me, probably) update: I prefer my spice bar-muffins with sweet potato over having them with pumpkin.

ITEM: Starting to worry I actually tore something in my lower back. That's not good, correct?

ITEM: There is a freckled surfer boy in my Storytelling class, and I think we're flirting. He has actual muscles, and enjoys mountain biking. I BLAME SPENCER AND BRENDON, OKAY. It's kind of freaking me out! Not necessarily in a bad way, just in a wow-this-is-new way. I mean, expanding your horizons is awesome and stuff, just...I'm not quite sure what to do with this.

ITEM: Hey, I already have a bunny in my WiP folder that works for my Christmas fic fest assignment! This makes me happy on indecent levels.

ITEM: I have lost the page of the syllabus that tells me my professor's office hours. That CAN'T be good, considering I am doing a really weird project and need to talk it through with her.

ITEM: A lot of people are having a sucky time: HUGS TO YOU, OKAY
Hit a roadblock in my H/C fic that is kind of making me want to cry. I should go for a walk or something, but I already had to do class and stuff and I want to be DONE. I think I'm blocked because I'm stressing about it, but it's really not helping me NOT BE BLOCKED to know that.

Possibly it is because I went around saying, "It's almost done, I'm so excited!" Let that teach me to be an optimist.

  • Powwow: Friday was that grand Mormon/Utahn holiday, Pioneer Day. Part of that is an American Indian (or whatever the politically correct term is, CAN ANYONE TELL ME?) Powwow in the city's biggest park. I had to go for my class on that culture.

    • I bought two frogs! They're completely water-dwelling and a little less than the length of my little finger. I will take them to my class of two-year-olds and be hailed as a conquering hero

    • I had a henna design put on my hand and it's SO PRETTY!! I mostly did it because I so badly want my next tattoo and I can't afford it; I was hoping to kill the urge a little. Mostly, however, this has resulted in no less than four remarks on how real tattoos are so tacky/ridiculous/irreligious from various members of my family, which is...not killing my desire for the next one AT ALL. *rebel*

    • I was an idiot about sunscreen and as a result have second-degree burns, complete with blisters and swelling, on my neck and shoulders. So. much. OW.

    • The powwow was really interesting in some ways and really commercialized in others; I think I want to write my reaction paper about the contrast and how it's representative of life for them (as I understand it) now.

  • Family: Friday also was the arrival of my mother's younger brother and sister and their families for a week.

    • This is the side of the family I relate to best, and my favorite aunts to boot. In some ways I'm just really HAPPY to see them and talk to them.

    • In some it's frustrating, though, because dude, I need my weekends. I am not home most of the week! Literally, I work 8-5 and then three nights a week I have class until (or past) my bedtime. I need to bake and do laundry and write and stuff. That's hard to do when you spend all of Saturday driving to family reunions and helping your youngest cousins cheat in hide-n-seek.

    • I keep ficcishing with [livejournal.com profile] sunsetmog and [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane, which is awesome; Niagara Falls elopements and Spencer-the-Mormon-daughter-in-law ftw!

    • I am somehow actually accidentally WRITING and not just ficcishing the desperate!Bden fic which, Idek how that happened

    • I am making major progress on ETW but not posting it in bits anymore because apparently my muse wants to work on the ending and I don't want people to read the ending ending before they read the middle bits, the surprises are important.
The more my school and my BBB stress me out, the more I yearn to write the surrogate!Greta story. It was just idle speculation originally, but I think I'm going to. It will be the OT3 schmoopy fluff that I promised myself as a reward.

P.S. Sorry for all the spammage; I am very bored with this paper and keep distracting myself.

If I recast Hello, Dolly with

Ryan as Cornelius Hackle
Spencer as Barnaby
Jon as Irene
Brendon as Minnie



...on a scale of one to ten, how good is the crack I'm on?
IDK, y'all, this story is sort of springing from my head fully formed.

Brendon/Shane! Epic misunderstandings! (And I mean really, really epic.) Fake boyfriends who don't know they are fake! Real boyfriends who don't know they are real! Snarky band members! Scene queens!

They're very DIY; this makes me want to write about Jon working in Home Depot and Brendon suddenly discovering a need to remodel his entire house when he goes in to buy a lightbulb.

Also, Jon, your shoe dilemma makes me laugh endlessly, just so you know.
You know you're a bandomer when:

You see a guy riding a unicycle, and all you can think is OMG BRENDON ON A UNICYCLE!!

(It's totally going into the daredevil fic, btw.)

I have lots of school whining to do but am refraining till I have home internet. (SOON, PLEASE GOD.)

Brendon's magical tiara which fixes things

...valid plot bunny? Or INSANITY GIVEN VOICE?
While I was in Kentucky, there was a Clueless marathon on the hotel TV, and having never seen it, I watched it whilst doing other things with my hands. I quite liked it--more than I thought I would--and it inspired me to rewatch Emma with my mother tonight.

Do you know how clearly bandom has taken over my brain?

I immediately began to rewrite it as an AU.

But think about it! It's perfect!

Ryan is the vain young star! Spencer is his oldest friend whose opinion he trusts above all others! Brendon is his dorky friend who is in love with a laid-back weed farmer named Jon, when Ryan tries to set him up with a slimeball (idk, any ideas?). Pete is the glamorous, arrogant, flashy guy who motivates Ryan to be mean trying to impress him, but secretly is engaged to a quiet, polite young man who is very musically talented!

Somebody tell me it would be crazy to write a story in a fandom I barely know?

Especially when I already have an epic eating my brain?

Thank you for your assistance.
I love the new Jen interview, of course, but its main effect seems to have been making me want to insert bathroom wall writings into my freaking fic.

Can anybody tell me how my silly, cracky little J2 bunny is somehow turning into an EPIC?

It has MULTIPLE. CHAPTERS. And it is all serious and full of flangst. And also Sandy was supposed to be the PoV character and instead she hasn't even SHOWN UP yet.

Lordee, somebody tell me that the writers of the "Sick 'Verse" and its sister-fics intended them to be that long...
Dear muse,

No. No, it has not escaped my notice that now--when I have to create an elaborate costume and read three thousand, three hundred and forty-one pages (yes, yes I had to type that out; yes, indeed, it was to make a point) within the next ten-day period--now you decide to let loose two enormously ferocious bunnies for three fandoms (none of which have anything to do with the fandom I'm trying to center myself in so that my final experience will be as rich as possible).

Yes, I am entirely aware that by the time I finish these things, or even have enough of them done to let myself write, you will have caught the bunnies and doped them up, because you are their tamer and I am a mere humble circus owner, who cannot be involved in the creation of art except by developing ulcers. Yes, I know that these great works of art will suck because I am placing my priorities over your whims.

Yes, I did know you hated me before, but did you really have to make it quite so plain?

Your devoted prisoner,

So, I had the blinding revelation that hey, Reversathon's due in a little over a week. *duh*

I've made a few weak starts before, but nothing's really clicked. (Not to worry, mod, this is totally typical of my process.) I panicked.

I started brainstorming in earnest, and in the middle of this I fell asleep (update on workday from hell later.)

Actually, I frequently do this on purpose, brainstorming and then falling asleep--at least three fic plots have been realised for me by presenting me with Technicolor pictures. So, really, a good thing.

And I dreamed all right. Three of the plots I was thinking of, and about seven I wasn't (half of which were not, in fact, Harry Potter, but were Stargate: Atlantis instead) tumbled through my head, most of them logical, some of them great ideas, four or five actually fitting what I need to do for my Reversathon assignment.


In EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE DREAMS, the main characters were played by Jared and Jensen. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. I don't mean, you know, a Jsquared AU or anything, I mean the actors were playing the characters in my film-dreams.

Jared, surprisingly, makes a great Snape. And Jensen's wry John Sheppard is priceless. Make of that what you will.
I had intended to post this pre-Supernatural, but got out of my meeting late, so had to run in and watch immediately.

But, see, I had a staff meeting tonight...probably a pretty important one, all things considered...and I totally couldn't concentrate. Between the fact that I got my Seanan's CD sampler, the finale was tonight and my stomach was all in knots, and--God help me--I was seized by a rabid Sorcery and Cecilia-verse fic bunny (which, hello, no one will read, because there is no fandom, and probably what fandom there is will not be interested in slash, but OMG James/Thomas OTP, and if you don't believe me go back and read that first section of Grand Tour.)

CLEARLY boring staff meetings would be greatly improved if everyone was, like me, focused on entirely different matters instead.
"Heart"-based little fic thing. *begs for feedback*

Title: Absolutely
Author: [livejournal.com profile] elucreh
Pairing: Sam/Madison; Sam/Dean implied
Rating: PG (for this part, at least)
Summary: There's messing with Sam and then there's cockblocking, and Dean wants Sam to get naked and dirty--Sam deserves it, he's been going through a lot of shit lately.



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