There is the whole rest of my fabulous trip to report on, including Greta (GRETA!) and arranging to marry [ profile] queenitsy, but I am terribly sick (hey, Rachel, Becky? Apparently IT WAS NOT THE CAT) and want to do nothing but drink codeine and sleep.

I have also my entire life to unpack into my parents' house (bleh) for the summer, but all the big strong men who are supposed to help me haul things are also sick, so right now there is a horse trailer in my driveway and I get to rest and feel better. *sleepy smile*


(P.S. Shane, I love you. Please take pictures of Brendon forever. Yrs, Lu)

(P. P. S. Rachel, CNN was in the background at the doctor's office and I heard "Miss America contest" and immediately thought JOHNNY WEIR. You are evil and I love you.)
Booked a flight for New York City! I will be there May 5th through the morning of the tenth.

Who wants to come hang out with me? I am planning on Gold Motel at LEAST the 6th, to hang out with [ profile] marksykins (who said she would try to keep me from making a fool of myself) and hopefully the 5th, if there is anyone I can talk into going with me?

Anyone? Bueller? You don't have to promise to stop me from acting like an idiot if you don't want to. I mean, I don't think I will do anything TOO huge to embarrass you, and you are welcome to act like you have never seen me before in your life if I do. I won't mind.

Friday through Sunday I am currently free as a bird, there anyone who wants to book my time? I am trying to work out when I can tell RL bestie she can have me...although she is a lovely person and you will all like her, I want to give her a space in which she can plan for things we will do together. ^_^ Especially since it will be HER BIRTHDAY, omg when did we get so old?

(Ex?) bandom people like Rachel and co., I hope to see you all! Maybe even A&K for old times'/tourist sake, if you don't mind? If you would rather not, camping out on someone's couch and converting me to Johnny Weir is MORE than okay, too. (Look, Rachel is writing in it. Rachel could make me want to convert to something with tons of death and drugdealing if she wanted to, because she would make me see the woobie side of the characters.)

I really am never sure who else is IN New York, so sing out! Are you there? Would you like to meet me? I promise I am just as weird in person. Coffee as a low-key, you're-really-only-committing-to-ten-minutes-and-can-then-run-away scenario is perfectly acceptable. ^_^

Are there any virtual gifts I can give you that will persuade you to go see the HUSHIES on Saturday and tell me EVERYTHING ABOUT IT?

(Will all of them be there? Chris or no Chris? Are they happy together? IS BOB'S NEW BAND REALLY CALLED DEBATE TEAM OR HAS HE JOINED ONE?)
~ITEM: my favorite former babysitting clients are really just amazingly awesome people. I did not properly appreciate it at the time, but they found me on Facebook and are all joining groups that are pro-human rights and talking about soccer season and I'm, I bet we could have been friends if I wasn't so incredibly socially handicapped. I'm glad they found me!

~ITEM: it's weird to go to library storytime and only have to watch Jeeves and Wooster; I'm used to having to constantly headcount, chase toddlers out of corners, and watch for pinchy fingers. Also, it's weird being called "one of the moms" but Awkward to say, "They're not mine" so I just sort of smile politely.

~ITEM: I think I'm going to have to cut like a third of the essay I'm writing on feminism and sexuality because it's too friggin personal for my English class; however, I'm thinking I will probably post it publicly on LJ. My life, so logical.

~ITEM: I really wish I could figure out why I am so damn TIRED all the time lately. It's ridiculous.

~ITEM: coarse-ground cornmeal is NOT AT ALL what I should have used for cornbread. *sigh*

~ITEM: Greta wanted to write something POWERFUL and POP, but NOT OVERLY SENTIMENTAL. I adore her darling FACE and her IDEA OF FEMININITY and basically EVERYTHING ABOUT HER. Not that any of you are surprised about that. (But now I want to hunt down her new boys' former bands' music.)
Hey, at least one of Greta's new boys is huggy! This fills my heart with joy.

(GOLD MOTEL! EAST COAST DATES! I AM BEGGING YOU.) *goes to listen to "Don't Send the Searchlights" for the MILLIONTH TIME*
Hey, are any of you out there in Chicago?

...and going to see Greta's new band perform?

Actually, even if you aren't going to see Gold Motel, are you in Chicago?
Weight of life trying to crush my skull momentarily lightened by:

1) Last night's Greek. cut for spoilers )

2) Last night's Castle. Cut for spoilers )

3) Twitter spearheading a Hush Sound Revolution.

4) People who use Blue's Clues metaphors on my flist. You know who you are.
I would just like to point out that Greta drinks--and I'm quoting, here--"giggle water."

Is it any wonder she's my favorite?
The little *facts* about bandom that can make me smile whenever they pop into my head. Some personal moments, some bits of canon.

--Gerard and Lindsay. Getting married. IN MATCHING UNICORN T-SHIRTS.

--Bronx's lullaby. Duh.

--The look on Zack's face when I explained that you could tell Jon and Spencer apart on my shirt because Spencer has real shoes and Jon has flipflops.

--Jon Walker smells like Christmas, and Spencer Smith enjoys it when he does.

--Bob finding baby!Ray on YouTube

--Greta's story about the violin

--Spencer (and his band) think Prop 8 is total bullshit.

--Shane at Disneyland with Brendon's family for Christmas

--Bestfriend puppy. Just.

--Pete thinks Jennifer Aniston movies are something he needs to apologise for.


--Jon knows Ryan is a vampire.

--Zack's body type is "more to love"

--Brendon should have been in his cage hours ago.

--Zack tells the fangirls that Brendon's hips don't lie

--Spencer's smile

--Bandit Lee. Oh, Ballato-Ways.

--Ryan and Spencer still have mutual birthday parties. With musical cakes.

--Partying with the Cobras means light beer and plastic guitars.

--Pete's unique interpretation of a swearing jar


--Zack plays hockey, and Ryan used to. The mental images!

--Brendon's church-singing pose

--Zack carrying Brendon offstage like a damsel

--Ryan keeps all the teddy bears.

--Jon didn't pack any shoes for like, three tours straight.

--Pear Liberal Studies, bless her. I miss your darling imaginary face, Pear.

--Brendon flipping a sharpie into the air and catching it over and over.

--The fact that Ryan thinks he can fool us into thinking he went to see the Backstreet Boys for Jackie and Crystal. Who were, like, seven at the time.

--Spencer hitting himself in the face and Ryan laughing so hard he lost track of the song

--Brendon's child-of-the-eighties vocabulary. Rad, fr srs.

I know I'm missing some, y'all. C'mon. Get on the internet and tell us all about the awesomest parts of our canon.

ETA: I know it isn't fair, and I'll try not to add any more. But Maple reminded me about that interview where BRENDON'S MOM STILL LOVES HIM. Which is my favorite thing in the world.
See, the plan was: almost-finish packing on Friday, drive down with a carload to babysit younger sibs while parents/oldest younger sib are out of town for a wedding, then come back down and finish packing today. Tonight, my dad was supposed to come up with a borrowed trailer and haul all my crap down the mountain. (Doing this twice a year is, unbelievably, cheaper and less hassle than renting a storage unit, because I live in a tiny college town that knows their principles of supply and demand.)

BUT my dad called on Saturday and was all, "So, business trip. Can't be there till Thursday."

  • The things I took down on my own were clothes, because I could lift them on my own; I still had about half the dresser left to pack. Which means that I currently have available to me: four pairs of pants, six bras, all of my pajamas, and the silk Brazilian things I don't dare wear in public without a) being covered in plastic wrap to protect them and b) the strapless bra that is not among the bras I still have here. And the one shirt I drove back in last night. I'M NOT SMART, OKAY, I FORGOT I WOULD NEED TO WEAR THINGS.

  • OMG. All the classes I want to take are taught in alternate years, and ALL OF THEM are not being taught until the year AFTER next. I ran to my advisor in a panic and I THINK I am going to be okay, but O.M.G. fr srs, IS COLLEGE NEVER GOING TO END???? I was hoping to GRADUATE next spring!!! (That hope is now dead, FYI.)

  • I have no web at home and no real desire to sit here pretending that I am not talking about how adorable Brendon Urie is in the school computer labs, so I will be checking in once a day and probably only commenting v.v.v. occasionally. Most posts that I would jump in and say something encouraging or ask a silly question or whatever I am skipping over--and I'm kind of skimming anyway, may miss something important, so PLEASE e-mail me if you seriously need my attention. I do get e-mail on my phone, so it will be more immediate.

  • I ate all my groceries on purpose, and am now trying to figure out whether I can live on the dry goods I intended to take down and maybe half a gallon of milk. WITHOUT cooking anything, because it was the roommate-who-already-left's job to do the kitchen, and I do not want to have to redo the sparkling job she did.

  • Greta is hanging out w/ Panic in L.A. and I am going to die of joy. HI PRETTY GIRL, I SEE YOU THERE.
So exactly one year ago today, I announced to the world that I knew which one wore flipflops, and therefore I possibly needed to be smacked with a ruler.

As I told [ profile] liketheroad when she did an end-of-the-year meme, every time I did one, all my answers ended up being, "bandom bandom bandom boys bandom friends bandom stories bandom bandom bandom." So I decided to do an end of the year review on my bandomversary instead.

This has been the most...incredible year. I have learned that Zack is my favorite, that Spencer in a beard is the prettiest thing on the earth, that all of My Chem are enormous dorks, that Brendon and cuddles are the surest way to touch my heart. I have learned that I am head-over-heels for Greta Salpeter, and that I love her band's sound.

I have found a muse that makes me want to write and write and writewritewrite--do you know I have posted NINE fics this year, and have fourteen in progress? The year before I posted two.

More--MOST OF ALL--I have found the most incredible friends. I have people whose days I can make brighter with a single LJ comment, and who return the favour. I have people who listen to me cry. I have discovered that one of my favorite people in the whole damn world lives in New Zealand--how would I ever have discovered that if we weren't both fathoms-deep in love with Panic at the Disco? How would I ever have written anything without [ profile] harriet_vane filling my head with bunnies and [ profile] liketheroad squeeing at me until they were all written? All of you have listened to me and laughed with me and squealed with me, and I'm so incredibly touched and honoured and lucky to have you in my life.

So I want to say thanks:

Thanks to Skids, who made me read it.

Thanks to [ profile] emilyray, [ profile] sociofemme, and [ profile] calathea, for loving bandom in public so that I let her make me read it, since I knew they had good taste.

Thanks to all my pre-bandom friends, who didn't hit me with rulers, and who have stuck by me despite my tendency to flail over tiny ridiculous boys.

Thanks to Panic, the Hushies, MCR, FOB, and all the others for existing, for being themselves, for their music and their lives and their ridiculousness.

But most especially, thanks to all of YOU, whom I've met through our mutual insane love of these people, for being awesome friends, and for being yourselves--the girls I've come to love, adore, and positively cherish in this past year.

It's been an incredible trip for that girl a year back eying Ryan's makeup with faint alarm and telling her friend that she was sure these boys were very nice, they just weren't her type. I know she mocked and rolled her eyes and turned up her nose. I'm absolutely positive she never dreamed she'd arrive in a place where she adored this band so much she saw them perform three times in four months.

Thank god for awesome fic, that made her change her mind. Thank god for ridiculous boys, who made her fall for them. Thank god for the world's most amazing friends, who welcomed her right on in.

Thank god for bandom. It's been an awesome year.
HI BABY HI! WELCOME TO THE WORLD! YOUR PARENTS ARE GIANT ADORABLE DORKS! I guess you would know that, having been hanging out with them for nine months; I just hope they gave you sufficient warning about your name that you braced yourself before you actually entered the world where they were going to call you that. (Here is a hint, baby: pretend to the kids at school that you have no middle name. Your first name is pretty good.)

Although [ profile] sneaky_sena's suggestion that Decaydance do a Jungle Book cover CD--like that special edition Nightmare Before Christmas, I'm guessing?--makes me unreasonably excited for something that probably won't happen.

*sigh* Greta singing "Trust in Me" would probably be bad for my health anyway.


The weebaby computer can't play video or sound.

I am SO SAD.

*cough* Er. On a completely opposite note: THE HUSHIES WILL BE AN HOUR AWAY ON FRIDAY. (Not tomorrow. A week from that.)

I am so RIDICULOUSLY excited about this! This time I will be brave and go trip all over myself in order to speak to Greta! I will be even more ridiculous than I am with the Panic boys but I do not even care, because GRETA. GRETAGRETAGRETAGRETA. Here in my state singing pretty songs!

Also I need to remember to look for So Sudden at the merch table because if they don't have it there I'll have to order it online.



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