I suppose the second job had to be soul-sucking to make up for the fact that the first job is awesome, amazing, wonderful, and exactly what I want to do with my life.


Tonight, I stepped on a two-inch piece of steel and drove it entirely under the surface of my skin so that there was nothing for my tweezers to grab. I couldn't walk--I could barely limp completely on the other side of my foot without going all dizzy and falling over.

There was nowhere to go but the E.R. because nowhere else was OPEN at ten o'clock on a Sunday night (idiocy). I would gladly have gone to anybody with a needle, some basic drugs, a tetanus inoculation, and a scalpel, but to the E.R. I went because, well, I needed to walk and sleep, what with the exam I can't miss tomorrow.

So I drove to the hospital with my left foot, and spent considerable time trying to find the E. R. entrance (mental note: along with needing to find a grocery store, post office, bank when you move to a new town, find the E.R., just to avoid having to search for it through a haze of pain. You idiot.) I am covered in Band-Aids (exaggeration: 2) and wearing a hospital bracelet (not an exaggeration, but an idiocy) and very weary of healthcare in the United States, where there was apparently one doctor in the E.R. for the entire night shift. Which means that the guy ahead of me with a serious injury getting treated first--which is TOTALLY OKAY WITH ME, please do the serious injuries first!--meant I sat in a cold room for four hours in order to have a procedure that took ten minutes, tops, including waiting for the local to kick in.

If I can't walk tomorrow morning I am going to be extremely cranky about it.
At my parents' house for Easter/various extended-fam birthdays, and they STILL. HAVE NOT FIXED. THE FUCKING INTERNET.

I am very, very cranky about it, in case you missed that. This was supposed to be my weekend to relax and reward myself for finishing the Paper of Dooooooom, and work on ETW--which is stored almost entirely on LJ or in GoogleDocs. And I mean, just, in general, flisting, surfing for decent fic, etc. IS MY IDEA OF RELAXING. So, yes. Cranky now.

Also, all of my time was somehow claimed by various members of my family without my input or permission...it's nothing I could really say no to, it's just annoying that I can't.

At the library atm collecting my damn fic material and flisting, though I think I may have missed quite a bit due to skimming. However, whoever posted that pic of Jon and Brendon "on safari" end quote? THANK YOU FOR THAT. I feel sufficiently restored to go on finishing all my mother's heinous errands.

Jon and Brendon, thank you SO MUCH. Just for existing prettily and letting people photograph you at peace. It makes me happy.
Dear Powers That Be:



Seriously. I have clicked and re-clicked the "AND" option, yet it still insists on showing me a zillion articles that contain ONLY "music" or "toddlers." Moreover, there is no "NOT" option, and I am really, really, REALLY sick of getting excited and clicking something only to discover that it is YET ANOTHER article about music for toddlers at risk for autism, deafness, or other disabilities. Not that it's not awesome that music can help them, but SERIOUSLY, NOT WHAT I PERSONALLY AM LOOKING FOR AT THE MOMENT.

Also, this library is creepy. And freezing cold.

And I am whiny and petty and can't even feel ashamed of it. WHY DID I DECIDE TO GET MY EDUCATION, WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY?????????????????

Yrs in crankiness,

P.S. Why do all the promising articles cost money to read?

P.P.S. What the hell does that MEAN, "culturally deaf"??
Notes from under the pile of academia that is currently my life:

  • Useful skill I can never put on a resume: being able to tell from the water pressure in the locker room showers when someone has flushed the toilet and is about to scald me
  • We have now arrived at the "social competence" sections of two of my classes about child development, and I hate this part, mostly because it makes me sit around thinking about all the things I/myparents/theworld got wrong when I was very young. I am the damn far-reaching consequences my professors are warning about. *pbbbt*
  • People, not capitalising your fics does not make you mysterious or especially literary or whatever it is you are trying to achieve. It merely means that it would take four strong recommendations from people I trust to stop me immediately back-buttoning. The capital letters help me keep track of where on the screen I belong, for one thing.
  • Remind me again why my doctor won't let me have a hysterectomy?
  • I hate how I make myself stress. I am very dumb that way.
  • Mmmm turkey sandwich
  • Jon Walker is getting his hair cut and I am sad because I wanted video from Jo'burg of him playing with the hilarious hair. But happy because I didn't really want him to keep it forever.
I am tired and cranky because I went to the bead fair with my mother today, and in some ways it was AWESOME and I found SO MUCH COOL STUFF that I am going to MAKE, some for me and some for other people and some JUST BECAUSE IT IS PRETTY, but in other ways it was bad. Because it meant I spent four hours in the car, and the three in between standing up or fighting my way through crowds. And the crowds were echoey in the room, and the room was big and filled with aisles, and all of those things make the agoraphobia come. No dizziness, but my shoulders tried to climb up my spine again and my whole back/neck/head combo hurt now.

Also, I desperately want to make my hand into a Ryan Ross puppet for [livejournal.com profile] t_usual_suspect's bandom anthem project, but I have no functioning way to record it.

But I mean, think of it! My hand, painted with eyes framed in blue eyeshadow and a scarf and a newsboy cap and all, singing, "I LOVE THE DRUMMERS" because we all know he does! It would be awesome.

So all of you have to go do things for her video since I can't. Go on!
Dude, I hate starting a new fandom that's big enough to have a lot of crappy fic but too small to have reliably good authors and/or decent rec lists.

Also, I need icons. And I've always sucked at finding those.
Last night I dreamed that I was evicted and that one of my favorite people in the universe ([livejournal.com profile] liketheroad, wave hi!) was one of my professors and had just e-mailed me that I was failing her class.

I'm grumpy now.
LU: *comes back from fabulous movie Cars, which everybody should see immediately, and then make her icons*

LU: *flops down on bed to check flist and e-mail with her neck crooked funny because she had to move the desktop monitor over by her bed and the nightstand is too short*

LU: *thinks cross thoughts about laptops going missing and irreversible neck injury, begins to refresh and check flist*

LU'S DESKTOP: *goes insane* *pings repeatedly* *tries to scan up when mouse is going down* *tries to scan down when mouse is sitting still* *pings repeatedly some more*

LU: VILE, VILE instrument of chaos and outdated technology! I cannot wait for you to stop going insane so that I can write a wrathful LJ entry about you! Where is that keyboard so that I can do it?

LU'S WIRELESS KEYBOARD: *is under her knee, trying to make the computer open iTunes fifty times and force the internet to page up and down simultaneously, leading to pinging and insane mouse movements*


LU: Stupid desktop.

...if it were a laptop the keyboard would be attached



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