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Okay, stolen from [livejournal.com profile] cadhla

Make a list of the characters in your icons. Alphabetize it. Make a pairing of 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, and so on, and explain how it would go.

Television star Jensen Ackles/Studio 60's Matt Albie:
Okay, actually? This could work. Jensen would laugh at Matt's jokes, and he's pretty enough to distract Matt from the sheer disaster area that is his relationship with Harrie. Plus if he's going to be in love with somebody's talent, Jen has that in spades.

Muppet Animal/10th Kingdom's Bluebell the Troll
Crazed destruction trying to be terrifying but mostly ending up as adorable. Another good match.

House, M.D.'s Lisa Cuddy/The Great Mouse Detective's Dr. David Q. Dawson
They would have a great time bitching to each other about dealing with temperamental geniuses. The fact that both are from Holmes-derived worlds amuses me greatly

Discworld's DEATH/Stargate:Atlantis's Ronon Dex:
Both are very succinct. I think Death is rather more sentimental than Ronon, but c'mon...he walked with Ronon for seven years, surely they know each other pretty well

Superlocke's E.L.U.C.R.E.H./Dresden Files's Harry Dresden
Since his magic would make her short out, I think this would be an unhealthy relationship. If she was somehow protected from it, she would spend all her time bonding with Bob, and Harry would be left out in the cold.

Stargate:Atlantis's Teyla Emmagen/Superlocke's Fallyn
I think they would have a lot of friendly sparring matches and bond over their primitive weapons

Great Mouse Detective's Fidget/Firefly's Kaylee
Kaylee would just cuddle him and fix him up a nest in the engine room

Oliver and Company's Georgette/Muppet Gonzo
This--okay, first? Ow, my brain. Second...this would be the worst relationship in the history of ever. She would be all snobby and he would be totally oblivious to it, and he wouldn't have anyone to play with.

Superlocke's Hala/Supernatural's Ellen Harvell
Ellen wouldn't fall for her prissy princess act; she'd see through it faster than anything. They would totally trade Ellen's gun training tips for Hala's frying pan wielding tactics

Supernatural's Jo Harvell/Studio 60's Darius Hawthorne
These two are such complete opposites...Jo is overconfident and fighting to be defined as part of the life and world she was born to, and Darius doubts himself and is trying to find an identity beyond what he knows. I don't know if they'd balance each other out or just never understand one another

Martin's Passage's Alice Healey/House M.D.'s Gregory House
She would put him in his place in two seconds flat. And he would probably think it was hot.

Black Books's Fran Katzenjammer/Studio 60's Lucy Kenwright
Lucy would be helpless in the face of Fran's cynicism. And Fran would treat her the way she treats Manny.

10th Kingdom's Virginia Lewis/Discworld's Lu-Tze
Heh. Adding Lu-Tze to the mix would pretty much be the last straw in the Nine Kingdom's efforts to baffle and frustrate Virginia.

Harry Potter's Remus Lupin/Fandom's Mina de Malfois
Mina would spend all her time trying not to say Arc's name, and never be sure why.

Superlocke's Maya/Actress Sandy McCoy
Sandy's a little cheerier than Maya, but I think they have pretty similar outlooks on life

Harry Potter's Minerva McGonagall/Stargate:Atlantis's Rodney McKay
There would be lots of directing people to do a million things at once. Once in a while, Minerva would rein in Rodney's sarcasm. And everybody would know they're totally marshmallows underneath.

TV's Aladdin's Mozenrath/Dresden Files's Karrin Murphy
She'd be reading him his rights so fast...

Ouran HSHC's Kyoya Ootori/TV star Jared Padalecki
Jared would keep trying to make Kyoya play with him, and Kyoya would spend all his time trying to sell Jared's prettiness for really high prices

Muppet Miss Piggy/Harry Potter's Harry Potter
This would totally work. He would draw all the attention she wants, and she would be so her that nobody would wind up focusing on Harry

Great Mouse Detective's Rattigan/Firefly's Mal Reynolds
Mal would step on him and squash him flat. Then he would raise his foot and suspiciously inspect the tiny top hat on his shoe.

Stargate: Atlantis's John Sheppard/Supernatural's Bobby Singer
This would be the most laconic ship EVER. Very competent. Not at all verbose.

Harry Potter's Severus Snape/Discworld's Ron Soak
They could go out drinking and wallow in their bitterness and rejection and unappreciated eventual saving of the world together.

Discworld's Susan Sto Helit/Ouran HSHC's Tamaki
She would make him sit down and take himself seriously, while still treating his feelings with respect and dignity. She would be great for him.

Studio 60's Suzanne/Superlocke's Tor
Hah. He would spend a lot of time posturing and trying to get her to appreciate his muscles, and she would poke holes in his ego.

Studio 60's Danny Tripp/Discworld's Havelock Vetinari
Vetinari would teach him about manipulating power imbalances, which Danny totally needs.

Firefly's Zoe Washburn/Harry Potter's Ron Weasley
He's like...tall, redheaded Wash!

Stargate:Atlantis's Elizabeth Weir/Princess Bride's Wesley
They would have great adventures and bond over keeping power by maintaining illusions

House M.D.'s James Wilson/Supernatural's Dean Winchester
Another emotionally constipated addict for Jimmy to try to make talk about his feelings!

Supernatural's Sam Winchester/10th Kingdom's Wolf
They would totally bond over their past evils and help redeem each other

Stargate:Atlantis's Radek Zelenka/no one
Radek. Seriously, honey, your glasses aren't thick enough?
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