Long day.

Woke up to TC's telling me that I hadn't told her about the two-rooms thing. Um...*several minutes of swearing later* Okay, we'll have to work it out somehow.

Remembered to book the car for fixin' (it will have to be dropped off before my school tomorrow, so *several minutes of swearing go by*)

Remembered to get an appointment with the optometrist so that when I go to TWH I will have stylish new frames and will not have to squint at Tamora Pierce when I gush and make her sign EVERYTHING.

Spent most of today with the beebees, which is fun, especially as I like the head teacher in there. But one of my precious fours was sick. And sick. And sick. As in "I think I'm gonna be." And his mother couldn't be reached. And he broke my tender mothering heart, my tough boy did, crying with fever and stomach-ache and abandonment.

Spent forty minutes being ranted at by my director on the subject of the stupidity of the Corporation. (They truly are stupid.)

And now I've got to go and run several thousand errands because I've suddenly realised TWH is in ONE WEEK OMGWTFWHENDIDTHATHAPPEN???

And tomorrow and until then, I belong to my books and my roundtable. *whimpers* Save me!
Um, I am crazy?

Cause, see, the thing is:

I just started a new semester of school

I just started a relationship (*smiles at [livejournal.com profile] ny_for_life*)

I have a roundtable to put together in the course of the next three weeks (THREE WEEKS OMG!)

I have to learn an entirely new preschool curriculuum because they bumped me up a year (I'm teaching the same kids, they're just older and being taught new things)

Want the crazy part? I'm really, really thinking I'm going to join a new RPG.

This is the time of year I was supposed to be going back to the Leaky, and to Afterglow. But I've missed too much. I can't jump back in...the plots have advanced too far, in directions I didn't know they were going to. I'll miss the friends I've made--but, in fact, my most regular partners aren't there anymore anyway. *sigh*

And Soulmate, and Moody Girl, and possibly Talkative are all going to be playing in this one. And are saying all these lovely tempting things about it. And I have a chance to flirt a lot and know things about martinis, and who doesn't want a chance like that? I think I could do fun things with this character, and I want to get back into RPing, into having an escape into a different world, into molding and shaping a person and her role.

So this is just me rambling, because I have a computer (class got out a little early) and I don't want to go and drive to work yet.

I am so nuts. But I really think I'm going to do it anyway. ^_~
Somebody recently made me aware of my faults, lately, as an LJ friend...not nastily or anything, but I became aware of how very little I've been showing my interest in people's lives lately. I do my best to read my flist...but often keeping up with it at high-speed is all I can do, especially during the summer. Even the important things like illness and relationship troubles are either getting a flyby hug or just missing responses because I feel that I can't say anything important enough to make a difference...

But I want to tell everyone that I am reading you, and even if you've only posted minor troubles like stubbed toes and boss wankiness, you were in my thoughts and best wishes. And I always send virtual hugs in my head, whether I type them out or not. *hugs flist*
Doing creative seamstressing. It's...an experience. Especially since apparently my sewing machine doesn't know how to sew the shawly material, so I'm having to do it by hand.

Also doing laundry. OMG so much laundry. And housework. OMG so much housework.

Go away world. I don't want to do practicalities.
Made 3:30 run to the cheapo grocery store for soda and juice to be given intravenously. Need sugar. Need caffeine. Have decided not to go to bed at all. Am now going to tackle the task I promised myself would be done before they got back: storing all my winter clothes with my other stored stuff, without their noticing a sudden three-box increase. Shhhhh...
Will be up until about four doing laundry tonight, filling in the space between loads with housework. When that's finished, I shall probably bake cookies. After the cookies I get to finally, finally try to catch up on my RPGs. Wouldn't be surprised if Remus had dropped Cymbeline or Ginny had found Draco's stash of drugs and gotten hooked in my absence (Molly really needs to get more involved in the lives of her children.)

The housework and the laundry are, of course, my fault, as I put off doing them and messed them up too often and now have to get them ALL done before my parents get back on a SEVEN O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING flight. Which I am picking them up from, have I mentioned that? After I deliver them home and there are kisses and presents (there had BETTER be presents..) I am going to go to MY home and crash. Hard. For hours on end.

Why hasn't anybody invented something that you can haul around the house and play DVDs on in all the rooms? Oh yeah...they have. The laptop. Why don't I have one?

...the jury is still out. But inclined to blame my father, who thought that a PC was a better idea. (?!?)

...There had BETTER be presents.
Have work ethic.

12:20 when one got only five hours the night before and has an exhausting day ahead is a LOUSY time to get a work ethic, just so y'all know.


I am, I am going to submit a paper to TWH. On hiding from the truth. Yes. I am. I have just now made up my mind. I think it will be a round-table discussion, but all of you have to promise to show up.


ETA: I take it back. I don't know what I'm doing!!!! I don't know how to write an academic paper! I can't even write a summary for it!

Round-table discussion on Molly will work better. I know I can discuss Molly. Molly and motherhood as presented in the books. I can do that. Can't I?

ETA: Now I'm combining the two.
Had mad cleaning frenzy while the web was down this afternoon, so have actually accomplished quite a bit this weekend. The bathroom is clean, including the bloody shower (erm...not literally bloody), my closet is reorganised, and I have cleancleanCLEAN clothes and even bedclothes. I've sorted out what belongs in my parents' storage spaces for the winter, clotheswise, and what needs to be given to the DI.

Speaking of the DI: I BOUGHT A CHAIR!!! A huge, squishy, comfortable chair that I think I will live in. In good enough condition that it ought to be priced at like forty bucks but luckily there was no price posted and the guy who came out to tell me how much it ought to cost was susceptible to some beguiling smiles and friendly talk while he was making the pricing gun work. Fifteen!!!! I WIN!!!!

*sigh* I was tired, and catching up, and I was like, "Eh, I'll finish tomorrow, just read this fic that everybody is reccing all over the place." Okay, it was much longer than I was expecting. But OMG so worth it! Well-written, funny, touching, brilliant longfic. But I'm tired and worn, and completely ready to sleep now, so goodnight all.
*iz dork* So am catching up on the FLIST OF DOOM (my web's been wonky lately) and TWH says the official hotels are selling out.

I blinked.

You never reserved a second room, did you? I asked myself.

No, I answered.

Why, exactly? I demanded

Because I am a dork and also the reservations lady was this horrid pushy person who turned my head inside out, and then I kept forgetting. I knew that, I answered.


YES MA'AM, I shrieked, and ran to the phone.

Ummmm...we're glad we waited till now? *sheepish grin* Really adorable male Irish voice on the other end of the line. And we still got the rooms, so we're good. Really. *wanders off to reflect on the necessity of more men having Irish accents*
Taking breather. Only 150 flist entries to go.

In between writing Remus's birthday party and...Crap, the dryer's stopped again!

RL people will probably call in a few hours. Thank heaven. I think my brain is going to explode.

All of you talk too much.

But I love your FABULOSITY anyway.


Down to fifty. I love you all, and I apologise that if it couldn't be skimmed, I skimmed it anyway and missed everything.

ETA: Caught up. The little demon on my shoulder that was screaming at me about keeping up with my RPGs (three new riding-for-a-fall sits for Molly's kids) has been joined with a second one.

Am exhausted. Must work early tomorrow. But HAVE caught up on flist, and AM currently hating [livejournal.com profile] violet_quill for giving me mad, prancy bunnies.
I have spent the weekend being a horrible person and a worse friend, and my only real excuse is that I have strep throat and keep getting distracted/having my sleep schedules messed up by it. And now I'm going to compound it with SPAM!! )

But I promise, all of you that I've been horrible to, I will do my best to be properly up and running by Monday at the latest.
I am more of an inconvenience than anything else to the public in general. I am a horrible customer and a nuisance as a pedestrian.

Moreover, I am only an asset to a very small private sector.

Kimi says this does not matter, but then last night she spun the world with her nose because of the bumps, so I'm not sure I can take her word for it.

In further news: Josh's grandma told me I was wonderful with him today. It's nice to be appreciated. *happy sigh*

Tonight: furious cleaning and wrapping. Amy gets home tomorrow night (AMY GETS HOME TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!) and will be wanting to see the new place, and if her presents are lying about unwrapped I have a suspicion that would not be a good thing.
Christmas shopping: Almost complete. Still need to do the grandparents and my big sister, also possibly the best friend. I have something for her, but I would like to have something perfect for her. Ady, shush, you are not permitted to protest. Also, cards addressed, will be stamped and mailed tomorrow when I check my box.

Going out of town--Florida--which I'm not thrilled about, but it's family, so what can you do? I would be more excited if there was a prospect of meeting a few of my friends there, but there isn't. *sigh* Coming back earlier than they are, as couldn't get away from work. Padma will disappear for that amount of time to--whoops, it hasn't been posted yet. *g*

Need to pack, clean tonight, and clean the car out, do a load of laundry, and shave my legs tomorrow. Joy.
Lu had to skip=200. On her EMERGENCY filter.

Lu is never going to get that far behind again. NEVEREVER.

Lu refers to herself in the third person too much.

Lu did a scarily accurate handwriting analysis )

Lu has been missing too much fun on the Leaky and is going to plunge back in.

Lu loves her friends. Especially the tall dark one, because he is a dear.

Lu is now the proud possessor of a leather jacket--price, $6--and a leather rolling chair--price, $8.

Lu loves the DI.

Lu is going to ask for a desk for her birthday. Which is soon. (Yay!)
RL stuff. Flirting, etc. )

One of my kids made himself throw up yesterday. *h2k* And today we were missing four teachers and there was complete chaos. And then I had food handlers' permit class and heard disgusting stories and then left to collapse on Travis's floor. Then I came home and I am going to catch up on Leaky and flist and then dream the dreams of the weary because I am SO TIRED and have class insanely early tomorrow.

I am so sorry I haven't been around, and for all the stuff I'm missing, but I'm being run ragged right now...

Sweet dreams and love to flist!

ETA: Tamora. Pierce. COMING TO TWH. *freaks all over the place and then glomps TC a million jillion times*
The whole fandom is catching colds. Including me. *loves and orange juice to flist* Also the zillions of children lifting is making my neck and shoulders as stiff as a rock. Ouch. Can anybody out there recommend me a self-massage technique or a set of stretches?

Catching up on the flist by the emergency filter. Why is it that y'all only talk too much when I'm not around??

Still tremendous loves for Leaky Snupin; currently shipping D/H, K/B/T and P/L, but, you know, that changes daily.

Exercise last night 40 min cardio, three laps (bad Lu!). And all last week was bad, just like 1/2 hr walking, but I feel excused by the fact that I was throwing up.
Spent the evening at Jen's, getting to know her new friends...Liz (who I may have met at wahleecon (we were both there)) and Ben, who was extremely entertaining. Funny but also capable of intelligent conversations. In personality he resembles an even louder, male version of Amelia--Jen and I are going to set them up. *g*

And I AM going to go to bed at a decent hour tonight.

ETA: And I just discovered this:

Happy Birthday, Ranee!

Okay, so I finally caught up by creating a new filter called EMERGENCY CATCH-UP...ESSENTIALS ONLY. This means I left out almost all of my groups, Quickquotes, and the Daily Snitch so I have no clue what is going on in the fandom.

Finally registered for classes I actually think I might LIKE, so YAY!!

When I find out which ancestor is responsible for the fact that apparently dye does not at all affect my hair, he or she is going to be getting a little Hell when I get to the afterlife.

Woe! Despair! This dye was like REDred and still my hair does not look any different.
When you start labelling your clothes in your head as "the sweater that is a metaphor of my personality"--? It's time to sleep a little more often.

Saturday I spent doing laundry, which subsequently made me brain-dead (laundry always does), which subsequently made me run stop signs entering the freeway. O.O My headache built to a raging crescendo, so Amy drove my car home (sssshhh, don't tell the people who really own the car). Saw Jen and her new dorm, and was sad because she will not be around as much. Said good-bye to my Jessi. Waaaaaah. I will miss her so badly. No more friendly human pillow. And Whitney's less ava too. I hate the end of summer.

FINALLY got my cell phone to work after trying for about a week, thank goodness, though I do have to put up with a new number, in order to confuse people as much as possible.

The project Convince Lu Anime Is WorthWhile is still going full-blast...I'm now under orders to watch Card Captor Sakura. So far it is meh.

Trying to write, and time just disappears...



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