Oct. 8th, 2011

Well, the first I heard about it was Sarah tweeting the FB notice that Brendon was ill.

EXCUSE ME, WHAT SHOW IN SALT LAKE? I demanded, and spent an hour trying to force my phone to admit it knew how to have internet so I could confirm it wasn't all some kind of weird practical joke. At that point I saw the malaria update, the Oregon Trail joke (bless you, Spencer Smith) and Zack's call for karaoke-ers. "I know the words," I said to myself, "but it would take an offer to COMPLETELY PAY OFF my student loans before I agreed to try and sing them in front of a thousand people."

A little bit after that, I got a text from [livejournal.com profile] the_randomist, who said she had been picked to go on stage. I shuddered at the thought, but hey, if she thought it would be fun, I was happy for her. Then she said that they hadn't been able to find...something...and so the band was having some of the frontpeople from the local bands who'd been playing all day sing a few songs each, which is indeed what wound up happening.

So I, meanwhile, had dashed to the plaza to purchase a ticket, and dashed home for clothes I wouldn't FREEZE TO DEATH in, and dashed back down on the train. I mostly sat on the ground, in the spot that I have learned, during past festivals in this venue, to latch onto and defend like grim death. Unless you get there early enough for actual barrier (which, if I'd KNOWN THEY WERE COMING, I would have, but what can you do?), you have to stand on a slightly-elevated bit of pavement with juuuuuust the right angle to see around the sound engineer's tent; there are only two of these spots. I like Neon Trees, but they were playing on a different stage, and I don't like them enough to lose that spot, so I wasn't really watching the music bits till they got up there.

ANYWAY, the stuff y'all care about:  )



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