~ Spent most of the day at MusicalGal's, chatting with her, playing with her puppy/dog, and cooking eggs

~While there, asked her to talk me through setting up a Facebook account. I am tired of hearing about people's engagements/babies/lifechanging career moments thirdhand, four weeks later. Heaven only knows how likely I am to check it, but there. Facebook. I has it. *pokes it suspiciously*

~Also while there, FELT THE BABY KICK ME HELLO. Hi, Chord! You exist!

~Took MiddleBro out for dinner/movie, as arranged (I am bribing him to come help me move Talkative tomorrow because we have only one person with actual muscle tone.)

~In a fenderbender. Completely not my fault--the guy slammed his breaks, it was slick. However, A) I got ticketed, which will hurt my insurance rates and seriously damage my prospects of getting a good nanny job (damndamndamndamndamndamnDAMN) and B) I think I bruised a kidney. Seriously.

~Chile's has severely downsized their glutenfree menu, including removing my comfort soup. Grrr.

~Saw Percy Jackson. I've never read the books, but I WILL NOW. That was much, MUCH more awesome than it had any right to be. The satyr made the whole film.

I think the gifts I got most excited over were my socks (I love my siblings; they banded together and got me a MILLION funny socks), my Yuletide fic, and a beautiful copper jewelry set (!!) including a necklace with cameo (!!!!) because it proved that yes, my mommy is capable of walking into a store and saying, "That is the Lu-est thing I have ever seen, and she must own it." It makes me happy to know people know me that well. (Also, it is one of the Lu-est things I have ever seen.)

As for my Yuletide fic--you GUYS. It's BEAUTIFUL. It's IC and it expresses the stuff I wanted expressed and it involves Ham Knapp GAYBASHING PEOPLE (and the Souls forming a GSA to protect those people, which was simply the awesomest thing ever) and Julian being WISE AND ALL-KNOWING and MS. O/MR. SINGH and Noah LOOKING at Nadia and realising he has hormones and and and...all sorts of lovely things that mean I ADORE THIS FIC SO MUCH and...yes. This is amazing.

So it was a pretty good Christmas.

Now if only the Boxing Day Fairy would bring the ability to breathe.
My sister just recieved something in the mail.

A money order.


From someone she's never heard of.



In other news...my humdrum updates, including Christmas )
Well, I did it last year.

The Wishlist Meme Rules )

Bear in mind that if you do do this for me, I will love you forever, but I will probably not send you thank-you notes until February, which is what happened last year.

1. A laptop
2. House/Wilson, Snape/Lupin, Harry/Draco, or Harry/Luna fic
3. One flesh-and-blood, lives-nearby-yearround person who knows and loves all of me, from the things I flock to RL to the things I flock to web people, to the things I flock to my dearest friends
4. A Rugrats DVD collection
5. To hear nice (and sincere!) things from my MS recipient and everybody else who reads it, before they know who wrote it
6. Iconses! Especially snarky ones.
7. Funny socks
8. Magnets! Any kind, from anywhere, although preferably snarky or with odd pictures
9. To be really involved and happy in an RPG again...I miss it
10. A new format, involving the things I want involved, for my LJ. Somebody on my flist was selling her design of them for spare cash a few months ago, and I didn't have the money then, but it got me thinking about what I wanted in one. I don't have the skills to make one myself, but I'd really, really, like to be able to send somebody the format I got the idea from and the pics I want and say, "Go wild."

If you'd like further information or a snail mail addy, you can always get ahold of me at elucreh@gmail.com
A belated Merry Christmas to all the wondefulness that is you.

I meant to post that bit on Christmas, actually, but the web was down at the parents', so...

So this was my holiday )

But the best present of all was when Harry realised he loved Draco on the Leaky. But poor Ron! Angst for Ron! Neville, come home soon and comfort him, please!
New Year's!

Eve was fun! Did not get shopping done, but did finish Jessi's present which she adored so all was well and good. Had to drive Yukon to get pizza which I hate, hate, hate doing. With every other car, it's "Okay, we're a team, let's get where we're going." With that thing it's a situation where the car is my subordinate I'm secretly afraid of and he knows it.

Marie unfortunately showed up halfway through presents, but she handled it pretty well. All people loved their gifts (yay!) and I got: three stuffed animals. Possibly they're trying to hint to me not to cuddle them so much...but I am undeterred! Amazingly cute penguin from Melissa (!), big bear from Tyler, and small vibrating bear from Colin (??). Blanket from Kimi. Book of pretentious nursery rhymes from Amelia (And although Mary was ubiquitous, the lamb was inured to follow...), which is adorable and so me. Socks with tassels from Chase! Have wanted socks with tassels ever since Hero and the Crown so now have fulfilled a life goal. Calla sweatshirt from Jess, and the flowers are SO cool. Book from Amy, funny life commentary. Am amused...we know each other better than anyone else yet gave each other the obvious (books!).

Shortly afterward followed by midnight toasts, drunken behavior in streets (no, none of us had drunk anything alcoholic, we were just drunk on glee and togetherness), and Truth or Dare. Guys went home and the girls looked at Amy's pics, read my fave UL scene and "Plugs and Outlets", then said we weren't going to sleep and then fell asleep.

Day we spent sleeping, then breakfasting, then watching Anime. Have given up hope of any emotion towards Anime beyond malicious amusement. Later watched League of Ex. Gentlemen, which has one good scene (*is sad. Idea behind movie had potential*), but to be fair that scene is VERY good.

NYE egotistical meme )

*****All of the above disappeared when LJ went whacko on me*******

Since, have sledded and remembered why I hate it. Have watched best Anime offering yet (still far from great, but had way cool Draco, Lucius, and Snape parallelly people). Have worked at office and got papercuts. Have plotted to tell Amy about Tyler. Nothing else particularly interesting.

[livejournal.com profile] jackichijouji">
[my name is]: Elucreh
[height]: 5'5 1/2"
[in the morning i am]: On autopilot
[all i need is]: Web access, oxygen, cheese, juice, and a never-ending library
[love is]: Out there somewhere. Really. I'll start believing that someday.
[if i could see one person right now]: I'd be snapping at Joey to get away from my screen
[im afraid of]: Loss. Hurting others.
[i dream about]: My friends and characters

-H A V E .Y O U. E V E R -

[pictured your crush naked]: No.
[actually seen your crush naked]: No
[been in love]: Nope
[cried when someone died]: Yes. Yes I have.
[lied]: Yes. Yes I have.

-W H I C H . I S . B E T T E R-

[coke or pepsi]: *gags*
[flowers or candy]: Depends on which flowers and which candy
[tall or short]: Tall, but I'll take either

-W I T H .T H E. O P P O S I T E. S E X-

[what do you notice first]: Glasses
[last person you slow danced with]: Erm...um...Carl. Six months ago. Can we say "Get a life?"
[worst question to ask]: I don't know. Never thought about that one.

-W H O-

[makes you laugh the most]: Jessi, probably
[makes you smile]: Lots of people
[gives you a funny feeling when you see them]: Well, I get indigestion whenever I see the Taco Bell Dog, if that's what you mean. *klepted verbatim*
[has a crush on you]: Suspicions, no more
[is easiest to talk to]: Amy, Tyler, Kimi

-D O. Y O U .E V E R-

[sit on the internet all day waiting for someone special to IM]: Rarely IM
[save aol/aim conversations]: Yes
[wish you were a member of the opposite sex]: Nope
[cried because of someone saying something to you]: What else are fathers for? *glances sardonically in her father's general direction*

-H A V E .Y O U .E V E R-

[fallen for your best friend]: Unfortunately yes.
[been rejected]: Nope. Haven't tried anything to be rejected
[rejected someone]: Nope.
[used someone]: Nope.
[been cheated on]: Let's find out. Anyone I was with shagged anyone else while I wasn't looking? Anyone? *verb. Jack again*
[done something you regret]: Oh yeah.
[been drunk]: Nope
[done drugs]: Nope.

-W H O .W A S .T H E .L A S T. P E R S O N-

[you talked to on the phone]: My mother.
[you hugged]: Kimi or Amy
[you instant messaged]: Andrea, I think
[who instant messaged you]: Andrea

-D O .Y O U-

[color your hair]: No, I have too much of it
[ever get off the damn computer]: Lately, but I've been on my deathbed. *both are verb. Jack again)

-D O .Y O U / / A R E .Y O U-

[smoke cigarettes]: No.
[obsessive]: Pretty close
[could you live without the computer]: I could, in the sense that a Kissed person can live without a soul. (VJA)
[how many peeps are on your buddylist]: No clue.
[what's your favorite food]: Potatoes and caramel. But not together
[what’s your favorite fruit]: Peaches. Raspberries. Mmmmm...
[drink alchohol]: Nope
[like watching sunrises or sunsets]: Very much
[trust others way too easily]: No

[livejournal.com profile] lizabethy">

* best friend: Ady
* craziest: Jess
* loudest: Amelia
* friend you trust with all your secrets: Well...more than any others...Amy
* most understanding: Amy, Ty, Kimi
* last friend you went to the movies with: The gang, to RotK
* happiest: Jess
* funniest: Impossible to tell
* scariest: Chase. Oh deff.
* spends the night at your house the most: All the girls tie.
* friend you would most likely die for: Any of them

* do you have any tattoos? Nope
* do you have a job? if so, where?: "no. sod off. XD" (ditto)(VL)
* what was your most embarrassing moment?: Open skirt in front of crush, friends, and all the school's English teachers...
* last 4 digits of the last phone you dialed: 3055
* what is in your pockets right now? no pockets
* what was the happiest moment in your life?: Seeing Amy again
* have you ever egged a house?: Nope
* who is your role model? Haven't got one a la moment
* what's your favorite holiday?: Easter
* when is the last time you stayed up all night?: Night before I left
* what is your favorite book?: can't pick
* where did you have your last birthday party?: Home
* who is your most recent ex?: haven't got one
* do the two of you get along?: with Lee? see above
* who has changed your life the most for the better?: Amy. Brought me to the fandom
* what's your favorite song?: don't wanna pick.
* what's your favorite cd?: don't wanna pick again
* what are your favorite pizza toppings?: Ham OR sausage
* have you ever been in the hospital for more than a day?: nope
* how many days is your record for time spent in a hospital?: cero.
* why did you have to go to the hospital?: car crash
* how long has it been since you went to the mall?: weekish
* what's the last movie you saw in a theater?: cheaper by the dozen
* what's the last movie you rented?: Cuaron's A Little Princess
* do you like to write poetry?: yes
* do you like to read poetry?: oh yes.
* have you ever written a song?: yes
* after you read it to yourself did it sound stupid?: nope
* who is your favorite solo singer?: nobody in particular
* if you suffocate a smurf, what color does he turn?: purple
* do you believe in ghosts?: more angely-type spirits, but broadly defined, yes
* have you ever seen a ghost?: nope
* what is your favorite ride at the fair?: Round and round and round...
* do you look more like your mom or your dad?: Dad
* are you an only child?: no
* siblings' names: Jen, Joe, John, Dave, Anna
* siblings' ages: 24, 16, 13, 11, 7
* what color is your computer?: Black
* what is your favorite color of ink to write in?: black.
* would you rather write in pen or pencil?: pen.
* how tall are you? 'round 5'5 1/2
* do you believe in God?: Very much
* do you pray often?: yeah.
* what's your biggest fear?: Hurting others
* do you believe in love at first sight?: Not a bit
* have you ever been in a car accident?: yes.
* what is your lucky number?: 63.
* do you still believe in the tooth fairy?: No...*sighs*
* what is your favorite name for a dog?: Depends on the dog
* what is your favorite name for a cat?: Ditto
* have you ever been drunk?: No
* have you ever gotten high?: no.
* have you ever been on the radio?: Yes
* have you ever been on TV?: yes, no
* have you ever been in a movie?: no.
* who is your favorite actress?: I barely know their names...
* who is your favorite actor?: See above
* do you have a cellphone?: yes.
* do you have a pager?: no.
* why are all the fun things illegal?: *smugly* Mine aren't
* what's your favorite flavor of icecream?: Dulce de leche
* who is your favorite person to talk to online?: Dunno
* who is your favorite person to talk to offline?: Amy
* who do you wish you were talking to right now?: Amelia...Zem, I was supposed to call her!
* who is your hero?: Nobody
* what is your favorite day of the week?: they're all the same right now.
* what is your least favorite day of the week?: see above.
* do you like rain?: love.
* do you think lightning is awesome?: very
* what is your favorite word?: I'm into primordial at the moment
* if you could visit any country, where would you go?: Britain
* how long would you want to stay?: depends. if it's open-ended, at least a month or two.
* who would you want to take with you?: Amy
* how old do you act?: depends on my mood
* when you were young what did you want to be when you grew up?: librarian
* what do you want to be now?: lit. agent
* do you think you were an adorable little kid?: oh yeah. I was cute. dunno what happened.
* what were the names of your imaginary friends?: I had no imaginary friends.
* what is the most unique thing about your bedroom?: The bulletin board and fanart everywhere
* do you have a black light?: uh. no.
* do you have a strobe light?: uh. no way. those things make my head hurt.
* do you have glow-in-the-dark stars?: no
* do you have anything that glows in the dark? nope
* what color is your pillow case?: grey
* what is your favorite thing to wear to bed?: my new silky pjs! woo!
* do you like pepsi or coke better?: gag to both
* can you tell a difference?: yes.
* what are you thinking about right now?: Why am I meme mad?
* what is your favorite song to listen to when you are mad?: Any Man of Mine
* what is the last song you listened to?: the nursery kids singing "I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ*
* what is your favorite movie?: Princess Bride or Firth Pride and Prejudice
* what is your dream car?: something pretty that never quits or runs out of gas. (VL)
* how many times have you had the chicken pox?: one.
* what is your middle name?: Adireuq

the good stuff
* do you have a girl/boyfriend?: no.
* what is his/her name?: I said no, dammit.
* how long have you been together?: *bursts into tears*(The above three VL)
* are you a virgin?: yes
* when was the last time you had sex?: See above
* how old were you when you lost your virginity?: See above

other stuff
* what is your favorite emotion?: contentment
* what is your favorite TV show?: Designing Women
* what is the stupidest thing you've ever heard somebody say?: Too many contenders
* how many cds do you own?: No clue
* when you go to the movies do you throw stuff at people?: No
* when you go to the movies do you throw stuff at the movie screen?: Only at home.
* how many times have you been kicked out of the movies?: no
* have you ever been kicked out of a grocery store?: no.
* what annoys you the most?: deliberate button-pushing
* who annoys you the most?: intolerant people
* did you ever want to smack them?: yes
* did you ever smack them?: only once...
* what's your favorite season?: autumn
* what's your favorite subject in school?: Writing
* what's your least favorite subject in school?: math
* what song reminds you of yourself?: I dunno
* what is your favorite flavor of skittles?: Yellow
* would you rather have friendship or love: Can't have the latter w/out the former.
* what makes you nervous?: My dad in a mood
* if you knew the truth was gonna hurt you would you still wanna hear it?: Will the falsehood hurt me?
* do long distance relationships work?: for some people.
* would you change yourself to make someone else happy?: Depends on who, what, and how much
* what one thing makes you happy?: being with people who care about me.
* what phrase or saying do you use the most?: Love you
* what's your favorite scary movie?: Don't watch 'em
* what would you do with a million dollars?: move out. travel. go to the college I want. Build Riddle isle
* if your house was burning down and you could only take one thing with you, what would you take?: My notebooks

[livejournal.com profile] lizabethy">
What comes to mind when you hear..
..snow?: cold
..rain?: fall
..tornado?: Oz
..summer love?: myth
..Jon?: donne
..Mike?: Allison
..Shea?: Huh?
..banana?: peel
..dizzy?: tizzy
..Laura?: Ingalls
..Juan?: Don
..car?: drive
..white?: black
..peppermint?: strong
..New Found Glory?: Mmm?
..placebo?: Yuck
..orange juice?: sharp
..candid camera?: ack!
..sister?: Jen/Anna
..brother?: John
..hate?: hurt
..school?: learn
..President?: jerk
..football?: *exasperated sigh*
..rap?: dumb
..pop?: culture
..rock?: hard
..punk?: goth
..sex?: umm...
..death?: sorrow
..baby?: sweet
..duuude?: shell
..the end?: book
Probably all of you got to see this on various boards...so this part of the entry is especially for [livejournal.com profile] myf. Merry, merry, merry Christmas and all the best! I wish you all new chapters from your favorite authors, active muses, and the happiest fandom lives you can lead!

I love my extended family. All of us, working together, tolerating a toddling child or two, singing and listening to the old, old story...I have got to get Poppy singing "Birthday of a King" recorded. I always want to be able to remember it...it's the true spirit of Christmas to me, it always will be, the whole meaning of it just bound up in the sounds...

Joey was highly amused at my gift. John loved his. Mom was wowed. Anna will adore me forever. I think that Dad recognised my efforts and understood what I meant by them.

I got the absolute BEST pyjamas in the whole wide wonderful world!!! They're navy, but textured navy, with that old-fashioned kind of suns/moons/stars all over them, silky and soft on the outside and brushed warm on the inside. Was in them for the presentation of:

Only other truly noteworthy gift, from Tyler. That boy is so adorable. He showed up with a single rose and made me let him take a picture of me with it (in the aforementioned PJs (and I've never been so thankful for THAT tradition) with my hair in slept-on braids and no makeup). He's doing it for all "the women in his life"--his mom, sisters, and the girls in the group. Tell me he won't make the best spouse-creature if he keeps it up. (Oh, don't I wish that a)Amy was home today and b)I could see her face when he showed up at her door and handed her a rose.)

Other than that, some jewelry, a lamp, couple DVDs (how CAN it be that I did not get PotC? *dies* Ah, well), Discman which promises to play my burned CDs (YES!!)...but nothing special.

I love Indiscreet. It is SO good. Second-best Cary Grant movie in existence. (Speaking of which, what on EARTH happened to my copy of That Touch of Mink?) I was watching it w/ Jen in post-breakfast rest time.

As my present to me and my online friends, am catching up on all the boards I've been neglecting. Love you all! Later!



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